Episode Nine

We open on a very angry Master Xandred who screams that everyone thinks he’s weak because he has no set plans for the Samurai.

Octoroo attempts to stop his wrath by explaining Deker’s plan to go after the Red Ranger. Master X is still suffering from his last row with the Samurai.

Octoroo opens the archives and explains that the power to seal the Nighloks has always rested with the Red Ranger’s Shiba Family.

How did Deker know that and Master X not?
Xandred grows angry that Deker is playing him for a fool!
With his anger hundreds of Moogers attack!

The Moogers rise into the city and begin their destruction!

Bulk and Spike walk together going over the principles of the Samurai.
But, they notice the swarm of Moogers attacking!

Initially they run away, but Spike reminds Bulk of being brave!
The two run at the monsters and attack!

Spike and Bul run away from the Moogers and Spike trips!
The Moogers approach ready to strike!

Suddenly a valiant hero in Pink saves the day!
She defeats all the Moogers and saves Spike!

Spike’s in love! Mia checks on him and tells them both to get to safety!

Red, Green & Blue call on the Aux Zords and attack the Giant Moogers.

The Samurai Battle Wing combines and destroys the Giant Moogers.

The Samurai Rangers reunite and each attack with their Spin Swords!

Jayden tears into them with Blazing Strike!

Kevin uses his Dragon Splash, Mia attacks with Air Way!

Mike uses his Forest Vortex, Emily finishes with Seismic Swing!

The Rangers destroy the group of Moogers, but they keep on coming out of the crevices!

The Moogers attack once more, but suddenly are overtaken with orders and stop fighting and chant “Red Ranger”

The Moogers are only after Jayden and a deep menacing voice creeps from a crevice!

Master Xandred is chanting as well from the Netherworld.
He wants only the Red Ranger.

The voice continues as the Moogers grow the voice grows louder.

The other Rangers surround Jayden in order to protect him

Jayden borrows Emily’s Spin Sword and reveals he’s been wanting to try out a new symbol combo!

He uses Spin Sword: Blazing Storm
The Moogers are gone but Xandred chants “Red Ranger, You’re in Danger”

Jayden reveals who the voice belongs to: Xandred Lord of the Nighloks.
But why is he only chanting for Jayden?

Octoroo and Dayu discuss Master Xandred’s headache, his medicine isnt working.
Dayu suggests that history could repeat itself with the new Red Ranger as the Samurai Rangers have stopped their attempts to flood the river.

He needs more medicine!

Suddenly, a gaggle of yellow pests emerge annoying Octoroo!

Spike wraps Bulk’s head for his battle injury!

Spike remembers the Pink Ranger saving his life!

Hilarity ensues.

Mentor reveals that Master Xandred must know about the Secret Symbol that can create a seal to imprison Master Xandred.

Mentor tells the story of the previous Samurai team.
Xandred had attack secretly, and they were almost defeated.

The Red Ranger used the Secret Seal Symbol just as Xandred thought had had won!

Jayden’s father used the symbol and sealed away Xandred.

Now its up to Jayden, only members of the Red  Ranger’s Shiba family can use the symbol.

Jayden leaves in a huff, Mentor reveals that it takes massive symbol power to make the seal permanent.

Octoroo muses on how the previous Red Ranger didn’t do the seal right.
He didn’t have the right power to make it work.

Dayu asks about the current Red Ranger.
Octoroo reminds her they wouldn’t be here now if he had such power!

Octoroo calls upon Robtish to take out the Red Ranger
Octoroo: “I need you to take care of a pesky kid in a Red Helmet.”

The Rangers discuss the new seal and how the previous Rangers couldn’t master it.

They discuss if Jayden can master the symbol. Emily believes he will, it is his destiny.

They decide they must protect Jayden at all costs until he can master the symbol. Jayden overhears.

Jayden instructs that it must be business as usual.
Protecting him is too much of a burden to bear.
Then the Gap Sensor sounds!

The Rangers arrive in a valley where Robtish calls out the Red Ranger.
The other Rangers attempt to stop him!

But Jayden goes after the Nighlok and takes on a huge blast!

Jayden morphs and takes on Robtish!

The Rangers morph to help Jayden but are stopped by a gaggle of Moogers!

Deker appears and becomes enraged.
Jayden and Robtish continue their duel.

Robtish bests Jayden and uses his ultimate attack!
Double Slash!

Jayden is badly injured!
Emily and Kevin run over to protect him as Robtish descends!

Robtish uses his signature attack and destroys Blue and Yellow!

Emily and Kevin de-morph, Jayden blames himself

Robtish laughs at their friendship and heads to battle once more.
Jayden valiantly covers them with himself. Mia and Mike step in to stop the attack!

Robtish readies to take out the Red Ranger when all of a sudden Deker springs from the mountain and stops Robtish’s sword!

The two battle and in the process knock Mike and Mia out of their morph!

Deker announces the Red Ranger is his opponent.|
He asks the Nighlok to leave

Jayden takes them both on. An epic Battle ensues.

Jayden takes two spin swords and with a fiery dazzle strikes them both!

The three of them stab at each others’ throats in a stale mate.

Robtish retreats as he began to dry out.
With the last note he threatens to report Deker to Xandred.

Left alone Deker and Jayden begin to battle again!
Jyaden is bested by the dark warrior, he thinks its too easy.
This isnt the battle he wants.

Uramasa wont be satisfied unless Jayden is at his peak.
Deker retreats showing the true power of his blade.

Before Deker departs he reminds himself that the Red  Ranger will satisfy his hunger. Jayden will give him the battle he’s wanted for centuries.

Deker reveals himself to the Rangers and departs.
Mike and Mia care for the injured Emily and Kevin.

Back at the Shiba House, Jayden prepares to sneak out in the moonlight.
Emily and Kevin are badly injured.

As he departs, Mentor wonders where he is….

Mentor calls for him, but Jayden leaves.
He promises no other ranger will suffer because of him!

And this act…..will be continued 🙂