Episode One

We open on our Samurai Rangers practicing their skills.
Kevin makes several moves against Mike who can’t seem to catch the rhythm.
Jayden attempts to mentor Mike further to use his instincts.
But, Mike still can’t get it right being bested by Kevin and Jayden.
Mikes leaves the group without a word.
Rofer, makes his entrance aboard the ship.
Dayu questions his power against the Samurai Rangers.
The two squabble until Master Xandred makes their mission clear;
make humans miserable and fill the Sanzu River.
Meanwhile, Mike shows off his Gamer moves and impresses his friends.
They question his whereabouts, but he can’t explain.
Mike continues to get down about his performance as his friends compliment his style.
Mike can only mention the style of his teammates and how he yearns to master their style.
But, they are interrupted!
Suddenly, the Nighlok Rofer disrupts the area in classic monster style.
Mike morphs into the Green Samurai Ranger and takes on Rofer alone.
Rofer’s fists are too much for the Green Ranger!
The other Rangers show up just in time!
Rofer realizes that his water supply has dried up.
He retreats to the Sanzu River to recharge.
Mia and Emily take care of Mike as the others discuss what went wrong.
Jayden explains that he must stay away from Family and Friends to keep them safe.
Being a Samurai is sacrifice.
Mike takes off on a moonlight mission.
To master his skills and be one with his team.
The Rangers hear of another appearnce of Rofer.
With only 4, the Rangers take on Rofer, but are stopped by a valiant Mike!
Mike has an amazing morph and takes on Rofer again.
It’s payback time! The Samurai strike together with the
Spin Swords to finish off the Moogers.
Jayden and Mike take on Rofer together.
Mike runs circles around him and tricks his arms into tangle.
Mike, using his Forest Vortex ends Rofer.
As Rofer beomes a MegaMonster Mike calls his zord.
The Bear Folding Zord takes on Rofer alone!
Then, Red Ranger calls to “Combine!”
The Zords combine into Samurai Megazord and strike Rofer.
Jayden instructs with patience the battle could be won.
The Megazord powers down and arms its sword.
At the right moment, Samurai Strike!
Rofer is defeated.
The Rangers share moments of happiness at their victory!
Mike thanks Jayden for saving him. They all share a shout:
Rangers Together, Samurai Forever!