XX. Megaforce



Season: Power Rangers Megaforce
First Episode: Mega Mission
Last Episode: End Game
Executive Producer: Jonathan Tzachor

Andrew Gray John Mark Loudermilk Azim Rizk Ciara Hanna Christina Masterson

Shailesh Prajapati & Ian Harcourt








 Theme Song



  1. I love power rangers everytime I see the (true final battle) I cry and cry because to me it means that it’s the time for the power rangers to end for thi gen but next time there going to bring everything back I promise you :-)

    1. unlike ryan mitchell they have to follow as closely to the sentai source material as possible although the adaptation was being written as the sentai was being aired in japan

      1. the gokaiger adaptation is gonna be a hybrid adaptation of goseiger and gokaiger the way the first 4 seasons of mighty morphin’ were a hybrid of zyuranger/dairanger and kakuranger and yes the gokaiger adaptation will be called super megaforce

  2. I saw the premiere. Not impressed. As one of the few who actually liked Samurai, in the beginning, guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Its not anniversary show as much as it could be. Just rather simple and as many have pointed it their trying to be too much like the original series without breaking out with some sort of new theme like Dino Thunder or Ninja Storm.
    Not a big fan of the new girls either. They just seem too young and immature. The blond one is espcially dumb. The other, dark hariedone looks way too young for her age like 10 years old or something.

    Yet, the overcritical online masses whole heartedly approve of this series..at first

    1. Agreed. I was a big fan of Samurai through it’s whole run, as well as PRDT and PRNS being in my top favorite PR seasons. I cannot STAND the new series. There are good parts to it, I admit. I truly expected a lot more from Megaforce than I’m seeing.
      1) Actors/skill-Comical at some points. There is very little expression. I hate the girls and the red ranger. Is the Yellow one trying to be a jerkwad? So much for the ‘Power Rangers are Role Models!’ deal. The Red Ranger? Don’t get me started. I think that pet rock I had in kindergarten had more expression.
      2) Editing-Once again, comical at some points. Does somebody want to explain why the monster’s mouth is moving, but Emma’s (Pink) voice is coming out? And when they try to edit in the explosions, the timing is WAY off and not even attempted to look vaguely realistic.
      3) Recycled footage-Before everyone jumps down my throat, yes, I AM AWARE THE FOOTAGE IS RECYCLED. My problem is the same building explodes every. Single. Freakin. Episode. Can’t we find stock footage of another building exploding?
      I’ve been a Power Rangers fan forever, but I’ve been seriously disappointed in Megaforce. Maybe it will get better. Maybe not. I’m just hanging around for SPOILER HIDE YOUR EYES CHILDREN! Epic Ranger Battle with everyone and the GOODNESS GRACIOUS ANOTHER SPOILER guest appearances from past rangers. Honestly, Samurai built my hopes up (One of the best seasons I’ve seen) and Megaforce beat them apart with a big stick. Or should I say power sword?

  3. I was thrilled with this episode.. the slight references to zordon was kinda cool .. if zordon was his mentor and placed gosei on earth is this the same continium? i dont care for tensou.. he looks like the short circuits robot kinda.. that annoys me. i also went on imdb and had to notify them of casting updates to put ian harcourt in as mr burley the principal.
    im glad saban has the series ranchise again too.. disney screwed up

    1. they r all the same continuity as mighty morphin every post zordon era series begins either immediately after the previous one or set at least a year after the previous one just like the way they r with the sentai source material except that megaranger IS NOT IN SPACE and dekaranger IS NOT IN THE FUTURE

  4. I really hope Saban doesn’t drop the ball on this series, like they did with PRSamurai! They’ve had more than enough time to plan and shoot, hope this series ends up as great as it should be!

    1. boy do i feel old i’m 28 and i still watch power rangers and when mighty morphin began the first season being the adaptation of zyuranger i dreamed of becoming a power ranger for a long time and it is one of several series that gave me many false impressions about high school word of advice younglings don’t believe what u see in the media as accurate representations of high school those r just exaggerations

    1. i don’t know what became of alpha 5 after countdown to destruction and i also have no clue what happened to lord zedd after he became human either or even alpha 6 after once a ranger

  5. Wow if people got that excited about all the rangers figting including the sentai they’ve never seen before I can imagine how they’ll react with the Saban version of Gokaiger.

    1. The Sentai version is not going to be used. Don’t get your hopes up because GoRanger to Jetman & the DaiRangers(Maybe the exception of Kiba Ranger) will not be included in Power Rangers. Toei is refilming the Great Legend War to include the american made Titanium Ranger from Lightspeed Rescue & the 3 Spirit Rangers from Jungle Fury.

    1. they r done with angel grove including terra venture after the zordon era ended with countdown to destruction they shifted the cities to a new city every time and apparently megaforce went back to basics meaning not only is the theme song just a remix and using angel grove as the setting again but a lot of the same humor that the older fans of the series that found the humor amusing initially now aren’t amused by it

  6. wait filming just finished for the first season
    come on saban show them already or a trailer for the upcoming season. I would like to see the new rangers.

  7. sounds nice but for the second season, its titled either “Super Megaforce” or “Ultra Megaforce”? Sounds kind of corny if you ask me but for a children’s show I guess it sounds okay

  8. I watch the Power Rangers series, played the 90’s video game on Super Nintendo at my cousin’s house 19 years ago and watched the MMPR movie. Power Rangers Forever.

  9. Hopefully They Are In High School Like The Real Power Rangers Were. I Loved How In The Original Power Rangers They Showed The Balance School, Being A Teenager, And Saving The World.

  10. Sounds promising! The only thing they could mess up on now is the theme song. They better not use the original MMPR song again. I kinda wished that they saved that for the 20th anniversary season, though. Samurai doesn’t deserve it.