XX. Locations


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Harwood County

Command Center Command Center (Megaforce) Interior

Command Center
The Command Center is the home of Gosei and Tensou as well as the headquarters for the Mega Rangers.

Harwood County High School Harwood County High School Interior

Harwood County High School
Harwood County High School is the school attended by the Mega Rangers.

Shopping Mall Ernie's Brain Freeze

Shopping Mall/Ernie’s Brain Freeze
Located in a Shopping Mall, Ernie’s Brain Freeze is regularly frequented by the Mega Rangers.

Villain Locations

Warstar Spaceship Warstar Spaceship Interior

Warstar Spaceship
The Warstar Spaceship serves as the headquarters for the Insectoids.

Toxic Beasts Cave I Toxic Beasts Cave II

Toxic Beasts Caves
The Toxic Beasts are based in a multitude of caves around Harwood County.

Vrak's Underwater Lab Vrak's Underwater Lab Interior PRM

Vrak’s Underwater Lab
After the destruction of the Toxic Beasts, Vrak creates his Underwater Lab to house his army of robots.