Name: Jake Holling
Ranger: Megaforce Black
Actor: Azim Rizk
Episodes: Unknown
First Episode: “Mega Mission”
Sentai: Tensou Sentai Goseiger
Producer: Saban & Nickelodeon


Character Bio

Jake is a student at Harwood County High School and was one of the five teenager chosen to become the new protectors of the Earth. Due to his athletic skills, Jake is chosen to become the Black Megaforce Ranger. Jake is shown to have a great interest in soccer and a greater interest in Gia the Yellow Megaforce Ranger.


Black Snake Mechazord

903Gosei Snake Card
Jake enters this Power Card into his Gosei Morpher to call forth the Gosei Snake Zord

prm.102.720p.mkv846Gosei Snake combining with a train to become the Snake Mechazord!

With the stealth of a Snake this Mechazord can slither out of the way of attacks from monsters!

prm.102.720p.mkv1086Gosei Great Megazord Cockpit
Black Ranger in Gosei Great Megazord Cockpit


Gosei Morpher
When the Power Card is inserted into the Gosei Morpher it allows the Black Ranger to Morph!

black-1Power Card
Black Ranger Power Card used in the Gosei Morpher to morph into a Ranger!

Mega Blaster
When Headers are attached to the Blasters they provide powerful attacks!



Snake Axe
The Personal weapon of the Black Ranger
Jake can also use an attack called “Snake’s Venom!”


Ultra Sword
When the new Ultra Zords are inserted this sword unlocks powerful attacks!

prm.102.720p.mkv704Land Power! Energize!
The Black and Yellow Rangers use their Land Power to energize the Megaforce Blaster for a Victory Charge!


Snake Zord
The Personal Zord of the Black Ranger and can be used to power up his blaster or summon his Black Snake Mechazord

Ultra Snake Zord
Troy, After proving himself worthy, the Wild Sword grants the Rangers new powers

Ultra Mode

prm.111.720p.mkv1059Ultra Black Ranger
When using his Ultra Zord in combo with his Ultra Sword, Jake unlocks a new Mode!
Each Rangers’ armor can protect them in different ways!
“Rock Power, Ultra Megaforce Black!”