Robo Knight


Name: Robo Knight
Ranger: Robo Knight
Actor: Chris Auer
Episodes: 15
First Appearance“Robo Knight”
Last Appearance“Legendary Battle”
Sentai: Tensou Sentai Goseiger
Producer: Saban & Nickelodeon

Character Bio

Robo Knight was created by Gosei to protect the Earth’s environment. Due to him being trapped within ice for thousand of years, he had no memory of Gosei and only focuses on protecting the Earth from whoever threatens to harm it. Robo Knight has a tendency to desire to work alone and does not like to work with other to accomplish missions. However, Robo Knight has slowly learned that he may need to work with the Megaforce Rangers when he isn’t strong enough to battle a foe alone.


Lion Mechazord

Lion Mechazord
The Lion Mechazord is the personal zord of Robo Knight.

Sky Lion Mechazord

Sky Lion Mechazord
The Sky Lion Mechazord is a secondary zord of Robo Knight.

Sea Lion Mechazord

Sea Lion Mechazord
The Sea Lion Mechazord is a secondary zord of Robo Knight.


Robo Blaster Robo Blade

Robo Blaster/Robo Blade
This blaster/sword-like weapon is the personal weapon of Robo Knight.

Vulcan Cannon

Vulcan Cannon
Robo Knight can combine the Vulcan Cannon to his Robo Blaster to finish off his enemies.