Episode Eighteen

After a short recap, we join Mia hovering over Emily after she was attacked by Dayu.
Mia screams at the idea of wanting to help Dayu.

Mia figured Dayu still had a shred of humanity, she was wrong.
Dayu replies that fighting naive little girls is a waste of her time.
She departs.

 Mia helps Emily to stand and Emily insists she is ok.
Mia begins to blame herself for Emily’s attack.

 Meanwhile back with Jayden and Deker, Antonio insists Jayden is too weak to battle. Jayden almost collapses into his arms.

Suddenly a group of Moogers appears to challenge Jayden, but Deker insists that Jayden is his opponent.

The Moogers begin to surround Deker, but he makes short work of them.

Deker, tells Jayden the time has come for their duel.
Antonio steps in once more to tell him that they have just had a battle.
Plus, Rangers don’t fight for the sake of fighting.

Deker  gives the Red Ranger 24 hours, but there will be no further delays.
Tomorrow, metal will meet metal.

Jayden stands strong with Antonio and says he won’t fight for the sake of fighting.
He only fights to protect the innocent.

Deker replies that if Jayden doesnt show he cannot guarantee he will be able to control his Nighlok form.
In other words, he will harm the innocent.

Deker reminds him that the innocent’s pain will be Jayden’s fault and not his.
Then, Jayden accepts his challenge  vowing to defeat him.
Tomorrow, by the sea.

On the Sanzu River, Octoroo worries about Deker and Jayden.

Master Xandred  despises Deker, but if he destroys the Red Ranger; he will destroy his sealing power as well.
Their misery is the best medicine.

Being showered in Sanzu River water, the failure Rhinosnorus whines about the Rangers destroying his mist blower.
Without being able to make his victims sleep, he cannot feast in the dream world.

Master X is angry that he didn’t raise the River an inch!
Octoroo suggests he go back and scare more humans, Rhinosnorus heads out to attack again!

Back at Samurai headquarters, Mia prepares some tea for Emily.
Emily thanks her, but says she’s good as new and doesn’t need a fuss.

Mia remembers her hesitation, causing Emily’s injury.
Emily says she understands, seeing Dayu’s dream must have been hard.

Mia realizes she can no longer let her feelings interfere with their mission anymore.
Emily suggests she’s being too hard on herself.

Mike enters and tells them the Rangers are all meeting in the living room.
He says it’s important.

Jayden tells the others he has accepted the challenge with Deker.
Kevin is clearly upset and thinks its irrational.
Antonio, however reminds them all of his threat to hurt the innocent.

Kevin is still upset and suggests they fight him as a team.
Jayden stands up and says that Kevin doesn’t get it, Deker wants the duel with Jayden alone.

Mia realizes that Deker won’t be satisfied until he duels Jayden.
She knows they have to let Jayden go.

Kevin, doesn’t get it still. He knows that Jayden is the only Ranger with the sealing Power.
He is the key to stopping the Nighlok.

Mike agrees and says its too risky.
Jayden has had enough and walks out on the meeting.

Dayu sits alone in the forest stroking her destroyed Harmonium.
Deker surprises her and asks why she is in the human world.

She asks him the same and he reveals his eternal quest for a worthy opponent will finally end tomorrow.
His thirst for the ultimate duel will be quenched, Win or Lose he will be free.

Dayu tells him he should have been free centuries ago.
He leaves her, and she is left to her thoughts.

In the moonlight, Jayden trains for the duel.
Kevin appears and asks how he can talk him out of it.

Jayden tells him there’s no talking him out of it, but he can help him train.

Kevin agrees and the two train together.

Meanwhile the others drink tea together, wondering why they are worried.
Antonio knows Jayden can defeat anoyone.

They all try to convince each other this is the right decision.
Mentor knows there’s no other choice, they need faith in Jayden.

Deker is preparing as well.
This will be the final night of his curse.

The morning of the duel arrives and the Rangers gather to see Jayden off.

The all give him words of encouragement, that he can defeat Deker.

Suddenly, the Gap Sensor sounds; Rhinosnorus has returned.
Jayden offers the Lion and Beetle Disk to Kevin.

With the Disks he can form the Megazord without Jayden.
He realizes he needs Kevin to be the leader of the Rangers while he is gone.

Rhinosnorus unable to put victims to sleep tries to eat them raw!
But before he  can, the Dragon Folding Zord attacks!

 The Rangers appear with their new leader!
Go-Go Samurai!!! 

The Rangers take on the Moogers!

As the waves crash, Deker awaits Jayden’s arrival.
Deker knew he would come.

Deker tells Jayden he is just like him he needs the batle.
Jayden refuses; he is nothing like Deker.

Deker transforms into his Nighlok form and Jayden uses his Samuraizer to become the Red Ranger.

The two unsheathe  their swords, finally the time has come.
Jayden tries to talk Deker out of it, but Deker resists.

The battle begins, sword against sword. Samurai versus Samurai.
They seem to be evenly matched as the sparks fly.

For a moment, Deker has Jayden and sends him into the waters.
But, Jayden fights back and rebounds.

Deker tells Jayden that his skills are  superb; He was right to choose him as his opponent.
He is proving to be his equal.

The two charge at one another. The Spin Sword creates sparks as it clashes with Uramasa.
Deker strikes at Jayden and slashes his helmet!

Back at the Battle with Rhinosnorus, Kevin proves himself to be a powerful leader. The Rangers all attack together, but they soon fall back.
In the process Antonio is injured badly.

Rhinosnorus comes after Kevin who pulls out his Hydro Bow and sends a watery attack!

His Bow is powerful enough to destroy Rhinosnorus’ first form!
But soon he begins to grow!

Kevin realizes its time to call the Megazord!

Unfortunately, Antonio is too weak to join them and stays behind.

The Rangers call their Folding Zords and form the Megazord; short a Red Ranger.

Rhinosnorus annoyed at their combo, jumps around and around quickly attacking them over and over.

Kevin gains some courage, and dedicates this battle to Jayden.
The Rangers use their Katana power with a Samurai Strike; and Rhinosnorus is no more!

It was a lot tougher then they expected, but Victory is theirs!

Back at the duel, Deker and Jayden still seem evenly matched!
Deker reveals he has been waiting for this duel for so long, and Jayden did not disappoint him!

The two slowly climb to a mountain cliff, where they continue to battle.
Deker says he is a worthy opponent, but its time for this to end!
Jayden agrees, its time for this to end!

Suddenly, Deker lands a blow! A slice into his arm!
Jayden, in pain, drops his Spin Sword from his right hand.

But grabs it with his left and while Deker is distracted with his evil laugh, he delivers the final blow!!

Jayden strikes once more and slices Uramasa into two pieces!
Deker is confused!

Then, he realizes Jayden’s master move.
He allowed himself to be injured in order to get close.
Deker thanks Jayden for freeing him from his cures, and falls from the cliff.

Jayden, De-Morphs exhausted. He has won.
Soon, the other Rangers arrive.

Mia inquires about Deker, Jayden reveals he is gone.
The Rangers help Jayden home.

Back at Samurai Headquarters, Jayden thanks Kevin for leading.
He says, its not his job; Mike replies there can only be one Red Ranger.
(or is there…..?)

Antonio appears announcing dinner is served, his Gold Standard fish!

Jayden wonders if he wanted to fight Deker to prove himself worth of the Red Ranger title; they all say no Deker has forced his hand. Jayden promises to never jeopardize their mission again.

As the Samurai eat, they realize that Deker may be gone but the rest of the Nighloks still remain.
Mentor and Antonio share a glance, knowing its time to program the Black Box.

As Samurai Rangers, it’s their responsibility to save the world from the Nighloks.
Jayden, is glad he doesn’t have to do it alone.
Rangers Together, Samurai Forever! 

and this brings this chapter to a close.