Episode Sixteen

We open on our Samurai Rangers still reeling from their last battle with Arachnitor!

Mentor and Antonio look on worried that the Sanzu River is seeping into our world.
The Nighlok are growing stronger, they may become too powerful.

Mentor reminds Antonio that it is crucial he loads the Black Box with all of the Rangers’ symbol power.

Antonio continues to worry about Jayden’s whereabouts.
Mentor reminds him agin he must focus on the job at hand!

Although, Jayden would be the first to tell him that the box is priority.
Antonio worries that even the Original Red Samurai Ranger could not complete the box.
However, he did build his own Morpher; this is the perfect hack job!

Antonio knows with the others down, he has to pick up the slack.
Kevin valiantly attempts to rise and protect the world, but he is still too weak.

 Meanwhile, we rejoin Deker who carries a poisoned Jayden.
He muses that rescuing the Red Ranger has become a bad habit.

Deker tosses Jayden in the water and he finally awakens.

Deker tells him to submerge himself as the water will purge the poison from his body.
Jayden is apprehensive to listen.

 Deker reminds Jayden that he wants him at top form;
for when he is he will duel him and finally bring him down.

Meanwhile on the Sanzu River, Octoroo attempts to explain his actions. After all, he wasn’t trying to betray him!
Xandred reminds Octoroo never to think for himself; or to succeed next time.

But there is one more little nuisance to get rid of, Master X suggests to Dayu.
He orders Dayu to take out that menace, Deker. She accepts.

Dayu exits to perform her mission while the Master asks how Arachnitor’s punishment is going along.

Master Xandred has given him his wish, Power.
So much Power it will destroy and mutate him!

Meanwhile, Bulk thinks they’ve done too much training and not enough fighting!
It’s time to get out into the field and really help people.

Back at Samurai headquarters, Antonio hacks into the Black Box.
Next, he must format it to receive the Samurai Symbol Powers.

Attempting to add more power, Antonio collapses.
Mentor reminds him he must pace himself!

 Antonio bravely tredges on and continues to add more symbol power.
It is dangerous work, and he is the only Ranger healthy enough if the Nighlok attack.

Kevin again tries to get up without any strength, but Mia reminds him they must work together to help Jayden.
The four of them team up and rise from their beds.

 Deker sits near a fire while Jayden heals from the waters, but he will still be weak for a while.

Jayden inquires as to why Deker is doing this.
He answers, I am searching for the perfect duel; the duel between he and Jayden.

 Jayden refuses, he doesn’t fight just to fight. He fights to protect.
Deker believes he has an incentive to convince him.

After all, he says, he was once human.
But now, all he knows is constant craving for battle.

As Dayu looks on, Deker reveals the Nighlok in him gives him no choice.
Jayden reminds him that you always have a choice.

That is why Jayden will not fight just to fight.
Deker loses his cool and demands that Jayden will give him the battle he has desired for centuries.
So that he may be free of this terrible curse.

“Oh, Deker. If you only knew the truth.”

In the Netherworld, Arachnitor has finally mutated and is ready to attack the earth!

Exhausted, Antonio has finished the formatting.
Now comes the dangerous part,  infusing the Black Box with everyone’s symbol power.

The other Rangers appear and want to join in the fight, Antonio can’t do it alone.
Especially since Jayden is gone, Suddenly the Gap Sensor sounds!

Antonio can’t finish the box without the Power Disks which are about to go into battle.
The other Rangers offer their Disks to him anyways, the box must come first.

 The Rangers head into battle without their disks, leaving all the hope with Antonio.

The city is being attacked by the powerful mutant Arachnitor!

Spike attempts to help an old lady across the street, but the Nighloks attack.
Hilarity ensues.

The core Rangers attempt to take Arachnitor on together!
But get blasted by a powerful attack!

 Back at base Antonio attempts Kevin;s disk first. The Dragon Zord is added.
He attempts Emily’s next but fails.

Antonio uses his Light Symbol Power to locate Jayden.
He finds him, unable to finish the Black Box he leaves to rescue Jayden.

Deker notifies Jayden he is fully healed by now.
Jayden inquires, why he wants to duel him. There are plenty of other warriors on Earth.

“Yes, but like me, you have a secret festering inside you.”
There is a spirit inside of Jayden he has never found in any other warrior.

Inside him is a warrior spirit, the perfect opponent.
Jayden dons his Spin Sword and Deker wields Uramasa.

Antonio appears out of no where and stops the duel.
He teases Deker on why he wants to fight a weakened Jayden?

Antonio tells  Deker that he will let them out of here, Deker agrees but reminds Jayden that the next time they meet; they will duel!

Meanwhile, back in battle the Rangers use their Samurai powers to slash into some Moogers.

But Arachnitor proves to be too powerful and blows the Rangers away!

Red and Gold arrive just in time to save their friends.

Impressive again with his Barracuda Blade, Antonio Garcia slices through the Moogers!

Antonio hands back the Power Disks and now the Rangers attempt a Quadruple Slash!

With Arachnitor alone, Jayden uses his Fire Smasher.
Arachnitor again is too powerful and turns the weapon back into a Spin Sword.

 Jayden back-peddles and sends a few attacks!
They’re all too exhausted to put up a fight, the need to combine their powers.

 A Quintuple Slash barely scratched him, but Antonio suggests sending it once more but this time he’ll give it a little Gold Power!

The Samurai Rangers Quintuple slash and send it to Antonio who harnesses all 5 Powers and sends them straight at Arachnitor!

Arachnitor is injured but flees and suddenly Giant Moogers!

The Rangers call the Samurai Folding Zords

Antonio calls the ClawZord

ClawZord takes on the Moogers on the ground, while the Battlewing Megazord handles the Flying Moogers!

Teamwork and Mega Power, defeat the Moogers and save the day!
However, Arachnitor has gotten away!

Jayden remembers Deker’s comment about their secrets.
They are both warped, he said.

 The other Rangers check on Jayden with Pizza so they can prepare a plan for the stronger Nighloks.
They ask if he wants to join, but he declines.

Emily reminds him, its his choice.
Jayden remembers what Deker had said about not having a choice.
He decides to join them after all!

Jayden thanks for helping save him.
He does have his Golden moments 😉

..and that brings this Act to a close!