Episode Nineteen

We open on a sunny day where children are playing a game of Hide-and-go-Seek!

As the boy searches for his friend, a voice-over warns of the gaps in our world!
A gap  is a link between the netherworld and ours. Do not peek in!

For on the other side live the evil Nighlok!
Then, Moogers appear from the other side and surround the boy!

Suddenly, from out of no where, the Lion Folding Zord appears!

The Lion attacks the Moogers with a fiery blast!

A robed man, Mentor Ji, appears and sends the boy to safety.
The Folding Zord returns to its master, who pulls out his Samuraizer.

 Ji sends out a spark of smoke to blind the Moogers, when the fog lifts it reveals standing proud; The Red Samurai Ranger.

As Ji gathers the attention of the Moogers, he introduces the Red Ranger as the 18th Leader of the Samurai Power Rangers; Descendant o the  man who destroyed their Master years ago.

The have two choices, retreat or become rust on his blade.

Jayden replies, “Don’t Bother, I wanna take them for a spin!”

The Red Ranger takes them on alone with precision.
But, it doesn’t quite seem to do the trick!

He pulls out his Lion Disk and adds it to his Spin Sword, spinning it to create a lion figure!

Time to turn up the heat!
The Red Ranger uses his fire power and slashes through his enemies!

His plan works and all the Moogers are destroyed!

He de-morphs and Ji commends him on a job well done.
He is happy the boy he has trained has become a master Samurai.

Ji mentions its time for Jayden to lead a team of Rangers, but Jayden is apprehensive. He is used to fighting alone and doesn’t want to put anyone in danger.

Ji reminds him not to underestimate the Power of Master Xandred, his forces are growing stronger.

For centuries teams of Samurai have been battling him, and failed.
Four others await the call to join him and fight as Rangers.

Meanwhile, on the Sanzu River. Octoroo has a few plans of his own when he hears a rumbling in the waters of the river.

Then, a massive ghost ship appears from under the waters!
It’s Master Xandred’s Ship!

Octoroo appears on the deck and notices Dayu playing her Harmonium.
He demands to know where the Master is, as Dayu is the only one who would know.

She teases him for a moment, but he persists adding that the Nighlok have been without their Master for far too long.

 Xandred appears with a horrible headache! The Moogers on board serve him his medicine.
The Samurai Rangers caused his headache, but luckily he defeated them……

 Ooh-Ah-Ooh! Octoroo has to break the news!
They Survived!!!
Xandred becomes incredibly angry!

Suddenly, a skirt-faced Nighlok appears on deck named Tooya ready to celebrate the Master’s return!
But Xandred is angry and rocking the boat!

 Octoroo advises the best way to celebrate is to go through a gap and start scaring humans.
To make those Samurai Rangers sorry for messing with Master Xandred.

Practicing for a swim meet, we join Kevin swimming laps.
His father meets him as he surfaces and  tells him this is his final meet.

Ji, the mentor of the Red Ranger has told him the time is near.

He hands him the Zord knowing that Kevin;s training will help him to stand with the other Samurai…..

IN their own lives, we see Mia prancing with school children on their recess…

Mike kicks butt at video games with his buddies….

The beautiful music of Emily’s flute fills the scene….

Suddenly, Tooya appears in our world and begins the Nighlok attack!
As they run, the Moogers set off the Samurai Gap Sensor.

Ji hearing the alarm, alerts Jayden that more powerful Nighlok are attacking!
The time has come to summon the other Samurai Rangers.
But, Jayden is still apprehensive.

Ji tells him to remember his fathers last words, as he left for battle.
He leaves his great responsibility on his son with these words:
“Protect the world from evil, Stand by your allies and Never run from a battle.”

 His father puts on his helmet and joins his Rangers to take on Xandred.

Jayden, now confident as the Red Ranger, agrees with Ji.
He sends out four arrows to alert the other Rangers that the time has come.

The first arrow goes to Mike, and trashes his Burger!

The second to Mia, who still is wrangling children.

The third to Emily, which stuck into a hay bale.

The final arrow interrupts Kevin’s meet. His father takes notice as well.

Back at Samurai Headquarters, Ji prepares Jayden to meet his comrades with their Samuraizers.
He advises Jayden to take them and that his partners are on their way!

Kevin leaves the meet, his father proud.
A Samurai SUV pulls up and grabs Mia from the school.

Mike pulls out his Folding Zord, knowing what he must do he heads out!

Emily packs a bag and heads out from her Farm.

Jayden prepares to meet them all and with some fancy Symbol Power, he conjurs up a horse.

With a few inspiring words from Ji, Jayden heads out to find his friends.
Samurai Forever!

 Tooya confused why the Rangers haven’t show up yet, takes matters into his own hands and slices through a few cars!

Kevin notices the Samurai emblem on the SUV and demands its attention!
He introduces himself  ready to fight.

As the window rolls down, Mia is revealed and suddenly Kevin is embarassed by his attire.
He apoligzies not knowing the Red Ranger was a girl.
Mia, replies that she isn’t the Red Ranger, but Pink.

Emily arrives asking Kevin if he is the Red Ranger, he replies No that he is the Blue.

Mike appears again being asked if he;s the Red Ranger. He replies,
“No, I’m Mighty Green!” 

Making a grand entrance, Jayden appears and reveals he is the Red Ranger.
He warns them from here there is no turning back.

He tells them he will only give the Samuraizers to those who are ready, and not doing this just because they were trained to.

 Kevin, Mia and Emily agree.

Mike tired of being so formal, agrees as well.

Tooya continues his terror and is interrupted by 5 figures!
He demands to know who they are!

The reveal themselves to be Samurai Rangers and Morph together for the very first time.

Tooya sends the Moogers after the Rangers and together they take them on!

Soon, the Moogers grow smarter and begin to shoot arrows at Jayden who slaps them away with his Spin Sword.

Cornered, the other Rangers join him suddenly surrounded by Moogers.

Kevin attempts to be valiant but Jayden reminds them they can work together.
He summons his Fire Smasher and smashes through the group of Moogers!

The other Rangers amazed at Jayden’s courage and power understand what they must do and call upon their weapons as well.

With his Dragon Disk, Kevin summons the Hydro Bow and sends watery arrows at the Moogers.

With the Turtle Disk, Mia summons her Sky Fan and swipes the Moogers out with a beautiful attack!

With her Ape Disk, Emily chops through the Moogers with her Earth Slicer!

Mike uses his Bear Disk and summons his Forest Spear, spinning it above his head he destroys the surrounding Moogers.

As Tooya uses his firebreath, Jayden uses the Fire Smasher as a shield and marches forward to attack!

Tooya gets a slice of the Fire Smasher, but recovers and sends a car flying towards Jayden.

Luckily Jayden’s Fire Smasher proves too powerful and slices through the entire car sending it exploding!
Jayden sets his sights on Tooya and attacks ramming the Fire Smasher into Tooya’s skirt face!

Jayden takes Tooya for a ride and slams him into a nearby wall, making quote the impact!
At last, the end of Tooya is near!

As Tooya explodes, the Rangers congratulate themselves and also awe at the power Jayden wields as Red Ranger.

But the celebration is short lived, as Jayden explains Tooya’s next form is a Mega Monster.
Tooya grows to an enormous size and tries to stomp out the Rangers!

 The Rangers at first don’t know how to battle such a foe, but Kevin reminds them of their training. They each have a Samurai Folding Zord & can Morph into Mega Mode.

Following Jayden’s lead, the Rangers all call forth their Folding Zords.

The Samurai Rangers each at the controls of their Folding Zords, Morph into Mega Mode where they can use their Mega Blades!

All of the Zords attack Tooya individually!

Jayden attacks with the Lion Folding Zord first and Tooya sends out beams from his swords!

Up Next is Emily in her Ape Folding Zord attacking with its powerful arms!
Her attack is powerful enough to send Tooya’s swords flying!

Mia takes a turn and spins the Turtle Folding Zord creating a small tornado, but Tooya stops it and ends up putting the Zord in the mouth of his skirt!

Mike comes to the rescue in his Bear Folding Zord and is able to go into Emblem Mode to stomp on Tooya’s feet! This causes him to release Mia’s Zord!

Kevin takes a shot at it and uses his Mega Blade to use the Dragon Splash attack in hsi Dragon Folding Zord.

Next using his Mega Blade, Jayden unleashes the secret power of the Lion Folding Zord; Pentagonal Fury!

With his fiery strike, the Red Ranger defeats Tooya with the help of his Samurai comrades!

Samurai Rangers, victory is ours!

The Rangers return to Samurai Headquarters and celebrate their victory, as Ji meets the other four for the first time.

Ji reminds them of their mission and their noble goals, they must work as a team. But not as just any team, as the Samurai Rangers!

Rangers Together, Samurai Forever!

but are they truly victorious?
Find out, in Part 2!