Episode Fifteen

We open on a destructive Master Xandred filling the Sanzu River with his fury!

The Power of the Sanzu River’s rise  has caused the Master to gain new powers, dangerous powers.

The ships tosses Dayu and Octoroo, who is glad the Master has locked himself away in the ship.
All they can do is wait the chaos out.

Deker wanders alone noticing that Master Xandred is busy absorbing his new source of power.

Deker predicts that with no one in charge the Moogers will run wild!
He muses this will the perfect time to battle the Red Ranger.

As the Moogers rise from the crevices the Samurai Rangers head into battle.

The Rangers arrive at the scene not only to find a swarm of Moogers attacking, but there are even more giant Moogers attacking the city!

Emily notices that the Sanzu River has begun to seep into the Earth.

Red, Yellow, Green, Blue & Pink call upon the folding Zords!
Antonio calls out Octozord and the Claw Zord.

All of the Samurai Zords are ready!
The Rangers combine into the Battle Wing Megazord.

Antonio pilots the Claw Battlezord North armed with the Octozord’s Spear

The Rangers take on as many Moogers as possible, but they keep coming!

Suddenly, flying Moogers appear and attack the Rangers!
Jayden pilots the Megazord and destroys them in mid air!

The BattleWing Megazord issues it’s finisher!

After final strike, the Rangers stand victorious!

Worried aboard the ship that while Master X is recharging, what despicable Nighlok’s will make an apperance?
Suddenly, Arachnitor boards the ship!

Arachnitor had heard Xandred was tied up!
Wouldn’t be a great oppurtunity for a Nighlok to seize his thrown?

With Octoroo’s help of course!
Octoroo laughs off Arachnitor’s suggestion, even weakened Xandred cannot be beaten.
However, Arachnitor reminds he CAN be sealed away!

Later, we rejoin the Rangers in their Samurai circle.
Mia simply cannot understand how they had fought so tough and yet the Sanzu River continues to seep into their world.
There must be something that can be done.

After a few  words of encouragement from Jayden, the Rangers are ready to battle.
Mentor is glad to hear this  and reveals something that can help.
The Ancient Samurai Black Box.

The box was created by the very first Red Samurai Ranger, however it was never finished.
It is said that it can combine all of the Rangers’ powers into one.

Jayden knows there is a problem; there’s no one who  have the skill and power to complete the Black Box.

Emily suggests Antonio, after all he is a tech wiz and got the Claw Zord back online.
Kevin remembers that Antonio’s symbol Power is not as strong as theirs, it could be very difficult and dangerous.

Jayden doesn;t know if he can put Antonio in that position, it could hurt him.
However, they all believe if he is willing he must do it.

The Rangers must first acheive the box, where it has been guarded for many years.
The Tengen Gate.

The Tengen Gate is an important part of Ranger history.

The Rangers arrive at the very spot where the first Samurai team defeated the Nighlok army.
They say the Sanzu River flooded the entire city.
Kevin reminds them all that the Rangers never gave up and took their training seriously.

An elderly man appears and muses about how similar the Green and Blue Rangers of the past and present are very much alike.

He welcomes them and introduces himself as Daisuke, Elder Guardian
The Rangers head in, Jayden stays behind.

Daisuke stays behind as well. He suggests Jayden to unburden himself.
He asks if Jayden has revealed his secret to his friends.

Jayden revealed no and how he hates lying to his friends.
Daisuke comforts him and reminds him it is his duty to be Red Ranger.

Suddenly, Arachnitor and a gaggle of Moogers appear!
Arachnitor smells the Rangers nearby and heads to find Jayden to force the sealing symbol out of him!

The Rangers study and old folk tale upon a  tapestry.

A woman made a pact with the Nighlok King to save her lover.
But he tricked her and turned them both into Nighlok.

The Nighlok King cursed the man to wander the Earth alone forever.
Mia touches the print, she feels as if she has met her before.

Deker struts alone on a path where he once again meets Antonio.
He asks if Deker is ready for his challege? Baby Barracuda  Fish Cabobs!

He sits and watches as Antonio magnficently prepares his meal.

Meanwhile, back at the Tengen Gate Daisuke reveals the most powerful Samurai weapon ever conveived, the Black Box.

Jayden thanks Daisuke stating he will protect it with his life.
Daisuke hopes that soon Antonio will be able to power it up!

As the Rangers sit down to traditional tea, a strange white arm reaches out from a crevice and poisons the tea!

As this is happening, Arachnitor and his Moogers arrive at the Tengen Gate.

As the Rangers grab their tea, Jayden takes a sip and falls ill!
He has been poisoned and goes into a deadly attack.

Sages of the temple arrive to alert Daisuke that there are Nighlok in the garden!
Jayden, although in pain tells his fellow Rangers to go on without him.

Go-Go Samurai! The Rangers morph and confront Arachnitor!
Together, they attack the Moogers!

Mia calls in for help from Antonio who is eating with Deker.
Antonio leaves for the Tengen Gate, leaving Deker alone.

“The Tengen Gate? Interesting…..”

Kevin uses his Hydro Bow to dispatch some Moogers.

The Pink and Yellow Ranger attempt to take on Arachnitor.

Arachnitor traps them in his wicked web

The Blue and Green Ranger come to the rescue and save the ladies.
Together they take on Arachnitor!

Desperately, Daisuke and a guardian attempt to help Jayden.

Octoroo appears and laughs at the Daisuke’s feeble attempt to use herbs to battle his poison!

Daisuke confronts Octoroo reminding him that where he stands Nighlok were once defeated and will be once again!

A guardian attempts to protect them, but is bashed down by Octoroo.
Jayden pleads for him to leave them alone, that it is him that Octoroo wants!

Octoroo demands that Jayden show him the Xandred sealing symbol!

Back with the Samurai Rangers, they are getting owned by Arachnitor!
He attaches his web to Mia and Mike and shocks them!

With a slash of his claw Arachnitor knocks Mike and Mia out of their powers!

Suddenly, Antonio shows up!
“Anyone who hurts my friends has to answer to me!”

Arachnitor readies to attack but Emily and Kevin know he must be protected to help Jayden with the Box.
They send him to the gate and take care of Arachnitor together.

As Antonio leaves, Arachnitor punishes them with a slash and sends their powers away as well.

Back inside, Jayden crawls away from Octoroo!
All he has to do is give him the Symbol and Octoroo will give him the antidote.

Deker stands in the shadows as Jayden refuses to give over the symbol.

Antonio arrives in the nick of time and confronts Octoroo.
Also, revealing his identity to Deker!

Aboard the Sanzu River, Dayu searches for Octoroo.
Suddenly, Master Xandred’s voice angers at Arachnitor’s treacherous actions!

As Arachnitor cowers over the Rangers, Xandred sends a line for him!
Snatching him back into the Sanzu River!

Antonio attepts to fight off Octoroo who proves to be very powerful!

Creepily, Octoroo captures Antonio in his tentacles and sends him for a shocking ride!

After breaking free, Antonio tackles Octoroo.
Only, they are interrupted by Deker calling out “Hey Fisherman!”

Antonio turns surprised to see the lone traveler.
Deker transforms surprising Antonio, and reveals that he will take over from here.

Deker grabs Jayden and leaps away from the scene.
Antonio screams and attempts to run after them as Octoroo retreats.

Having failed and lost Jayden, Antonio heads back to the others who are all stuill badly injured.
Desperation sets in……

Meanwhile on the Sanzu River, Master Xandred is very angry at Arachnitor for attempting to overthrow him!
Dayu attempts to instigate that perhaps Octoroo was helping!

Xandred doesn’t beleive it, but punishes Arachnitor.
He sends him out into the Sanzu River to mutate!

Finally! The oppurtunity has arrive, soon Deker will have his divine moment and duel the Red Ranger, Jayden.

To Be Continued…..