Episode Twelve

We open on the Samurai Rangers gathered together waiting for Antonio.
Emily wonders with how fast he is as Gold Ranger, why is he late?

Kevin reminds everyone that just because he was fast at that one battle, doesn’t mean he’s fast at everything.
Mia remembers they don’t know much about Antonio at all,

Except that Jayden can vouch for him.
He remembers; they were friends from the moment they met.

Antonio’s Father worked at the local fish market.

The times they played together were really the only time Jayden could feel like a real kid.
But Mentor would get annoyed, as he was a distraction from training.

Then, Antonio moved away. But how could he become the Gold Ranger?
Kevin grows annoyed, he reminds them all that although Antonio kicked butt in the last battle, he is not a true Samurai having not been born into it like they were.

What could this guy be up to?

Antonio prepares himself for the meeting with the other Rangers.
It’s time for another golden moment, to join the Samurai team.

Mentor Ji muses that Antonio is late, should he be surprised?
Suddenly, he asks Mike if Antonio was bringing the Octozord.

Why the suspicion?
When Jayden was a kid he gave the Octozord to Antonio when he wasn’t looking!

Antonio moved away before Mentor could get the Zord back.
Jayden threatened to quit being a Samurai if Ji took the Zord back!
Ji had no idea that Antonio would figure out how to use it!

Suddenly, Antonio slides in!

With great relish, Antonio introduces himself as the Sixth member of the team:
The Gold Samurai Ranger!

Mike and Mentor laugh at his cockiness.
Even more so when he get his lure caught on his pants, ripping them for all to see!

Jayden leaves the room, laughing that Antonio hasn’t changed a bit.
He clearly still looks up to Jayden.

He remembers to their childhood’s. The practice together, yet Antonio becomes sad when he realizes his Dad is not a Samurai. He can never be a Samurai.

Jayden smiles and says that if he is a Samurai, he can make Antonio a Samurai.

Jayden reveals he doesn’t know how to handle this situation.
Ji reminds him that he’s too close to the issue, and to let him handle it.

Meanwhile aboard the Sanzu River, Master Xandred grows angry at Octoroo. He’s not giving him enough info on the Sealing Character.

Octoroo reveals they have bigger problems, there’s a sixth Ranger!
Suddenly, Steeleto appears and vows revenge for his friend Vulpes!

Meanwhile in Spike’s dreams, he has to save the Pink Ranger!

His dreams are destroyed as Bulk makes smoothies, and gives into hilarity.

The Rangers sit around the table as Mentor asks how Antonio was able to create his Samurai Morpher simply from studying the Octozord and remembering Jayden’s instructions.

Mike asks if he’s some kind of techy, but Antonio revealed it was easy.
He has always dreamed of being a Samurai Ranger.

Antonio reveals how he started constantly training what Jayden had taught him.

But, once he learned how to talk to Octozord via texting; everything fell into place.

Now, he’s ready to join the team. Mike and Emily readily invite him, but Mentor chimes in and says No, it is not possible.

Antonio grows emotional over the denial.
Mentor reveals that without the necessary training its too dangerous to allow him to join the team.  Not all battles will be the same!

Mentor says he will hold onto the Samurai Morpher for the time being.
Antonio grows angry and lunges at Ji to get it back!
Suddenly, the Gap Sensor  erupts!

The interruption is at Benson Street.
Jayden arrives in the room, Antonio looks at him with pleading eyes.

As the Rangers prepare to leave, Antonio pleads with Jayden.
Jayden, instead, tells him he’s not a real Samurai and to stay behind.

Dissappointed, Antonio stays behind as the other Rangers head out.

Steeleto appears making a rukus with the citizens!
When the Rangers appear Steeleto makes it clear about his revenge for Vulpes!

The Rangers take on the Nighlok, but his many swords prove to be a problem.
Mike, Kevin, Mia & Emily get take out.

Jayden takes him on alone.

After some fancy sword play, Steeleto turns on his full body blades!
Jayden fights them  and attempts to dodge the attacks!

Fortunately, Steeleto began to dry out and he retreated.

Jayden speaks with the others to make sure they’re alright, they need a new strategy.
Mia reminds that perhaps the best strategy is a new ranger.

Antonio sits alone and depressed talking to Octozord

Emily and Mike find him wanting to talk.

Mia talks to Jayden about how hard it had to have been for him to send his friend away.  He reminds her of Ji’s words that it may be dangerous to have him around.

Mia reveals Jayden’s worry over fighting with an old friend. It must be hard to see all of them go into battle for him.

Antonio appears asking why Jayden was so stubborn!
Jayden was still opposed to the merger.

Mike and Emily join Mia’s side.
How could a new Ranger hurt? Mia tells Jayden that Antonio knows the risk of being a Ranger just like the rest of them.

Kevin appears and agrees as well, but suddenly the Gap Sensor sounds.
Ji announces for them to head to a construction site.

Remembering their promise many years ago, Jayden allows Antonio to have his Gold Samurai Morpher.
The new team runs off to meet the Nighlok.

Steeleto is out causing trouble at the construction site as the Rangers arrive.

The Rangers line up without making room for Antonio.
Comically, he asks for the others to move down a bit.

The Rangers line up and Morph!

Antonio, uses his Gold Samurai power!

Rangers Together, Samurai Forver!

Steeleto sends the Moogers.

Antonio basks in the coolness of being the Gold Ranger then sets off to help his friends.

He invisibly uses his Barracude Blade and slices through the Moogers.

Jayden comes in with his Fire Smasher and destroys some Moogers.
Steeleto  sends his blades to attack them but Jayden is able to shield them with his sword.

Jayden tells the other Rangers to take cover, he asks Antonio to help him destroy this Nighlok.
The two of them slash through Steeleto’s blades.

It’s time for a finisher! Gold Ranger uses Barracuda Bite!
While Red, with his Fire Smasher uses Blazing Strike!

Jayden and Antonio take out Steeleto’s first form.

Steeleto grows to his Mega Form and the Rangers bring out their Megazord!

The Rangers in the Samurai Megazord were knocked out.
Antonio uses his Samurai Morpher to text Octozord!

Octozord uses ink to stop Steeleto!

Antonio grows Mega and teleports into the Octozord cockpit!
Mia suggests that if the Octozord belonged to the Shiba family couldn’t they combine?

The Rangers combine to create the Octo-Spear Megazord!

The Megazord using spear thrust!

The Megazord uses ice breath against Steeleto!

The Rangers use the Kittana Power: Samurai Strike!

Samurai Rangers destroy Steeleto, victory is theirs!

Antonio grows really excited about their victory!
Fish Fiesta!

It;s time for the Rangers to celebrate! Fish Style!
Ji reminds Jayden of his mission and not to worry, he did not chose the others’
Jayden welcomes Antonio to the team!

…..and this act comes to a close!