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Episode 1
“The Team Unites” Aired: 02/07/2011
(Mike figures out the hard way what it means to be a Samurai Ranger
after a Nighlok attacks him and his friends)

Episode 2
“Deal With A Nighlok” Aired: 02/13/2011
(A promising young baseball prospect unfortunately crosses paths with a shifty Nighlok that tricks him into ending his baseball career, and thus prompts the immediate intervention of the Power Rangers to correct the injustice.)

Episode 3
“Day Off” Aired: 02/20/2011
(Struggling to master a secret power disc, Jayden forgoes a trip with the others to an amusement park, where the rest of the team encounters the evil Nighlok Dreadhead.)

Episode 4
“Sticks and Stones” Aired 2/27/2011
(When a Nighlok who uses insults as a physical weapon to attack the Rangers, only Emily is unaffected. To help her teammates, she explains how difficult events in life become an opportunity to grow stronger.)

Episode 5
“Fish Out of Water” Aired 3/6/2011
(Kevin is assigned the crucial task of catching the elusive Swordfish Zord in order to save the other Rangers who have been incapacitated by the stench of the Nighlok Yamiror’s breath.)

Episode 6
“There Go The Brides” Aired 3/13/2011
(Dayu crosses into the mortal world to cause misery by kidnapping brides on their wedding day.)

Episode 7
“I Got A Spell On Blue” Aired 3/20/2011
(A Nighlok uses mind control powers to force Kevin to fight against his fellow Rangers.)

Episode 8
“Forest for the Trees” Aired 3/27/2011
(After Mike goes rogue in battle, Mentor Ji takes Mike’s Samuraizer away until he learns a deeper lesson about the nature of the Green Ranger’s Symbol Power.)

Episode 9
“Test of the Leader” Aired 4/10/2011

( A Nighlok is sent to stop the Red Ranger from using his special power to seal Master Xandred in the Netherworld forever, but their duel is interrupted by the mysterious Deker.)

Episode 10
“Jayden’s Challenge” Aired 4/17/2011

(Jayden leaves the Shiba house hoping to keep the other Rangers out of harms way but when a powerful Nighlok attacks, Jayden finally accepts the fact that he needs his team to fulfill his role as the leader of the Samurai Rangers. )

Episode 11
“Unexpected Arrival” Aired 4/30/2011

(A traveling fisherman named Antonio arrives and claims to be the sixth Samurai Ranger.)

Episode 12
“Room For One More” Aired 5/7/2011
(Jayden’s childhood friend and self-made Samurai Antonio struggles to be accepted by the team as the Gold Ranger)

Episode 13
“The Blue & the Gold” Aired 5/14/2011
(As Antonio attempts to gain Kevin’s respect as a true Samurai, Octoroo devises a plan to create a stronger portal between the Netherworld and Earth via a secret ancient well.)

Episode 14
“Team Spirit”  Aired 5/21/2011
(When a Nighlok steals people’s spirits, including the Yellow Ranger’s, the other Rangers must defeat him before his victims fall into an eternal sleep.)

Episode 15
“The Tengen Gate” Aired 5/28/2011
(Octoroo wants the Red Ranger’s powerful sealing symbol, so he poisons Jayden in order to get it.)

Episode 16
“Boxed In”  Aired 6/4/2011
(When Jayden is kidnapped by Deker, the other Rangers must summon the strength to fight a mutant Nighlok without their leader.)

Episode 17
“Broken Dreams” Aired 10/1/2011
(Jayden the Red Ranger faces off his arch enemy Deker in a one on one combat. Who will win? Only one will survive.)

Episode 18
“The Ultimate Duel” Aired 10/8/2011

(The Rangers attempt to deal with the unfinished Nighlok, Rhinosnorus. Meanwhile, the Ultimate Duel between Deker and the Red Ranger has finally arrived!)

Episode 19
“Origins Part 1″ Aired 10/15/2011
(The Red  Ranger must summon the other 4 Samurai Rangers when a new form of Nighlok appears from the Sanzu River. The Rangers must give up their lives to fight alongside the 18th Head of the Shiba Family.)

Episode 20
“Origins Part 2″ Aired 10/22/2011
(The Rangers must practice their symbol power in order to become a better team, but some setbacks have a few of them doubting their strength as Rangers. When Scorpionic attacks the Rangers must come together and combine their strengths to save the day.)

Episode 21
“Party Monsters” Airs 10/29/2011
(Several monsters get together for party and trade stories about their battles with the Rangers.)

Episodes 22-23
“Clash of the Red Rangers” Airdate 11/26/2011
(The Samurai Rangers team with the mysterious RPM Ranger Red and fend off the dual threat from Master Xandred’s Mooger army and robotic super-villains from the RPM Ranger’s dimension. When something goes awry, the two Red Rangers turn on one another and the fate of the world hangs in the balance.)

Episode 24
“Christmas Together, Friends Forever” Airdate 12/10/2011
(The Rangers reflect on their first year together as a team and learn about the spirit of the season.)