Episode Seventeen

We open on our Samurai Rangers honing their skills.

Jayden, however is in his own world remember all the things Deker had told him.
He is broken, twisted and warped by their hidden secrets.

Mike breaks Jayden’s daze and asks how he is.
Jayden tells them nothing is bothering him.

Kevin suggests that being kidnapped by Deker is taking a toll on him.
Emily, sweetly, reminds him that he can talk  to his friends.

Mia appears and tells them all she plans to cook dinner for everyone.

Kevin, taken aback, asks what the special occasion is.
Mia reveals that since Antonio is working so hard to program they Black Box, she wants to show her appreciation.

Mike jokes that Jayden had to endure Octoroo’s poisoning and now this!
Emily elbows him and shoots a dirty look.

Meanwhile aboard the Nighlok ship Master Xandred is taking his anger out on Dayu.
She returned to the ship without destroying Deker.

 Octoroo stands in between them and pleads that destroying Deker is not an easy thing to do.
He pleads to Dayu to say she is sorry!

Dayu refuses and defies Master Xandred and says “If you’re angry with me then destroy me.”
Ever since she gave up her spirit to evil, it has been nothing but sorrow.

 Century after century of heartache.
Master Xandred is intrigued  supposing she doesn’t need her Harmonium.
Suddenly it bursts into flames!

It’s damaged but Dayu manages to put it out.

Master X reminds her that she chose  to trade her spirit to darkness.
That deal cannot be undone.
He demands she forget her pathetic past.

Suddenly she remembers two ringed hands.
A figment from her past?

Dayu upset over Master X’s evil flees the ship.
Next, he demands Octoroo summon Rhinosnorus!

Dayu appears on the surface through a gap ready to find a way to repair her Harmonium.

In the distance she spies a street performer with a guitar.

Dayu speeds through the spectators knocking them away.
She attacks the guitarist ready  take his musical essence to repair her instrument.

Mia, on her way from the grocery spies Dayu and her evil plot!
GO-GO Samurai!
She morphs into the Pink Ranger.

The Pink Ranger charges out and demands Dayu release the guitarist.
They entangle with each other and Dayu orders Mia not interfere.

Meanwhile, through another gap a strange weapon appears and releases a sleep gas knocking out all the bystanders.

Rhinosnorus makes his appearance

Dayu asks why Rhinosnorus is there, he replies the boss sent him!
He attempts to knock them out as well but Dayu and Mia dodge his attack.
The guitar player falls to the sleep cloud.

Dayu shouts she is never coming back.
But the Samurai Rangers slash into the scene.
The Rangers fight Rhinosnorus all at once.

While the Rangers are distracted, Dayu sees her oppurtunity.
It’s time to fix her Harmonium, she grabs the guitarist and flees.
Mia sees this and heads after her!

Attempting to stop Mia, Emily is almost attacked by the sleep cloud!
Luckily, Jayden was there to save her. Jayden tells her to help Mia.

Suddenly, out of nowhere Antonio appears ready to fight!

But before he has a chance to Morph, Rhinosnorus shoots his cloud and Antonio passes out!
He tells the Rangers that Antonio won’t wake up until he decides, and the more he dreams the tastier he will become!

Jayden tells him he won’t let that happen.
Rhinosnorus reveals he does his eating in the dream world.

But first, he has to find Dayu.
With a jump he leaps into Antonio’s dream world.

Dayu and the Pink Ranger continue to battle, Dayu muses that she has an annoying habit of meddling in her affairs!

Coming from the guitarist’s dream world, Rhinosnorus appears and blasts them both with his sleep cloud.
Mia de-morphs as she sleeps. Her and Dayu fall down a hill passed out.

Rhinosnorus laughs that his dream feast will be huge and retreats into the dream world once more.

Back at Samurai Headquarters, Mentor speaks to Jayden over the Samuraizer and advises him on the new Nighlok, Rhinosnorus.

Mentor reveals that each dreamer experiences their own dream world full of vivid fantasies, usually happy ones.

Rhinosnorus puts his victims to sleep and then devours their dreams.
Once eaten, the victims never wake up in the real world.
He urges them to find him and destroy him immediately.

Jayden knows what they have to do.
They must enter the dream world.

Meanwhile, Mia in her dreams prepares an amazing feast!

Suddenly, a strange dark cloud creeps into her dreams.
The scene becomes dark, and Mia follows it.

 A newly wedded couple emmerges and walks past Mia.
She recognizes the man is Deker.

Jayden prepares to use his symbol power to create a portal for Mike and Kevin to enter the dream world.
He tells them he doesn’t know how long he can keep the portal open.

Using all his strength Jayden creates the symbol to create a portal into the dream world.

The portal completes but Jayden is having a hard time keeping it open.

Mike and Kevin leap into Antonio’s dream, leaving Jayden behind; exhausted.

Mike and Kevin emerge into Antonio’s dream which looks eerily normal!
The pair set out to find Antonio.

Kevin notices Antonio in the distance showing off his enormous trophy!
Biggest fish of the year!

They attempt to tell Antonio that this isn’t real!
The two start fighting and Mike yells for them to stop, when….

Bulk in Samurai attire appears, a valiant Hero!

You guessed it, hilarity ensues.

Rhinosnorus appears and sees their delicious dreams and prepares to devour them!

GOGO Samurai!
The boys transform just in time and stop the devouring!

Rhinosnorus demands to know how they entered the dream world when they aren’t asleep!

The Rangers attack but soon fall to the effects of the dream world.
Rhinosnorus sends them crumbling to the ground!

The explosion sends them flying, and Mike right onto his butt.

Next Rhinosnorus sends out a large boulder that sends the Rangers scurrying to escape!

Mike suddenly remembers that they are in their dream world too.
Quickly, with a disco pose, he grows large and plays a game of Nighlok Soccer.

Rhinosnorus grows weary and attempts to skip into another dream!

Meanwhile, Emily is close to finding Mia.
But, Mia can’t respond she is dead asleep!

 Mia continues to follow the strange couple as they enter their home.
It is their wedding night.

Mia suddenly sees an onlooker, it’s Dayu!
She realizes that this must be Dayu’s dream.

The happy couple have gifts for each other.
A Harmonium for Dayu and a Samurai sword for Deker.
Dayu & Deker were married.

Then, the dream takes a dark turn as a fire burst out whilst they are sleeping!

 As the house engulfs in flames the two make it outside, but Deker is badly injured.

As the fire burns, Dayu pleads for someone to hear her call!

Then, a strange dark figure appears and offers a deal, for a price.

“Simply trade your humanity, for an eternity in the netherworld.”
Dayu accepts.

“He shall live, but as a cursed half Human and half Nighlok. With no memory of you.”
The mysterious Nighlok had tricked her, Dayu is devastated.
Then he disappears.

Suddenly, Deker awakens and rises to transform into his Nighlok form!
and with that, and a flame of violet, he is gone.

 In her sadness, she transforms into the Nighlok; Dayu.

Mia finally learns why Dayu is so tormented.

Dayu sheds a tear as the flames envelop her.

Back in the forest, attached to Rhinorsnorus, the Rangers emerge from the Guitarist’s dreams!

Seeing their chance the Rangers use an X attack and sever the wrist blower used for sleep clouds!

That means all his victims will wake up!
Kevin shoots with his Hyrdo Bow but Rhinosnorus escapes into a gap!

Everyone in town begins to wake up!
Antonio sees Jayden weakened by his symbol power.

Ooh-Ah-Ooh, Octoroo notices that the Red Ranger is weakened and decides its time to put an end to his symbol sealing power.

The Nighloks unleash giant Moogers and SpitFangs!

Although weakened, Jayden morphs with Antonio!

Gold and Red Rangers go into Mega Mode!

The Lion Folding Zord going solo joins with the Claw Zord to take on the baddies!

Jayden decides to turn up the heat and uses the Lion Zord’s special attack to take out the Moogers.

The Clawzord uses his pinching power and sped through them all destroying the rest of the Nighlok soldiers!

Mia awakens in the forest, where she sees Dayu for the first time since her dream. She remembers everything about Deker and Dayu.
She attempts to comfort Dayu, when she steps on a twig.

Dayu knew Mia was in her dream, and is angry she was spying on her.
Mia asks if its too late to save her, Dayu angers and says she doesn’t need her pity!

Dayu attacks Mia but before she can strike her the Yellow Ranger appears!

Mia can’t believe she wanted to help Dayu and cares for Emily.

Antonio tired and Jayden completely exhausted bond over their fight.

Suddenly a mysterious gate opens and reveals a familiar face!

Not again!
Antonio wonders why he would want to fight now that Jayden is weak!

Deker says nothing and merely strokes Uramasa thirsty for blood.

He unsheaths his sword ready for battle.
And so, the epic battle between Deker and the Red Ranger begins!

to be continued….