Voiced By:Jason Hood
Unlike the other generals in the Warstar Army, Vrak is a prince of an alien armada who has aligned himself with the Warstar Aliens and Toxic Beasts to ensure that the Earth is conquered before his royal family arrives. Vrak is equipped with advanced technology at his disposal including the Zombats and the Aurora Box. He is also shown to be very tech savvy shown in the creation of Metal Alice. After learning that his royal family has arrived on Earth, he decides to let them take care of getting rid of the Megaforce Rangers and teleports away.


Vrak’s Earth Armor
While on Earth, Vrak assumes this form while fighting his enemies.

Cyborg Vrak

Cyborg Vrak
To save his life after being severly injured by the destruction of the Warstar Spaceship, Metal Alice gives Vrak cybernetic implants that gives him a boost in powers. However, these implants gave Vrak amnesia for a short time.



Admiral Malkor
Voiced By: Campbell Cooley
Admiral Malkor is the leader of the Warstar who desires to conqueror the Earth so that insects shall rule the Earth instead of humans. Malkor eventually gets tired of relying on his own force attempts at taking over Earth so he enters a cocoon to increase his power. When he emerges he easily takes on the Megaforce Rangers that is until the rangers take him on with their primary weapons. Malkor summons the Zombats and bites a head off one of them to make himself grow. Malkor succeeds in defeating the Gosei Great Megazord that is until the Rangers summon all their zords to form the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord and uses their Victory Charge to drive Malkor into the oncoming Warstar Spaceship.


Voiced By: Mark Mitchinson
 Creepox is a Warstar General who desires to take over the Earth with brute force rather than planning things out. Creepox’s lack of planning tends to backfire in battle. Creepox gained a rivalry with the Red Ranger after he beats him in one of their confrontations. One instance had him cause a Meteor Shower just to lure the Red Ranger out. Unfortunately for him, he is beaten by Troy in a one-on-one duel. Vrak makes him grow with his Zombats and it takes the rangers to unlock a greater power to defeat him for good with their newly acquired Ultra Gosei Great Megazord.

Toxic Beasts


Voiced By: Charlie McDermott
A Toxic Beast General who, with his companion, Bluefur, were created from pollution created by humans. He and Bluefur align themselves with Vrak and Malkor so that they may further their plan more quickly. Bigs is given the Aurora Box by Vrak so that he may increase a monsters power 100 times. He eventually uses the Aurora Box on himself so that he may spread his toxic ooze all over the Earth. His plan is first thwarted by the Megaforce Rangers and he escapes into the Aurora Box. There he gains an increased power boost and a new form. He traps the rangers with him inside the Aurora Box and nearly succeeds in defeating them. However, the rangers escape his trap and he is destroyed for good by the rangers Ultra Strike.


Voiced By: Jay Simon
A Toxic Beast General who with his companion Bigs was created from pollution created by humans. He and Bigs align themselves with Vrak and Malkor so that they may further their plan more quickly.He wields a two-sided club in battle. Bluefur assists his comrade Bigs in spreading his toxic ooze with the powers of the Aurora Box. After his comrade is destroyed by the Megaforce Rangers, he swears to avenge his comrade and Vrak makes him grow. Bluefur succeeds in defeating Gosei Grand Megazord however, thanks to their newly acquired Gosei Ultimate Megazord they are able to destroy him for good.



Metal Alice
Voiced By: Sophie Henderson
Metal Alice is created by Vrak to assist him in creating robotic monsters. Metal Alice like her master has a deep disdain in humans and believes that Vrak should be the supreme rulers over them. In her first mission against the rangers, Metal Alice tries to persuade Robo Knight into joining their side. However, this fails and ultimately decides if Robo Knight chooses to fight alongside humans that he will be destroyed alongside humans. Another mission has Metal Alice cause chaos by disrupting a train schedule. She fails in this mission and uses the Zombolts to make her grow. She puts up a good fight but is ultimately destroyed by the Gosei Grand Megazord and the newly acquired Gosei Jet Megazord. She is revived by Vrak and goes into a process to fully heal herself. After searching through the wreckage of Malkor’s ship, she find Vrak nearly at death and turns him into a cyborg so that he may recover from his injures. Metal Alice at one last ditch effort before the Armada arrives attempts to destroy the Megaforce Rangers for good. However, she fails at this task and is heavily injured by the Megaforce Rangers. Due to her constant failures at the hands of the Megaforce Rangers, Vrak puts Metal Alice out of her misery and causes her to explode.

The Messenger

The Messenger
Voiced By: Andrew Laing
The Messenger was sent by Vrak’s brother, Prince Vekar to assist Vrak and Metal Alice in defeating the Megaforce Rangers and prepare for the Armada’s arrival to Earth.He attempted to destroy the Megaforce Rangers himself but is taken down by the Megaforce Rangers in Ultra Mode. However, his head does survives and tells Vrak to go into hiding due the Armada not being able to recognize Vrak in his cyborg form.


These neon green bug-like soldiers serve as footsoldiers to the Warstar.

The Zombats are Vrak’s royal pets that have the ability to make monsters grow. The Zombats have the ability to transform into Zombolts to grow robotic monsters.