Episode Four

We open on battling Rangers at practice.
Emily, looking fierce, wins over Mike and sends him flying.
Jayden laughs that maybe Emily can teach Mike a few things.
Emily chases Mike around trying to help his injured bum.
She offers frozen Peas in order to help with his injury.
Mike is unreceptive and begins a hilarious chase!
Just like her clumsy self, Emily trips and sends Peas flying!
She slips a few more times and only puts herself down more.
Meanwhile, aboard Xandred’s ship a new Nighlok comes aboard.
Negatron is a hate spewing monster who uses insults to attack.
Octoroo sends him to earth to help raise the Sanzu River.
Back at headquarters, Emily is by herself gargling water.
But, Mike sneaks up behind her and she sprays all over him.
Emily gets more down on herself.
Mike and Emily chat about Emily’s flaws.
 Emily continues to insult herself.
Mike convinces her to give herself a break.

Elsewhere, Negatron appears on Earth and attacks!
His insults become physical and send the person flying!

Spike and Bulk appear noticing the Nighlok.
Trying to be Samurai, they contemplated Boxers vs Briefs.
Negatron sends them flying, Boxers it is.

The Rangers arrive just in time!
Its time to stop this Nighlok’s smack talking!

Before the Rangers could attack, Negatron sets his sights on Mike.
“You’re bike had training wheels until you were 10!”
Mike, shocked, goes flying.

Kevin confronts the Nighlok, “You’re Just Boring!” Kevin flys!
Negatron aims at Mia, “Bad Cook!” She goes flying!

Jayden steps in to defend the others and loads his Spin Sword.
Negatron calls Jayden a liar lair pants on fire.
“You’ve got a secret!”

Emily, somehow immune to Negatron’s insults attacks!
After several names, Emily is still immune.

Emily unleashes her Earth Slicer!
After several strikes, confused, the Nighlok retreats.

The Rangers sit around, all self concious from their insults.
 No one can figure out why Emily is immune.
Mentor Ji suggests she has some special power.

Emily reveals that she has been called many names.
She uses her sister’s advice pretending the words aren’t there.

Mike suddenly attacks Emily wondering why she puts herself down.
Is it that she believes it?
Emily storms off, Mike is made to be the bad guy.

Injured after their confrontation with Negatron, Bulk & Spike
wonder if they can really be Samurai Warriors.
Bulk, with wise words, convinces Spike.

After Negatron attacks Dayu with his insults, she retalliates.
Xandred, advises her to calm herself and congratulates Negatron.
The Sanzu river is rising, but he is perplexed with the Yellow Ranger.

Mike apologizes as Emily plays her sister’s flute.

Emily tells her sad story of being picked on and being clumsy.
She remembers her sister, Serena’s soothing flute play.
Serena, becomes ill.

It was then Emily knew she needed to be strong.
She would be the Yellow Samurai Ranger.
Emily and Mike bond.

Negatron appears once more and attacks!
The Rangers arrive and Samuraize!

Negatron wants only the Yellow Ranger and sends his Moogers!
The others take on the Moogers with their Power Weapons.

Emily takes Negatron on reciting “Sticks & Stones”
She attacks, but he shouts
“You’ll Never Be As Good As Your Sister”

 Mike comes to the rescue using “Leaf Storm”
He leaps behind Negatron and restrains him!

Yellow Ranger uses the Power Symbol for “Stone”
The stones mass inside of Negatron’s mouth and shuts him up!
Its time to call it a day!

Emily unleashes her Earth symbol power!
Now it’s Jayden’s turn!

Jayden, attaching the Beetle disk, prepares the cannon.
The 5 Disk Beetle Cannon is ready, the Rangers join together!
Cannon Blast!

Negatron grows into a Mega Monster!
The Rangers call the Folding Zords.

As the Megazord forms, Emily has a plan to divide and conquer!
Mike and Emily work together as the Bear Zord kicks the Ape Zord!

Samurai Artillery!
The Rangers call on the Beetle Blaster Megazord!

Using the rotating Beetle Blaster!

Beetle Cannon Strike!

Negatron is defeated!

The Battle takes its toll
The Yellow Ranger collapses

After the battle, the Rangers stroll together.
Mia hears an ice cream truck and gets excited!
Emily awakens, they all scream for ice cream!

The End.