Episode Fourteen

We open on Emily searching the Shiba house for the other Rangers.

Secretly, the Rangers are planning a surprise birthday party for Emily!

Mike smiles basking in how cool it is that they are throwing her this party.
After all, it’s Emily’s first birthday away from her sister.

Suddenly, a rustle at the door.

Luckily, it’s Jayden performing a checklist of what’s next: the cake!
Mia smiles and says she has the ingredients but has to do it when Emily can’t see!

The boys scream, No!
Antonio ordered a cake  from the bakery, of course!

Mia smiles.

Meanwhile, on the Sanzu River Octoroo worries Master Xandred’s mood.
Thats why what Dayu is doing is not safe.

Octoroo tells Dayu he knows about her seeing Deker.
Octoroo decides to pretend he knows nothing.

Elsewhere, we find Antonio singing while he fishes, the bass aren’t biting!
They’re Emily’s favorite!

Antonio tells Clawzord that he wants to get Emily something special because she accepted him into the group right away!

Aboard the Sanzu River, the waves begin to crash and shake violently.
The Nighlok are growing stronger and stronger.

After a moment, Splitface shows up fresh from the river.

We find Deker angry at Master Xandred and his half-human/half-nighlok state.
But, his fate is sealed. He leaps down towards a winding path.

Antonio notices what he’s carrying, fishing rods of course.
Antonio, having only caught a few bass, warns him of the waters.

Deker says he;s no fisherman but Antonio sees his hunger.
There’s a baby barracuda recipe he’s just dying to try.

Deker says maybe next time.
Suddenly, a call from Jayden comes in. Its an attack!

Splitface has come to Earth and is attacking!

Splitface captures the victim’s spirit!

The city’s people have lost their spirits!

After Splitface grows cocky and chases more victims the Rangers show up!
Kevin blasts the Nighlok in the back!

Antonio and Mike decide to go after Splitface but he uses his powerful Body Swarm attack making it harder to attack.

His swarm spread to the other Rangers who faught the Nighlok.
Emily got knocked down and her spirit taken!

Jayden angry attempts to destroy Splitface

Mia cares for Emily.

Splitface relishes in his defeat and smacks his lips at the flavor of Emily.

Splitface laughs, in 24 hours the spirit will be his Forever!
If he’s defeated then all the spirits can be returned.

To top it all off Splitface decides to leave to the Netherworld, where no human can set foot.
The Rangers attempt to stop him, but fail.

The Rangers sit devastated as the sun sets.

54 People had their spirits stolen, plus Emily.
They have to defeat the Nighlok before the time limit.

As Emily sleeps while the Rangers are desperate for a plan.

In the moonlight Antonio hikes to a grassy knoll and parks his cart.

Claw Zord sits atop the cart as Antonio readies.

Antonio uses a power symbol and calls out “Live!” as he flings the symbol at the ClawZord!

Aww! Antonio says it didn’t work but ClawZord seems happy.

Aboard a ruckus Sanzu River, Splitface laughs about his victims.
All thats left to is wait out the time!

Mia sits at Emily’s bedside with the other Rangers.
Suddenly, she awakens!

Mike calls in everyone and they gather around her.

Emily apologizes for letting “him” get her.
Mike  admits they’re just glad she’s ok.

Emily thanks them for putting on the brave faces, but she knows she’s not alright.
She feels empty.

Mia comforts her and tells her not to worry.

Jayden tells Emily to hold on til they all can save her.
Emily fell back into her deep sleep.

As Emily falls back into her slumber, Mike grows angry and leaves in a huff.

Mike heads for the crevice that Splitface had retreated to, he arms his Spin Sword.
He began to slash angrily at the crevice.

Mia and Kevin arrive and attempt to talk some sense into Mike.

Jayden arrives but before he can reach the others Deker storms onto his path.

Deker admits he had wanted to duel, but it looks like Red is preoccupied.
However, he admits there is one way a human can enter the Netherworld.

Mike is interested.
Deker reveals you must give up your humanity and be come a Nighlok!

Make the choice to willingly become a Nighlok.

Jayden asks if that means he made that decision?
Deker doesn’t remember how it happened to him, but he’s proof it can be done.

Deker invited Jayden to become a Nighlok, it will make him battle like no human can.
Then, he leapt away.

The Rangers sit stunned and suddenly Mike volunteers to do it.
Jayden tries to talk him out of it.

Mike admits how much he loves Emily’s spirit and he’s going to fight for it!

Ultimately, the Rangers all decide to go together before Antonio stops them.
He says he has a way to draw the Nighlok back through the gap.

It involved a lot of symbol power and the Claw Zord!

The  Rangers arm their spin swords and chant “Live”
All of them send it to the Claw Zord

As the Claw Zord grows bigger, the more a strange symbol on Splitface glows!

THe Rangers finally send enough power for the Claw Zord to be at full size!

Splitface flies from the gap and slams into the Claw Zord’s massive pinchers.

But how did they get him out of the Netherworld?
During the first battle, Antonio marked one of the heads with a symbol.
The same symbol  being used to program the Claw Zord!

Splitface grows angry and the Rangers morph!
Gold Ranger finds Spltiface first who finds he can’t split anymore!
Antonio shows him the Barracuda Blade!

Because of the mark he can no longer scatter!
But, he tries to escape into the Netherworld once more!

Kevin uses his Hydro Bow and Mia sends a blast with her Sky Fan!

Mike comes in and use his Forrest Spear, sending Splitface towards Jayden

Jayden finishes with his Fire Smasher!

His first form defeated, Splitface grows to mega monster!

Mia worries that without Emily the Rangers cannot combine into a Megazord.
Antonio says to leave to the Claw Zord!

Antonio heads into the cockpit of the Claw Zord!

Antonio loads the Claw Disk

Claw Zord uses its pinchers to trap Splitface and injure him!

Antonio uses the Claw Spinners!

The Claw Battlezord Disk can become either North, South, East, West.

Antonio uses the East Claw Battlezord to take care of some Moogers.

Jayden gets an idea and forms the Samurai Battlewing to aid the Gold Ranger.

After being trapped by Moogers in West mode, Antonio turns the BattleZord South.

Claw Battlezord South uses its swords to take on Moogers & Splitface

Finisher: Claw Battlezord East, Claw Pincher Slash!

Splitface meets his end and the spirits are released!

Emily’s spirit reunites with her body and she wakes with a start.

Samurai Rangers, Victory is ours!

Mia led Emily to a secret location to find this!

Everyone pops out and yells Happy Birthday!

Mike hands Emily a  card from her sister, Serena.

The Rangers have some cake, after all its Clawzord’s birthday too!

The Rangers remind Emily just how much she is loved.

Emily is ready for cake and looks and Mia.
Before she eats, Emily asks if she was the one who made the cake.
No, its from the bakery Mia replied.

Let’s dig in!

This act comes to a close!