Episode Six

We open on a seemingly normal looking wedding
Only, something is amiss.
Mia, our Pink Samurai is the Bride?!
Jayden, is the groom. What’s Happening?!
Mike takes a look around, Mentor is crying at the happy occassion.
Turning to make fun, it appears Kevin is as well!
Mike turns to Emily who is enraptured with Mia’s beauty.
Mike is comically grossed out, yearning to escape.
Suddenly, the sound of Moogers arrive and interrupt the ceremony!
The Moogers rush the altar and grab the bride, taking her away in their rikshaw!
Only it’s not the Ranger’s wedding!
Another Bride’s day is being ruined by Moogers!
The fake wedding plan has failed.
Meanwhile, our other heroes sit meditating with their “swords”
Our crying Bride is being taken away by Moogers!
They disapear into another crevice.
Bulk and Spike sit helpless, but can’t help but think of cake.
Back at headquarters, the  Rangers look for patterns in the Bride abductions.
Mike notices that they are occuring in the shape of a star.
Kevin, impressed, asks if Mike has any crime pattern experience.
Mike reveals he only watches a lot of cop shows!
Jayden reminds of the urgency of finding the right wedding, to save the Brides.
Emily and Mia muse on how painful it must be to have your wedding day ruined.
The Rangers wonder how they can get the Moogers to come to their “Wedding”
Mentor shows them the list of weddings in the area. There are tons.
But, Jayden has an idea.
The kidnapped Bride appears again on the floor of a strange web-covered room
Dayu, appears and welcomes her. The Bride sobs about her wedding day.
But her tears are exactly what Dayu wants! She throws the Bride into a huge wedding cake!
The Bride is trapped inside with many others, all who sob for their ruined dreams.
The tears will not only fill the Sanzu River,
but will create threads for Dayu’s own dress!
Octoroo watches Dayu’s scheme from the Sanzu River
He mentions to Master Xandred that she may be holding onto the past.
Octoroo, hints that he has peeked into a gap.
As he did, he saw…. HIM….Deker, the cursed Warrior!
We are taken to a moonlit forest, where Deker admires his blade, Uramasa.
He has finally found a worthy opponent now that it has reawakened.
It must be one of the Samurai Rangers!
Back at Samurai Headquarters, all the weddings has been cancelled.
All but one. Jayden tipped off the couples of the recent attacks.
Mia is ready to go back into Wedding mode, always the cinderella.
The Rangers prepare to move out with Mia’s plan.
Dayu remembers a similar dress she once worn, but her dream was ripped from her!
Now, the humans will pay for her misery! She sends the Moogers out again!
Mia and the others find the Bride and ask for her cooperation!
They hide the real bride and groom.

Jayden and Mia walk down the aisle once more,
hoping that the Moogers take the bait.
As planned, the Moogers race down the aisle!
This time, the Bride & the Bait are taken!
“So many weddings lately….”
The Moogers drop Mia in front of Dayu, who she recognizes from the archives.
She attempts to hide her face so her cover isnt blown!
Suddenly, Dayu reveals she knows Mia, is the pink Samurai Ranger!
She takes her Samuraizer as Dayu foils the Ranger’s plan.

Now she has Mia and the real Bride.
The Moogers throw her into the cake with the others!
Dayu demands Mia call the other Rangers and lead them to a Warehouse.
Mia refuses, but Dayu insists she tell them she found the brides!
Jayden recieves the call and heads to Warehouse 32 near the docks!
The Moogers watch on as the Samurai Rangers fall for Dayu’s trap!
The trap turns deadly as large amounts of Dynamite explode!
Dayu chuckles at the Rangers’ demise and laughs that soon
the Earth will be flooded by the Sanzu River!
Dayu orders Mia’s demise and the Moogers close in!
Just in the nick of time the Lion Folding Zord attacks them!
The Lion folds back into Jayden’s hands as he stands smiling!
But how did they escape the warehouse??!!
Mia thinks she can explain with a grin as a large slash destroys the wedding cake!
Emily, with her Spin Sword, destroys the cake!
She had take the place of the Bride, so that when the Moogers kidnapped her it would be Emily.

When the right moment came, Emily revealed the right location of the brides!
Meanwhile, the other Rangers create copies of themselves to send to the Warehouse!
The Brides run to safety!
Dayu screams in defeat as her gown melts into nothing.

Reuinited the Rangers corner Dayu!
She throws an energy blast at them and retreats!
The Rangers corner Dayu, but she sends the Moogers to finish them!
Dayu disapepars as the Rangers battle.
Kevin and Mia follow Dayu but are blasted!
Kevin takes aim with his Hydro Bow and brings Dayu to their view!

It’s an intense battle as Kevin and Mia take on Dayu alone.
Her sword, pulled from her Shamisen, seems to be formiddable.
After quite a battle, Mia and Kevin are left injured.
Jayden to the rescue and takes on Dayu alone!
Mia uses Airway and Kevin uses Dragon Splash!
While she is injured, the Rangers fire the 5-Disk Beetle Cannon!
This should change her tune!
But Suddenly, the blast is destroyed and Dayu protected.
A figure stands in the smoke, it is the Cursed Warrior; Deker.
For the first time, Deker speaks to Jayden revealing that he wishes to duel.
Jayden, will be his sword Uramasa’s greatest challenge.
Dayu asks if Deker had come to save her.
Not quite.
Deker grabs Dayu and retreats!!
But not before they send out giant Moogers!
The Rangers call the Folding Zords!
They bring forth the Samurai Armament: Beetle Blaster Megazord!
The Giant Moogers are tougher than they thought!
They jam the controls and hold tight on the Megazord.
Kevin calls upon the Swordfish-Fencer Megazord!
The Rangers use Swordfish Slash!
The Giant Moogers are no more!
Bulk and Spike attempt to resist yummy treats!
Mia contemplates why Dayu was obsessed with the wedding gown.
Had she experienced a past sadness? Emily suggest sweets at a Bakery!
Jayden is in deep thought as well.
Deker, the Cursed Warrior, is ready to duel to the death.
Emily tries to cheer him up as well with the idea of Sweets!
Meanwhile, Bulk and Spike meet the Rangers, but don’t know it.
The End.