Christmas Together, Friends Forever

We open on a cold day joining Bulk and Spike when they find an epic bike they want to buy!

Unfortunately, they don’t even have close to the amount of money.
Maybe one day they can save up for one.

At the Shiba House, Mentor enters with a massive Christmas Tree ready for decorating!

The Rangers get super excited and begin to decorate!

Before helping with the tree, Emily sits down to write her sister Serena a Christmas e-mail.

She sits down to begin telling her story of her previous year with the Samurai Power Rangers.

Ever since she got her message arrow her life has changed so much.

Since then she has met the best friends she has ever had.

Emily notes on how Mike is super excited for Christmas, he just might burst!

They have become so close since she tried to help him with his hurt back, with frozen peas. She was such a disaster!

Mike is always looking for the fun in life, and introduced her to her first roller coaster.

He’s such a funny guy who loves dancing and always wants to have fun.

But, when he first became a Power Ranger he had a hard time adjusting.
Because being a Samurai isn’t all fun and games.

He was a bit of a rebel, but he knew he had to prove himself to Jayden.
When the time came he proved he had what it takes!

 He really rose to the occasion, but it wasn’t only him who had a lot to learn.

Tiny mistakes with symbol power was nothing to Mia who was perfect at her strokes.

Mia was so good at everything she did, Emily was glad she took her under her wing.

She remembers Mia leading her to her surprise Birthday party.
Being the  only girls, they really have bonded.

Emily remembers back to when Mia posed as a Bride to trick the Nighloks.
She always dreamed of being in a wedding and fit the mold perfectly.

 Emily realizes that she really looks up to Mia, as Mia borrows the tape.

Meanwhile, Bulk realizes he has all the parts to make a bike!

He sets to work on bringing new life to his bike for Spike.

Mia sneaks a peek at the boys having a good time decorating the tree.

 Mia reflects that she is so glad Jayden has learned to let go and have fun.

She thinks back to the day at Rainbow’s End where Jayden brought them all cotton candy on their day off.

He didn’t come with them at first because he was busy working towards perfection; mastering the Beetle Disk, that almost exhausted him completely.

Jayden’s most loyal follower is Kevin, he practices the samurai lifestyle so much and wants to be just like Jayden.

That’s why Jayden chose Kevin to go after the Swordfish Disk,
Kevin was so determined he would have went to any lengths.

But when he brought it back, the sky was the limit to what he can do.
He is the perfect partner for Jayden and inspires all of the Rangers to practice the way of the Samurai.

He never stops working to the best, first to rise and last to bed.
Even when he sleeps he thinks of new ideas, like when he dreamed up the Samurai Battlewing and Samurai Megazord combo!

You can always count on Kevin, she thinks.
Kevin asks her for the tape, they have a lot of presents to wrap.

 Mia agrees, she has to check on her Cookies!
Oh no Mia’s cookies!

Mike laughs and reminds them of the time she almost burned down the kitchen!

She made a home-cooked meal to take to Kevin, while he scouted out a Nighlok.

It was a meal of burnt chicken, but Mia was so sweet Kevin didn’t have the heart to tell her how bad it tasted!

Mike puts on the last of the decorations.
With the tree complete, it’s time for egg nog!

Emily remembered she forgot to mention their newest member, Antonio.

Jayden met Antonio when they were kids and he entrusted him with the Octozord!

They promised they’d see each other again until one day Antonio returned to his friend. But, he was kind of a goofball!

He returned as the Gold Samurai Ranger!

His barracuda blade is lightning fast!

He loves to fish and always makes sure they Rangers are well fed!

Emily gets more and more excited about the big day tomorrow.

The others light the tree.

Emily laughs at Kevin as he tries to make gift wrapping an exact science.

She realizes its been the best year being together.

Even when they were all worried about putting each other at risk in the battle against the Nighlok.

They realized the power of the team and to never give up!

Emily wonders if there will be a white Christmas…..

Bulk and Spike hope so too, as Spike realizes that they don’t need money and that training to be a samurai has been the most fun he has ever had!

But, the greatest gift of all was being able to Morph and save the world.
Mike takes his place under the tree.

Emily closes her letter and wishes Serena a Merry Christmas.

The next morning, Mike wakes up and shouts that it’s finally Christmas!

He looks out the window and finds it is indeed a White Christmas!

The other Rangers wake up and join him and wish each other a Merry Christmas.

Spike and Bulk wake up as well and find their wish had been answered!

Mentor plays Santa and passes out the gifts to Mia, Emily, Kevin and Jayden.

Mike begins to notice that there aren’t any gifts being passed to him.

Jayden gets a pair of chinese spheres.

Mia gets a new apron!

Spike gets new gloves and Bulk gets the tissue he so desperately needed.

More gifts are passed out and Mike still seems to get passed up!

Mia gets a cookbook she so very much needs!

Kevin and Mike hope she uses it.

Kevin gets a new watch, as his old one is 3 seconds too slow!

After all the gifts have been passed out, Mike seems to have been skipped.

But Mentor has something up his sleeve, a letter just for Mike.

It tells him to: Go to the Front Door.

Mike runs to the front door and tears them open!

In the snow is brand new green motor bike just for him!

Mike is so grateful and grabs his coat right away to take it for a ride!

Its so beautiful outside, Bulk and Spike decide to make a snow man.

The Rangers and Mentor drink their egg nog and celebrate the season.

Mike returns, but no one heard his bike approach.

He reveals to them that he gave his bike away.

Apparently, he saw some guys in the park who had nothing and it made him think of all he had here with his friends.

He wanted them to have something special, some real Christmas spirit!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all!

As Spike and Bulk ride their new bike they wish you a happy holiday as well!

This brings this Christmas Special to a close!