Episode Twenty

We open on our Samurai  Rangers practicing the brush strokes of Power Symbols.

Mentor Ji reminds them there is more to being a Power Ranger, than mastering a sword.
They must learn to master their inherited Samurai Symbols.

Jayden of course masters the symbol for fire, creating an actual flame.

Kevin masters the symbol for Water and sends a wave of water at him!

Emily writes the Earth symbol but sends a giant boulder crashing onto Kevin’s feet! She apologizes and the others laugh.

Mia writes the symbol for Wind and a great gust flows through her hair.

Mike seems to be having a little bit of trouble with his symbols, his paper is a mess of ink.
Mentor reminds him he must pratice more to get the stroke order correct.

 Comically, Mike suggests a lunch break as he performs better after a few slices of pizza.
Mentor gives him a look of concern, and Mike’s smile fades.

Meanwhile on the Sanzu River, Master Xandred takes care of his splitting headache!
He attempts to think of a plan to make the river rise; even through Dayu’s annoying music.

If only they could get the River to rise and flood the human world.
He imagines sailing on the Rivers of the Sanzu after Earth was flooded.

Octoroo, always reading, tells the boss there’s something interesting he has found.
Whenever something bad happens in the Human world, the water level rises!

Xandred likes the plan and calls forth Scorpionic from the River.

Back at Samurai headquarters, Kevin is busying practicing his skills.
Mike asks if he ever takes a break, Kevin says that every second not spent training is a second wasted.

Mike mocks him slightly, but watches from afar. Slowly sipping on his empty drink.
Mike decides to test Kevin’s skills and the two spar!

 Mike gets a grapple on Kevin when Mia enters and tells them she can’t find Emily.

Kevin, Mike and Mia go out in search for Emily.
Mike gets distracted by the smell of kabobs.

Elsewhere, a bus pulls into the city and Spike gets off looking for his Uncle.

Bulk sees him from afar and runs to meet him!

The two meet and Bulk asks how, Skull is then offers to carry his bag.

They fight over who carries the bag; hilarity ensues.

The three meet up once again and when Kevin sees Mike’s snack he gives him a concerned look.
Mike asks if he wants a bite, but Kevin never eats between meals.

Mia commends Kevin on his constand Samurai Training, which he never stops.
Kevin asks if Mia is also as serious, she agrees but still wants a normal life. Maybe even find her prince charming.

 Mia says she is getting used to being a Samurai, he replies it’ll take time.
She asks him about his life before, how he gave up his dream of the Olympics.

 Mia asks if he misses it. He replies no, as a Samurai he is committed forever.

The three notice Emily out a window, she is practicing by herself.
Kevin commends her on her Samurai morals, but she reveals its not only that but a promise she made to her big sister.

Her sister was meant t be the Yellow Samurai Ranger, but due to her illness she couldn’t fight. Emily had to take her place. For a moment she puts herself down, but Mia compliments her instead.

Emily reminds them she is great at other things, she can play the flute and isn’t too bad with a sword.
Kevin commends her on being a true Samurai.

Back with Bulk and Spike, they finally get something to eat.
But as Bulk explains how he’ll teach Spike to be a Samurai, and his past with the Power Rangers, the kabobs slowly fall off.

Spike finally grabs a piece of kabob and as he is about to put some hot sauce Bulk sacres him slightly and the hot sauce goes all over Bulk.
Yep, he’s his father’s son!

From a gap, Scorpionic comes from the Sanzu River and begins attacking!

The Gap Sensor goes off, and Mentor opens up a map of the city to show the Rangers where to go.

Jayden takes off to where the sensor was triggered.
The Rangers stand confused for a moment before Mentor orders them to follow the Red Ranger.

As Scorpionic begins to destroy the city,  the Rangers appear and Morph!

The Rangers get to work on the Moogers, Kevin uses his Hydro Bow!
Mia swipes them out with her Sky Fan!

Mike shows his skills with his Forest Spear, slicing down the Moogers!

Jayden takes out his Fire Smasher and destroys the Moogers attacking him!

Jayden sees a large explosion caused by Scorpionic and heads on to take him on alone!

As Emily begins taking on her own group of Moogers, she uses her Earth Slicer and sends it flying.
Unfortunately, it goes awry and slices Jayden! Scorpionic uses this as an opening and slams Jayden into a nearby wall!

Emily freaks at her mistake and tries to help Jayden.
As she cowers over him, Scorpionic sees another opening.

Emily tries to save Jayden but the other three Rangers join in and save Jayden from Scorpionic’s attack!

Blue, Yellow, Pink and Green de-morh and lay in pain.
Scorpionic laughs at the Rangers and walks away.

Jayden reminds them to be strong, they must defeat the Nighlok.

Mia looks to Emily to make sure she is ok, and Jayden tells her to stay with the others while he checks on a little girl that was left behind.

Jayden again takes on Scorpionic alone, this time sending him flying.

Jayden notices the small girl’s mother in the background and helps reunite the pair.

As the Rangers regain their strength, they are in awe of Jayden;s courage and realize that they must help him no matter if they are injured.

As Scorpionic sets up for a whip attack on Jayden, the Rangers gather together and Morph once more.

Before his tentacle can attack, all 4 of them slash with their Spin Swords to stop the attack!

The five of them at last united, Jayden suggests using their Spin Swords all at once.
The Rangers use the Spin Sword Quintuple Slash!

 Their attack is successful at destroying Scorpionic’s first form.
Now it was time for the Mega Monster.

The Rangers call forth their Folding Zords and go into Mega Mode to stop Scorpionic’s final form.

Their Zords come forth and take an attack immediately.

Jayden suggests that it may be time to combine the Zords together.
Kevin, for some reason, decides to do it himself and activates the combo.

 Strangely, the combo is wrong putting the Zords into a totem pole!
He left Jayden out!

Scorpionic laughs at their mistake and topples the pole!

Jayden takes control and uses the symbol to combine!

 The Rangers finally unite as the Samurai Megazord

The Megazord comes out fighting and goes sword to sword against Scorpionic!

Scorpionic sends out Giant Moogers to distract the Rangers.

The Moogers fight together and chain the Megazord so its unable to move.

When they get close enough Jayden uses the Lion Zord’s Furious Lion Howl!

With some fancy sword work, the Samurai Megazord escapes the chains and sends the Moogers flying into each other.

Scorpionic tries to hide behind more Moogers but the Samurai Megazord cuts through them easily.
The Rangers start their final attack!

 With a Samurai Strike, the Rangers defeat Scorpionic and victory is theirs!

The Rangers return, celebrating and Mentor congratulates them.

Emily still looks down, Mike asks why.
She was worried she had let them all down, Mia said her sister would be proud.

Mike tells them all he’s learned a new symbol!
He writes it with his Samuraizer!

 It’s the symbol for Fun, it’s time for party!
After a burst of confetti, Mike dances his heart out!

That brings this chapter to a close.