Episode Seven

We open on Kevin and Jayden squaring off with each other in uniform

Mike notes “He’s got mad skills”
Mentor agrees that Jayden is one of the best. Mike meant Kevin.

Emily comments, “He’s so graceful with a sword.”
Mentor agrees that Jayden has had this quality since birth.
Again, she meant Kevin.

Mike says he would hate to see what would happen if they really battled.
Mia reminds him; that would never happen.

Nothing could ever make Kevin fight a fellow Ranger.
The techniques end as Jayden bests Kevin.

Deker makes an appearance aboard Master Xandred’s Ship
He demands to know why he is here.

Deker reveals that he wants to go after the Red Ranger.
His intention is to assure that he does not interfere with Xandred’s plans.

It appears that Xandred is still suffereing after the last Red Ranger sealed him. Xandred has no set plans for the Rangers yet.

As Deker departs a new Nighlok appears on deck.
Madimot has brought a present for Master Xandred.

Madimot has captured the Red Ranger’s long lost Tiger Zord
It has been turned wicked by his evil spell.

Bulk & Spike still training to be Samurai Warriors run into Madimot in the forest.  They pretend to be possums but he’s not fooled!

Madimot hears sirens and runs off knowing the Samurai Rangers are on their way.
Bulk & Spike, happy with their first battle, run as well!

The Samurai Rangers arrive and confront Madimot
He introduces himself as the Baddest of the Bad from the Sanzu River.

Madimot continues his trash talk
Mike fires back for him to prove his big words!

Suddenly two great drills spring from the earth.
The Rangers are in awe of the Tiger Zord.

When the earth cracked open when Master Xandred was sealed
the Tiger Zord fell as well. Madimot has made him his pet Kitty. Or Tiggy.

The Rangers realize they must return the Tiger Zord
But Madimot says his  spell is powerful and sends an attack at them!

Mike was in the way, but Kevin quickly pushed him aside.
Unfortunately, he got the full blast and was cast under a spell.

Kevin suddenly is overtaken by the Nighlok’s spell and becomes evil.
Mike attempts to help but Kevin throws him aside.

Madimot has a new pet he calls “Blue” (Clever!)
Kevin attacks the other Rangers.

Jayden takes a leap at Madimot as he sends another spell his way!
Luckily, Jayden’s symbol power of “Resist” protects him.

Jayden pushes through the failed spell and slices Madimot.
He retaliates by sicking the Tiger Zord’s fire breath on Jayden!

Kevin uses his Dragon Splash and attacks his friends.
He is so powerful, they de-morph and collapse.

Jayden still tackling with Madimot sees trouble.
He uses his Fire Smasher to take his friends to safety.

Madimot was drying out; perfect timing.
He sends “Blue” to stand guard with the Tiger Zord

Jii reminds it will be tough to break the spell, however Jayden must be ready to battle Kevin.
Jayden wants another plan where it won’t come down to that.

Madimot comes aboard once more gloating on his victories.
Dayu contemplates his ego; Xandred only wants the river to rise.

Octoroo is more concerned with the rogue warrior, Deker.

As Deker walks through the forest, he reveales that Xandred doesn’t know about the “Sealing Power”
Which is good, he wants him out of his way.

Uramasa is searching for a worthy point.
If Deker cannot find an opponent worthy, then why be Immortal?

As he stalks the forest, his human form is revealed.

The Gap Sensor sounds as Mike, Emily & Mia approach Mentor.
They ask where Jayden is, but he has left alone.

Mentor reveals that Jayden may have to fight Kevin.
The girls advise they must fight alongside Jayden.

Jayden confronts Madimot & “Blue” once more pleading for Kevin to come to his senses.

The other Rangers arrive and want to help, but Jayden refuses.
He must fight Kevin alone. Madimot orders “Blue” to attack!

Jayden roars that if the Nighlok wants a show, he’ll get one.
He brings out his Samuraizer and morphs!

Mia, Mike & Emily watch in horror as their friends square off.

Red Vs Blue, the two Rangers square off.
They seem evenly matched as Jayden tries to save Kevin.

Kevin shoots a Dragon Splash
But, Jayden deflects it with a grand explosion.

The Rangers’ shouts annoy Madimot who sends an attack their way!

Suddenly, Deker, who does not reveal his identity, appears.
He deeply analyzes the battle to the Rangers.

Deker notes that Kevin seems to still be learning instead of waging a battle.
He admires the Red Ranger’s prowess.

Hoping his plan works, Jayden spins the Resist Disk
Sending  a fiery attack through Kevin.

The Power of the Disk’s spell breaks the Nighlok’s!

Madimot’s spell is broken and Kevin returns to normal.

Deker muses that he had been right.
The Red Ranger is the perfect opponent for his Uramasa!

As Kevin awakens, Jayden reveals his plan to Madimot.
His Resist Symbol Power, though risky, worked!

Kevin awakens hacing no memory of figting Jayden.
But, he was ready to fight this Nighlok! They Morph!

Madimot awakens the Tiger Zord.
Jayden will take on the Tiger Zord and sends the others to fight Madimot.

Jayden calls upon his Lion Folding Zord and attacks!

Jayden’s attacks subdue the Tiger Zord.
Climbing aboard he loads a Resist Disk, which turns into the Tiger Disk.

The Rangers use their Spin Sword 4 Element Strike!
Madimot’s first form is defeated!

Madimot and the Tiger Zord sqaure off!
Tiger Zord makes good use of his drills and cracks the Earth!

The other Rangers join with the Samurai Megazord!
It’s time for Samurai Artillary!

The Zords combine to create the Tiger Drill Megazord!

The Drills square off against the Shield of Madimot!

To break his shield they use the finisher!
Tiger Drill Charge!

Victory is theirs! Madimot is defeated!

The Rangers finally relax playing a board game with their Folding Zords.

Jayden and Kevin come to terms with battling each other.

They all come together for a game!
Of Course, Kevin is Blue.

This act comes to a close.