Episode Ten

This is a Part II Episode, see “Test of the Leader” for Part I

We open on Mentor Ji searching for Jayden.
He wonders if the weight of leading the Rangers became too much for him.

Jayden walks the city streets alone.
Inside his mind he remembers what he had feared all along, his friends were hurt.

Meanwhile, Bulk and Spike prepare to sleep like traditional Samurai

Sleeping on floor mats, Bulk has a hard time sleeping.
Spike, snoring falls right to sleep.

He dreams of the beautiful and brave Pink Ranger.

Back at the Shiba house, Kevin and Emily recover from their wounds.

While he was laid up, Kevin created a few designs for the Zords.
What if the Samurai Battlewing combined with the Megazord?

Mike asks Mia what was bothering her;
She is still worried about the missing Red Ranger.

Mentor arrives with a happy-happy attitude, the Rangers don’t buy it.
He advises them not to worry, Jayden will be back.

Meanwhile on the Sanzu River, Octoroo teases that Master X will be quite angry when he wakes up and realizes that Robtish hadn’t destroyed the Red Ranger yet.

Robtish complains the Rangers had help, from Deker.
Master Xandred awakens with his headache.

Xandred grows angry when he realizes that Deker is interfering.
He grows violent when he vows to destroy him.

Back at the Shiba house, Emily and Kevin are much better.

Mike and Mia discuss how it must feel to be Jayden.
How he must feel having to protect them all.

They overhear, it must be hard to know he is the only Ranger with the symbol power.
He may hold the whole world’s fate in his hands.

Deker, alone in the Netherworld, sense another presence.
Suddenly an army of Moogers appears and challenges him.

He makes quick work of them with his blade, Uramasa.

Suddenly, Master Xandred appears and reveals he has lost his patience.
Xandred calls him a “half-human” for messing in his affairs.

Deker understands Xandred wants the Red Ranger destroyed, but he is tied to his destiny.
Deker pleads with Master X to let his duel continue.

Deker has no interest in battling, but Xandred still shows his wrath.

Xandred’s powers turn Deker into his human form.
Before departing, Deker reminds Xandred that even though he is a half human; he is not trapped in the netherworld.

In awe of Deker’s attack, Dayu and Octoroo remind Robtish of his duties.
He departs ready to attack the Rangers.

Jayden stumbles upon a small boy who is sitting alone in tears.
He is sad that his father has left for a job.

Jayden remembers just how much he misses his Dad as well.
He flashes back to the last moment he saw his father.

His Father reminds him of the duties of the Red Ranger
and hands over the Lion Folding Zord.

Jayden uses his symbol power to make the boy feel better.

With his created paper, he makes an airplane and sends it soaring.
The boy smiles.

Back in hilarity town, Bulk and Spike each had very different sleep.
Bulk’s neck has a crink in it, but Spike is ready to train!

By the looks of it, Jayden made all the children happy as airplanes float in the air.
He muses that this is how it should be, no monsters just happiness.

Suddenly Moogers appear and terrorize the citizens!

The Rangers are notified by their Gap Sensors.
Harbor Village park is being attach, the Rangers ready themselves.

Mentor reminds them all of Jayden’s internal struggle.
He had resisted calling upon them when Master Xandred arose once more.

Kevin and Mia remind Mentor that they are a team and
Jayden will never walk alone again, together they head out.

Robtish attacks the village, but has a confrontation with the little boy.
Luckily, Jayden saves him with the Lion Folding Zord.

Jayden and Robtish are face to face. No Deker this time.
Robtish sends the Moogers to take the fight out of him first.

Jayden epically takes on the Moogers with no powers, but sadly is beaten and sent to the ground.

Voices in the distant ring out, the Samurai Rangers have arrived!

Together, the Rangers take on the Moogers
Reminding Jayden, they are a team!

Jayden rises, grateful to the Rangers.
He remembers his Father once more, when he explained his destiny as Red Ranger.

Jayden, stating he doesnt like to put the Rangers in danger realizes the Nighlok must be defeated.

Go-Go Samurai!

Rangers Together, Samurai Forever!

After they morph, the Rangers stand together and perform the
Quintuple Slash!

The Rangers attack together and take on Robtish

Wth some fancy Spin Sword work the Rangers best Robtish
He becomes angry and readies his Double Slash!

Jayden readies his Spin Sword mentoring the other Rangers
They must be prepared.

Robtish begins with a shockwave, Piink & Yellow stave it off!
They get blasted away!

Robtish fires his double slash, Blue & Green attempt to hold it off!
Its all up to Jayden now!

Say Hello to his little friend!
5-Disk Tiger Cannon!

The Powerful strike destroy’s Robtish’s first form!

The Rangers call the Folding Zords and ready themselves for battle!

Robtish sends out his secret weapon, Flying Moogers!

The Flying Moogers paired with Robtish prove to be quite formidable.
Kevin suggest combining the Megazord and Battlewing!

Kevin calls forth the Samurai Battlewing which takes a blast at Robtish!

The Rangers write Combine and the Battle Wing Megazord is born!

Taking flight the Rangers attack Robtish from above!

After defeating more Flying Moogers the new Megazord Combo takes on Robtish sword to sword!

Megazord powers up its Kittana power!

Mega Spin Kittana Strike!

Final Strike!
Robtish meets his two-parter end!

The Rangers return home together, Ji welcomes Jayden home.
Ji offers the Rangers another day off!

Ji tells Jayden to enjoy himself, the battle rages on.
He puts Jayden at ease to now worry, they will tell the Rangers in time.
What could that mean?

For now, this act comes to a close!