Episode Two

We open with Samurai practice once more.
Mike practices his power symbols and succeeds!
Meanwhile, Kevin makes it clear that he’s there for his comrades.
On the rising Sanzu River, the Nighlok Doubletone appears!
Octoroo summoned him to help destroy the dreams of a kid.
 Doubletone insists that he can cause a kid to give up their dreams!
He appears to Ryan, who was into baseball.
Doubletone promises a deal to the boy.
The Rangers appear just in time and save the boy.
Doubletone attacks the Samurai Rangers

They are overcome with his power and he disappears.
The Rangers agree to go in search of the boy and depart.
Spike and Bulk go for a run!
Hilarity ensues.
Kevin and Mia confront the kid about the Nighlok
He refuses to talk and runs off!
Mia and Kevin decide to keep and eye on him.
Kevin remembers his dream to swim in the Olympics.
Emily, Jayden and Mike get curious when Mia takes over the kitchen.
Mia cooks a huge meal for Kevin!
Chopping huge melons with hir Spin Sword!
Mia brings her home cooked meal to Kevin 
while he stakes out Ryan’s home.
They bond over sharing a dream.
Kevin tries to eat it, scooping some chicken 
out when Mia wasn’t looking
 Mia and Kevin grow closer after sharing their dreams.
They awaken as Ryan comes out of his house.
Ryan tosses his baseball equipment in the trash!
His end of the deal is complete just as Doubletone appears.
As a trash truck looms, Ryan admits his deal with Doubletone.
He promised if he gave up something special; he’d get something special back.
Doubletone tricked Ryan into believing he’d bring back his Dad from war.
The Nighlok’s deeds are unforgivable, Kevin & Mia morph!

After falling slightly, the other Rangers meet up with their friends!
Each Ranger using their own weapon!

Using their Hydro Bow & Sky Fan the Rangers end Doubletone.
But he’s gonna grow!

The Pink and Blue Ranger call their folding Zords.
The Turtle and Dragon Zords attack!

The Rangers combine and get caught by Doubletone’s attack!
After losing their Sword, Kevin suggests a Dragon Leap!
Plus an Aerial Turtle Strike from Mia!

Samurai Strike!
Doubletone is finished.

The Rangers return to see Ryan play in the big game!
His coach luckily found his Baseball equipment.
Not before, Jayden gives him a surprise.
With the symbol for “Dream” Ryan’s Father appears.

Ryan hits a home-run!
The end!