Episode Eleven

We open on a misty morning and a blurry figure approaching town.

The fisherman smiles and muses over how his new friends will react to him!
It’s going to be Golden, Baby!

The tiny OctoZord pops up to see the action, but the fisherman says its not time yet!

Suddenly, the Gap Sensor sounds and the Rangers head to its source.

When they arrive they find no Nighlok to battle.
Jayden feels a rush come over his face as if a presence had swept over him.

Kevin finds the tampered Gap Sensor.
Something had to have triggered it.

Meanwhile, the mysterious fisherman arrives in town and sets his sights on the Rangers.

When the Rangers return to the Shiba house, they discuss how strange it is that there was nothing but a dismantled Gap Sensor left behind.

The Rangers notice a noise on the outside of the house,
Jayden goes to investigate and finds a message for him.

The message says “See You Soon”
Mia suggest a Nighlok attack but Mentor reveals that the Shiba house is protected by Power Symbols.

Mike laughs and says there’s something fishy about this message,
Emily agrees but it’s not a joke. She smells it first hand!

Jayden is alone in the study practicing his symbol power.
When a dark looming force appears behind his shoulders.

Jayden feeling the source leaps to attention with his Samuraizer ready!
The others hear the commotion and come to investigate.

Jayden runs around the room like a crazy person creating a false alarm in the closet.
Jayden claims that he senses a presence, something otherworldly.

Mentor reminds Jayden its best to trust his instincts, but he hasn’t sensed anything.
Another force washes over Jayden’s face, he reacts immediately.

His Spin Sword sheds a blow, but luckily his swordmanship missed Emily.
Jayden apologizes and leaves the room still in search of the presence.

Jayden, paranoid, runs around the Shiba house looking for something.
The other Rangers think he’s lost it.

A new Nighlok, Vulpes pulls back from his mirror. He has Jayden in his sights.

Vulpes is the culprit behind these strange senses arising in Jayden.

Jayden washes cold water on his face and looks in the mirror.
Suddenly, the presence is gone.

The Rangers investigate the Gap Sensor once more. There’s nothing wrong with it.
But who shot the arrow?

On the search for suspicous activities, Emily and the others pass the mysterious fisherman.
Emily reads his advertisement and notices something fishy.

Emily alerts Mia that the handwritten caligraphy is eerily similar to the writing on the arrow’s message.

The Rangers confront the fisherman, Emily notes that its better to have an advertisement handed to you than shot at you. He agrees….

Uh-oh! He didn’t mean to reveal that!
He doesn’t want them to ruin his big moment! What to do?

Suddenly, he kicks his cooler over and uses the ice to slip the Rangers up!
He makes his getaway as quick as lightning!

Mentor rings on the Samuraizer and advises the Rangers that Jayden left a note revealing that he was headed to Spring Valley.
The Rangers seperate, Mike and Emily tail the fisherman.

Meanwhile, Vulpes is watching Jayden’s approach in Spring Valley.
Secretly, he hopes to catch a glimpse of Jayden practicing the sealing symbol.

As Octoroo starts to impress the importance of seeing the symbol, Jayden performs it.
But, sadly for our Villains, the symbol was for a cloaking fog.
Angered, Vulpes leaves the Netherworld.

Still on the tail of the fisherman, Mike and Emily grow tired.

Vulpes immerges into the real world and is surprised by an attackion Lion Folding Zord.
The mirror is now Jayden’s after a few timely sword slashes.

Mia and Kevin arrive and realize that Vulpes is the Nighlok Jayden had been sensing this whole time.

You see, Jayden chose the perfect location. Once he realized the Nighlok’s power was reduced by water, he knew that Spring Valley was the perfect place to take him on!

The water of the Sanzu River was no match for the healing powers of the spring.
Jayden slices the mirror in two, destroying it.

Vulpes uses Fox Cyclone and sends the Rangers flying!

Mia calls the others and tells them they need them in Spring Valley.

The fisherman comes out of hiding, apparently ready for his big moment!

Back in Spring Valley, the Rangers take many fox themed blows from Vulpes who stands over a weakened Jayden and gloats.

Suddenly, Mike and Emily join the battle.

The Rangers load their Spin Swords and perform a Quintuple Slash!

Vulpes opens up a mirror vortex and the Rangers’ slash is sucked up!

The Mirror attack comes out the other side and destroys the Rangers.

The Rangers de-morph and lay helpess as Vulpes gets ready to deliver another blow!

“Catch of the Day!”

Now, this is a big moment!
The fisherman takes the lead and starts to show the Rangers how Golden he can be!

He takes out Samuraizer, and calls “Gold Power!”

With his Barracuda Blade, the Gold Ranger morphs!

The others watch on in inquiry as the Gold Ranger finishes his morph.

The Gold Ranger takes a moment realizing they aren’t as impressed as they should be.
His motto, go big or go home!

Mike is still confused, Emily can’t help but Sparkle!

Gold Ranger tells the others to hang tight, while he takes care of business.

Vulpes sends Moogers to attack, but in seconds they are all destroyed.

Confused the Rangers question his power, but Jayden reveals his technique.
He didn’t have to move, he stayed put and destroyed them in one stance.

Gold Ranger alone took on more Moogers that Vulpes could throw at him!
Comically, they chase him up a tree, unfortunately he looses his grip!

Having a unFantastico moment, he laughs it off but reminds the Rangers
that he’s got this!

Vulpes sends out a horrific attack of birds, Jayden realizes he needs help.
The two defeat the birds and Gold Ranger reveals that Jayden is better than he remembers.

Gold Ranger uses his Barracuda blade and destroys the first form of Vulpes!

Jayden questions Gold on his statement, but now its time for Mega Mode!
The Rangers call their Zords!

Samurai Rangers call the Samurai Battle Wing!

Vulpes immediately pulls tricks out his bag and uses a cloaking spell!
The Rangers are not able to see him and are at his mercy of attacks!

Seeing their trouble, the Gold Ranger decides it’s time to text Octozord!

Octozord, although small at first, appears from the fishing cart and grows to Mega Size!

Gold Ranger super sizes to Mega Mode

Headed into the cockpit, the Gold Ranger pilots the OctoZord

Gold Ranger puts the OctoZord right to work using it’s Ink Cloud!
Vulpes’ spell is broken!

When the cloak is destroyed, OctoZord uses its tentacles to crush Vulpes!

With a slash of Final Strike, the Megazord defeats Vulpes once and for all!

The Battlewing Megazord and OctoZord share a victory lap!

Immediately after the battle, the Rangers dig into the fisherman.
He reveals that he is indeed on their side, there have been a lot of Nighloks showing up!

He tells them once more he is on their side, and implores Jayden to tell them.
Jayden can’t  believe it’s his old friend, Antonio!

They both flashback to the day they parted and promised to always be friends.
Jayden entrusted him with the OctoZord. Antonio promised to come back a powerful Samurai one day.

Jayden can’t believe its his old friend. Antonio says he’s ready for action and challenges Jayden to spar.

Emily wants Antonio in the team, but Kevin is unsure.
What is clear is that there’s a new Ranger in town!

That brings this act to a close.