Episode 1

Episode: “Mega Mission”
Malkor sends down Scaraba to test the skills of the Megaforce Rangers and to spread chaos on Earth. He is shown to have the ability to project boulder from his stomach grinder. Scaraba is destroyed by the Megaforce Blasters Dynamic Victory Charge.


Episode 2

Episode: “He Blasted Me With Science”
Yuffo is summoned by Malkor and is sent down to Earth to capture humans to experiment on to find out their weaknesses. He is shown to have the ability to transform into multiple ufo-like ships so that he may attack multiple enemies. He is beaten by the Megaforce Blaster. However, Vrak’s Zombats make him grow and he is destroyed for good by the Gosei Great Megazord’s Victory Charge.


Episode 3

Episode: “Going Viral”
Virox is sent down to Earth by Vrak to infect human with his mucus so that they can transform into Loogies. He is weakened by Noah using Jake’s Snake Axe on his weak spot and is taken down the the Megaforce Blaster. He grows and is destroyed by the Sea Megazord.


Episode 4

Episode“Stranger Ranger”
Creepox sends Dragonflay to Earth so that he could use his incredible speed to confuse the Megaforce Rangers. Only by training are the Megaforce Rangers able to sense where Dragonflay is and he is taken down by their Sea Blast Attack. He grows and is destroyed by the Land Megazord.


Episode 5

gosei-vi-irian(Queen) Beezara
Episode: “United We Stand”
Like Vrak, Beezara comes from a line of alien royalty and goes down to Earth to make the male humans her slaves. Beezara has the ability to turn men into her slaves and does so to Jake, Noah, and Troy and to make females disagree and does so to Emma and Gia. Only when Emma and Gia are able to break the spell that they were under are they able to beat Beezara with their Dino Blast Attack. Vrak’s Zombats make her grow and she is destroyed by the Sky Megazord.


Episode 6

Episode: “Harmony and Dizchord”
Dizchord is sent down by Malkor to create chaos with his ability to play painful music that can cause someone extreme pain and does so to Emma and Troy.Dizchord teams up with Vrak and creates a satellite that could broadcast his music across the entire world. His plans are foiled and his satellite is destroyed due to Emma’s singing. He is taken down by the Megaforce Blaster. Vrak makes him grow with his Zombats and he is destroyed by the Gosei Great Megazord.


Episode 8

Episode: “Robo Knight”
Hisser is a Toxic Mutant like Bluefur and Bigs and accompanies them to test the Megaforce Rangers power. Hisser uses his toxic Slither Spit to drain the rangers powers. His plans are foiled by the appearance of Robo Knight and is taken down by his Vulcan Cannon. Vrak makes him grow and he is destroyed by the Lion Mechazord.


Episode 9

Episode: “Prince Takes Knight”
Vrak summons Psychotick from a lake sends him on a mission to capture Robo Knight so that they may drain him of his energy. Psychotick succeeds at his mission and goes to the city to charge up for his battle against the rangers. Psychotick and Vrak nearly succeed at their goals of destroying the rangers however Robo Knight frees himself from his prison and Psychotick is beaten by Robo Knight’s Vulcan Cannon. Vrak makes him grow and he is destroyed by the Gosei Grand Megazord.


Episode 10

gosei-vi-uobouzuShadow Serpent
Episode: “Man and Machine”
Bigs summons Shadow Serpent from a lake so that he may deal with the Megaforce Rangers and Robo Knight. Shadow Serpent had the ability to steal other peoples shadows and does so to a few civilians. Shadow Serpent is a formidable opponent against the rangers and only retreats due to his weakness of the shade. Only when the rangers and Robo Knight work together that they are able to take down Shadow Serpent with Robo Knight’s Vulcan Cannon. Vrak sends him his Zombat’s to grow and he is taken down by the Gosei Great Grand Megazord.


Episode 11

Episode: “Ultra Power”
Distractor is sent by Vrak to distract the rangers so that he may gain the Wild Sword. Distractor does so by creating an illusion of him destroying the city and illusions of old and new monsters. His illusion is thwarted by Robo Knight and battles him so that he could keep Vrak plan in progress. The plan succeeds and Vrak gains the Wild Sword endowing some of its power within him so that his phantom monsters can become real. Only when the rangers are able to tame the Wild Sword and gain their Ultra Modes are they able to finish off the phantom monsters and Distractor with their Ultra Power Dynamic Strike.


Phantom Monsters

: “Ultra Power”
These monsters were amongst old monsters summoned by Distractor that were at first an illusion but thanks to the Wild Sword’s powers, they were able to become solid monsters. They were all destroyed alongside Distractor by the Megaforce Rangers’ Ultra Power Dynamic Strike.


Episode 12

Episode: “Last Laugh”
Nojoke is sent to Earth by Vrak to capture humans that get trapped into his jug when they laugh so that he may consume them. He is successful in capturing most of the rangers until Robo Knight and Noah turn the tides and make him laugh freeing the other rangers. The Rangers and Robo Knight finish him off by combining their Ultra Power Dynamic Strike and Knight Dynamic attacks. Vrak makes him grow and he is destroyed by the Gosei Grand Megazord’s Victory Charge.


Episode 13

Erumugaimu_of_the_BakuDream Snatcher
Episode: “Dream Snatcher”
Originally Dream Snatcher could only steal the dreams of sleeping people but thanks to the powers of the Aurora Box, Dream Snatcher could steal the dreams of people who were awake (including Emma) and then the sleeping people would grown roots under them which would slowly pollute the Earth. However, thanks to a motivational speech from Emma, the people who were trapped were able to escape Dream Snatcher’s spell and the Robo Knight and Emma finish him off with their Dynamic Charge Attacks. Vrak makes him grow and he is destroyed for good by the Gosei Great Grand Megazord’s Victory Charge.


 Halloween Special

Episode: “Raising Spirits”
Glytcher was the cousin of the monster Gremiln who was one of the monsters seen in “Ultra Power”. He disguises himself as a fortune teller who looks into the Megaforce Rangers past and learn their identities in the process. After this revelation, Glytcher reveal his identity and goes to spread chaos by making electronic equipment malfunction. While fighting Glytcher, the rangers have a hard time battling him due to his speed but thanks to Emma throwing flour on him, they are able to defeat him with their Sky Blast Attack. He grows and is weakened first by the Phoenix Mechazord tickle attack and is destroyed by the Gosei Great Megazord and Gosei Grand Megazord’s Victory Charges.


Episode 15

rotoxRotox & Rotox DX
Episode: “The Human Factor”
Rotox was created by Metal Alice to prove to Vrak what robots were truly capable of. He attacks a warehouse to lure the Megaforce Rangers into battle. He is shown to have the ability to coil into a ball, trap his opponents in iron chains, and turn metal substances around him into a shield. After the Mega Rangers are freed from their chains, they destroy him with their Dynamic Charge Attack. Metal Alice creates another Rotox named Rotox DX with new features to help her on her mission on finding a place to trap humans to enslave. The rangers put up a good fight but to no avail until Robo Knight shows up and he is defeated by their Knight Dynamic Victory Charge. Vrak’s Zombolts make him grow and he is destroyed by the combined efforts of the Gosei Ultimate Megazord and the Gosei Grand Megazord.


Episode 16

Episode: “Rico The Robot”
Originally named R-1C0, Metal Alice created him to analyze human traits, primarily friendship. In his first mission, Metal Alice pretended that RICO was a failure and abandoned him. The rangers befriended him, particularly Emma and showed him compassion and friendship. After taking pictures with RICO, Emma spotted a sensor on RICO that gave Metal Alice power over him. After spotting the sensor, the Rangers planned on disabling the sensor that is until Metal Alice showed up and revealed her plan to the rangers and erasing RICO memories, turning him into a mindless robot. However, Emma is able to get through to RICO and he gains his memories back. Metal Alice makes RICO grow and sets his self-destruct sequence on but thanks to Emma’s quick thinking, RICO is able to escape from Metal Alice’s clutches by traveling into a high enough altitude that is out of her controlling range.