Episode Five

 We open on a tightly wound Kevin, measuring his cereal.
He recieves strange looks from Emily and Mike.
Kevin replies saying that there is a right way to do everything.
Within the Samurai code.
After some riffing, Mia appears with a new recipe.
Everyone likes PB&J right?
Well then what could be better than a PB&J Omellete?
The Rangers, as polite as possible, decline.
Suddenly, Kevin piles his food into his mouth.
Discipline huh?
Mentor Ji appears with good news.
The lost Swordfish Zord has reappeared!
Time is of the essence, it must be captured.
As the Gap Sensor sounds, Jayden instructs Kevin to
capture the Swordfish Zord.
Jayden is confident in Kevins symbol power over Water.
With a blank Disk, Kevin heads for the sea.
The Rangers arrive and confront a nasty Nighlok.
Yamiror has a nasty stench coming from him.
The Rangers Samuraize!
Kevin arrives at the shore and remembers his past.
His family had served the Samurai for generations.
His father passed on his Folding Zord.
Kevin uses symbol power to create a fishing rod.
Kevin attempts to lure the Swordfish Zord with symbol power.
But, the renegade Zord is too strong and gets away.
For now.
Hilarity at the beach with Bulk and Spike.
Back to Action!
Mike tangos with the Nighlok and gets blasted with his gnarly breath!
The stench is so horrid, Mike de-morphs and collapses!
Jayden takes the Nighlok on as well, but is infected as well.
He de-morphs!
Mia and Emily are all that remain, they take on Yamiror alone.
He spews his garbage mouth, they too de-morph.
The Rangers are left in agony.
Octoroo notices the Sanzu River is again rising.
Master Xandred remembers how bad Yamiror’s breath is;
not even his “medicine” could help!
Meanwhile, Kevin is left in the hot sun still trying.
He attempts more symbol power.
But, the sun proves too much for him.
Kevin passed out and suddenly awakens in a shack.
The fisherman saved him from exhaustion.
Kevin thanks the man as his Samuraizer rings.
Mentor Ji states the Rangers have been poisoned.
As they suffer, the Gap Sensor alerts.
Mentor reveals that the healing waters of the Swordfish Zord
can save the Rangers. It is imperative that Kevin retrieve it.
Yamiror is still attacking innocent civilians.
Jayden, hearing the alarm attempts to leave.
He wants to take on Yamiror alone.
As Ji attempts to stop him, he takes the Samuraizer.
He tells Kevin that he was not chosen randomly for this mission.
Jayden has faith in Kevin.
Jayden morphs and takes on Yamiror alone as he tries to attack a Mother.
He arms his Spin Sword and attacks!
Kevin gets help fishing from the fisherman, 
who asks him why this fish is so important.
Jayden fights valiantly, but is damaged.
Once again he de-morphs!
Kevin concentrates, channeling his symbol power.
Suddenly, a tug! The Zord appears and puts up a struggle!
Kevin, determined, with his symbol power brings the Zord 
above the sea’s surface.
With great symbol power, the Swordfish Zord is captured!
Kevin thanks the fisherman and heads to save his friends.
Jayden, without his powers, takes on Yamiror!
Suddenly, Mike, Mia & Emily appear to assist!
Without their powers, Yamiror takes advantage.
But, he didn’t know a Sea Dragon would interrupt!
Kevin, with his Hydro Bow, to the rescue!
He knows the cure, and shoots a water arrow into the sky!
The healing rain falls from the sky and the Rangers gain
their strength back. It’s Go-Go Time!
Go-Go Samurai!
The Rangers take on this nasty Nighlok!
Above them a strange figure, with a familiar voice, appears.
Kevin arms the Swordfish disk and powers up his Spin Sword.
Dragon Splash!
Kevin suggests using the Swordfish Disk in the Cannon.
Jayden agrees and invites Kevin to arm the cannon with him.
The 5-Disk Swordfish Cannon destroys Yamiror.
It’s Growing time now!
The Rangers call the Folding Zords.
They combine to Samurai Megazord.
Yamiror’s breath penetrates the Megazord.
Perhaps its time for the Swordfish Zord?
Kevin, piloting the Swordfish Zord, shoots torpedoes.
It’s time to combine!
The Zords combine to create the
Swordfish Fencer Megazord!
With Kittana Power, Twin Blade Mode the Rangers 
attack with Torpedoes. They prepare for the finisher!
With a blade attached to their head the Rangers 
destroy Yamiror with Swordfish Slash!
“Impressive.” He whispers as he watches.
The Rangers take a break and splash around in the water.
Kevin and Jayden bond once more.
As the lion roars, Deker reveals his return.
The End.