Episode Eight

We open on the Ranger’s reviewing their recent acquisitions.
The Swordfish, Beetle and Tiger Disks

Mentor Ji reveals that now that the lost disks are found
The Rangers have a new power, they for the Samurai Battlewing!

Each disk must go to a Ranger who is truly ready to pilot the Battlewing.
Jayden will keep the Tiger. The Swordfish will go to Kevin.

In a stunning decision, Jayden and Mentor Ji belive that Mia
should wield the Beetle Disk.

Mentor knows that with Mia’s  strong power she can master the disk.
Mike is clearly upset over being passed over.

To vent his frustrations Mike heads outside to practice with his Spin Sword.

The other Rangers grow concered about Mike’s sudden interest in practice.
Mia feels bad about taking the disk from him.

Mentor tells Mia not to feel bad, she deserves the power.
Mike needs to learn to listen, before he is ready.

Mike exhausts himself and collapses in deep thought.
He remembers Jayden’s symbol power over the Fire Smasher.

He lays and remembers Kevin’s power with his Hydro Bow.
He can’t believe he wasn’t chosen, he must train harder!

From the crevice another Nighlok makes his appearance.
He is Desperaino and he’s ready to rain misery on Earth.

As the gap sensor rings, Desperaino shoots an evil spell into the sky!
He rains a shower of despair upon the citizens!

The raun powers upon the people and soon they are immersed in sudden despair.
They collapse in sadness and self pity!

The Rangers appear to stop his menacing rain!
Desperaino welcomes them to view his beautiful rain!

His rain causes a loss of hope, and Desperaino is very happy with it!
He doesn’t like the Ranger’s sunny demeanor; they need his rain of pain.

The Rangers are thrown by his attack, Kevin suggests the new disks!
Mia pulls out the Beetle Disk, but Desperaino shoots it out of her hand!

As it flys through the air Mike finds it, but keeps it from Mia!
The others yell at him to give it back, but he ignores them!

Desperaino goes air born and Mike loads the Beetle Disk into his Forest Spear.
The Nighlok attempts to flee, Kevin and Mike try to attack but Mike’s power doesnt work with the disk!

Desperaino escapes and Mike has failed.
The others are visibly angry.

Mentor Ji circles Mike and lectures him on listening and how he is very disappointed in Mike’s actions!
He asks for Mike to turn over his Samuraizer.

Mike gets upset and accuses the others of not understanding him.
If he’s not ready how could he do this?

Mike creates a symbol to tether Mentor’s cane to the bonsai.
Mentor struggles to free himself.

Jayden and the others tell him to stop!
Mike says no one understands and leaves in a huff.

Kevin, Mia and Emily discuss why Mike was being so childish.
Emily suggest it hurt him a lot to be left out.

The muse over Mike’s symbol power and why Mia was chosen.
Mia explains it was merely a decision, maybe not the right one.

Jayden questions why Mike has been pushed so hard lately.
Mentor reveals  it his responsibility to train a worthy Samurai.

Mentor just wishes Mike listened like Jayden.
Jayden mentions that Mike isn’t him, that he needs a different kind of training.
As Jayden leaves, the bonsai has grown into a tree.

Mike is back at his passion, Video Games.
He remembers his failure earlier and beats himself up.

Bulk and Spike go to work on a Dance-Dance Machine.
Hilarity ensues.

Mike walks past them in a huff whispering to himself:
“I can’t believe Mentor took my Samuraizer”
Spike hears him and follows.

Mentor pulls up in a motorcycle and tells Mike to hop on.

Spike pulls Bulk out of the Arcade and points out that there was a Samurai Ranger in the arcade.
He runs after them, but is foiled by a Stop Sign.

Mike laughs he thought Mentor would be more old school, like a horse.
Mentor smiles and says, “Have You Ever  Cleaned Up After a Motorcycle?”

Meanwhile on the Sanzu River, Desperaino heals from the water.

Dayu reveals that Master Xandred is feeling under the weather.
Desperaino gets ready to spread more misery and departs!

Octoroo continues his research on the Red Ranger.
But reveals there may have been something overlooked about Deker.

Deker, alone in the forest, tells Uramasa to be patient.
He prepares for the most epic duel in history; Jayden.

Mike and Mentor go deep into the forest to find the deepest meaning of the Forest symbol.  He must connect to what the forest means to him.

Mentor gives Mike his Samuraizer back.
They both share responsibility over their feud and forgive each other.

After a few fumbles their share a fist bump.
Seconds later, his Samuraizer rings, its the Nighlok!

The other Rangers need Mike’s help!
Their powers are proving to be useless against Desperaino’s airborne attacks!

Mike appears and morphs into the Green Samurai Ranger!

Mike connects with what the forest means to him.

Mike brings out his Forest Spear once more and heads towards Desperaino!

His spear grows in size and becomes a launcher!

Being launched in mid-air at Desperaino’s level Mike attacks!

He uses his Spin Sword Tree Symbol Strike!
Desperaino’s first form defeated!

Kevin and Emily congratualte Mike!
But it’s time to call the Folding Zords!

The Folding Zords combine and the Rangers go into Mega Mode!

When the Megazord combines it is at the mercy of Desperaino!
His airborn attacks are still a problem, only at a Mega level!

It’s time to combine to the Samurai BattleWing
Mia offers the Beetle Disk to Mike.

The Beetle, Tiger and Swordfish Combine!
Samurai Battle Wing!

The Rangers take the helm of the Battle Wing.
The Girls take control of the Samurai Megazord.

The Rangers take shots at Desperaino!
The Battle Wing uses its power to attack!

The Rangers knock Desperaino’s umbrella off its head!
The Battle Wing uses its charging slash!

They use Final Strike!
Desperaino is no more!

Working together the Rangers are victorious!

The Rangers rejoice over their victory.
Mike creates a present for Mentor, with a special trick.

And, this act comes to a close.