Episode Thirteen

We open on a group of kids and their missing special toys!
A Nighlok’s hand can be seen stealing them with a nasty cackle.

Several kids get scared by their toys going missing,
A strange goop is left behind every incident!

Meanwhile back at the Shiba house, Antonio unveils the new and improved Claw Zord.

The Claw Zord had been damaged and then hidden by Mentor.
To test his skills, Mentor asked Antonio to repair it.

With a few power symbols sent to the Claw Zord, he’ll be back in business.

Mia is amazed and asks about the electronic power symbols.
Kevin muses that he is impressed

But it is the work of computer nerd and not a Samurai!

Antonio agrees that he was not born into the Samurai life, but that he is trying to help in his own way!
But Kevin is not impressed by this, being a Samurai is more that pressing a few buttons.

Later, Antonio pratices his moves with the fishing rod.
Mia, Mike and Emily approach.

Antonio notes that Kevin isn’t there.
Mia reminds him that Kevin is desperately holding onto the traditions he grew up with.

Mia suggests that Kevin just wants Antonio to be more serious.
Eat, Drink, Sleep being a Samurai is the only way to impress him.

Dayu stis strumming her shamisen as Master Xandred storms the ship looking for Octoroo.

Master X asks Dayu where Octoroo is, she replies that he’s off on some great scheme.
A scheme that if successful  would enable them to leave the Sanzu River for good!

Xandred laughs that if Octoroo could pull that off it would be worth having him around.

Meanwhile, Octoroo opens up a well to gather Sanzu River water. It will rise once all the stolen toys are gathered and the little children weep.

The missing toys are being brought to the well by the Moogers

Leading the stolen toy train, Antberry the new Nighlok in town follows suit!

Back at the Shiba house, Antonio stealthily places cameras in places where he could observe Kevin.

He’s going to eat, drink,  sleep being a Samurai; Kevin style!

Back on the Sanzu River, Dayu discovers that Deker survived his row with Master Xandred.

Dayu muses that perhaps it would have been better if he met his end, to be free of his curse.
She wonders if he remembers who she is, and saving her.

Antonio hides himself and via a handheld is able to see all that Kevin does.
Antonio notices Kevin has a ridged schedule.

In the dark of night, the Nighlok sneeks in and steels Bulk and Spike’s mascot!

Early in the morning, Antonio notices that Kevin goes out for a run.

Bulk and Spike wake up in horror to find Sammy missing!

Left behind is the goop of slime.

Following Kevin on his hike, Antonio notices his constant training.

Suddenly a wicked laughter spread over the forest, Kevin asks Antonio if he heard it.

Kevin had known since the previous night ,
He grows angry that Antonio only messes around.

Octoroo counts 30 stolen toys, 30 is needed to throw down the well.
This will make the Sanzu River flood and fill the well on Earth.

Octoroo hands the Sanzu River bedrock axe to Antberry who commands him to smash up the stolen toys to fill the well.
The well was the Nighlok’s main portal before it dried up.

Antonio and Kevin st umble upon the Nighlok operation.
They attempt to call out to Jayden and the others but the signal was being blocked.

Come out, Come out wherever you are!
Octoroo stumbles on the Rangers and sends a shot from his staff.

They morph and have a stand off with Octoroo and the Moogers.

Octoroo, surprised they got past his barriers, introduces himself.

Antberry starts to charge them but they charge as well.
Only he shot Sanzu Slime!

Suddenly they can’t get a hold of their weapons!
They both take on Antberry and realize he’s slippery too!

Because of the ooze Antberry is too hard to hold.
OCtoroo steps in and blasts the Rangers sending them flying.

Octoroo sends the Moogers after the Blue and Gold Ranger.
Then he orders Antberry to chop the toys, only he can’t the axe is dull.

Back on the Sanzu River, Master Xandred walks in on Dayu’s music.
He notices her music is different,  is she hiding something?

She remembers back to helping Deker.
She felt she owed him for protecting her from the Samurai Rangers.

She asks him why he feels he must duel the Red Ranger?
He admits that  he’s compelled to find the ultimate duel!
He remembers nothing from his past.

As the Rangers sit down to breakfast Jayden asks where Kevin is.
He’s not back from his run and he’s never late.

Antonio hurt his arm and Kevin isn’t able to get a signal.

Antonio tells him not to go alone, but Kevin just tells him not to worry about him.

Antberry continues to sharpen the axe, too slow for Octoroo.

Moogers attack and take out Kevin!

Antonio to the rescue! Kevin told him to hide, but Antonio replied that he may not think he is a real samurai, but don’t treat him like a coward.

They give each other a pep talk on being a Samurai.
Its up to the two of them to take on the Nighloks!

Kevin predicts the others will know something is wrong when Kevin doesn’t show after his run.
Meanwhile, Jayden is worried that Kevin is missing.

Climbing in the jungles Kevin helps Antonio cross a stream.
They run into a group of Moogers.

Antonio and Kevin take their stance against the Moogers.
Antonio gives Kevin a cloth so that the slime doesn’t affect their grip.

Kevin and Antonio morph into Samurai Rangers!

The two take on the Moogers and realize that tying the cloth works!

Antberry finally finished sharpening his axe!

As Antberry readies to chop a toy car, Kevin uses his Dragon Folding Zord to attack him!
All the action caused the axe to fall down the well!

The Rangers confront an angry Octoroo who sends Antberry at them.
Antberry covers them in slime.

Blue and Gold take on Antberry but get knocked back.
The other Rangers show up and save the day!

Jayden noted that he remembered Kevin’s schedule and thats how they knew they were in danger.

Octoroo escaped through a gap and took on the Rangers.

Kevin tells Jayden to be mindful of the slime, he uses his Blazing Fury but the slime still proves to be strong!

The Gold and Blue Rangers deliver their finishing attacks and destroy’s Antberry’s first form!

Antonio and Kevin celebrate their victory as Antberry grows behind them.

The Rangers call their Zords.

The Rangers join with Antonio’s Octozord to create the Octo-Spear Megazord!

Antberry shoots Sanzu Slime at the Megazord combo and causes Octozord to fly off!

Antberry grabs hold of the Octozord and crushes it.

Antonio orders an ink cloud.
He sends the Octozord flying once more and Antonio uses this time to combine with the Megazord!

When combined once more the Rangers use Ice Breath to freeze the foe.

Antberry froze in time for the Rangers to use its finisher!

Electric Spear Samurai Strike!

With that, Antberry is no more.

The Rangers sort through all the stolen toys.
Its whats right about being a Samurai, Kevin and Antonio agree.

…oh and Spike found Sammy at the end. 😀

That brings this chapter to a close!