Episode Three

We open with the Rangers practicing indoors,
Mike comes in and announces that Ji has given them the day off!
Kevin of course is resistant!
Emily convinces them all that “Rainbows End” 
an Amusement Park is a good place as she wants to 
ride a Roller Coaster for the first time!
As they leave they ask Jayden to join them
But, he says he has other business.
Strange, right?
He sits atop his throne and contemplates the box.
Inside lies something very powerful.
A hidden disk?
The Rangers arrive at the park and run off to the rides.
Bulk snarfs cotton candy and Spike teases him.
Meanwhile, Jayden attempts to tame the Beetle Disk.
Unfortunately, the Disk is too powerful even for the Red  Ranger.
Ji tries to tell Jayden he’s trying to hard.
Jayden is determined to be the best Ranger he can.
Ji advises he must also give into fun. Balance life as a Samurai.
Spike wins!
Suddenly from a crevice appears a Nighlok!
Dreadhead is here to destroy all the useless humans!
The Rangers appear in uniform and attack!
Only, with each attack he becomes gooier, 
Spin Swords dont work
Dreadhead blasts the Ranger’s Spin Swords
and sends a nasty shot from his Blaster.
Luckily, Jayden flies in to save the day. 
But his slashes are useless as well.
Together, the Rangers attack!
Spin Sword, Quintuple Slash!
The attack only grazed him
Jayden protects the Rangers from the onslaught.
Jayden contemplates using the Beetle Disk.
The other Rangers grow suspicious
Dreadhead’s water supply grew low.
He retreats to the Sanzu River.
Meanwhile, the Rangers try to figure out a plan.
Ji reminds them to have confidence.
Jayden reveals what he’s trying to master.
A secret Disk passed down from previous Samurai.
But, one needs double Samurai power….
The Sanzu water replenishes Dreadhead
Dayu makes fun of him, Master Xandred thanks him for his service.
The rive is indeed rising.
Late at night Ji finds Jayden attempting to master the Disk.
Again, the Disk is too powerful.
But, Jayden persists.
Later, the Nighlok returns!
The Rangers appear and morph!
Ji finds Jayden collapsed
He remembers his childhood and his old ways.
Jayden will never stop until he has mastered it.
The Rangers, almost overtaken, are saved by Jaydens Zord.
Jayden takes out the Beetle Disk.
Jayden uses the Disk and powers up!
Fire Smasher, Cannon Blast Mode!
All 5 Power Disks combined 
They unleash the 5 Disk Beetle Cannon
The Fire Strike finishes Dreadhead
Time to call the Folding Zords
Mega Mode Power!
The Megazord’s sword is useless as well!
Dreadhead unleashes his blaster!
It’s time to unleash the true power of the Disk.
Jayden takes his place in the Beetle Zord cockpit.
Attacking the Nighlok’s leg, the Beetle Zord trips him up!
Dreadhead sends out Moogers, but Beetle Zord blasts them away!
Useless eh?
Beetle Blaster Megazord!
The Rangers use the Beetle Cannons to destroy the Moogers.
Rotating Beetle Blaster!
The Nighlok is defeated!
The Rangers were given one more day off!
This time Jayden joins them.
Finally learning the importance of fun.
The End.