Party Monsters

We open on Rofer peering out of the peep-hole in the underworld’s haunted mansion!

The monsters welcome each other to the First Annual Nighlok After-Life Halloween Party!

All the deceased Nighloks are in attendance!

They all complain about being ghosts and their enemies, the Samurai Rangers.
Madimot remembers his time battling the Rangers.

 Turning the Blue Ranger and Tiger Zord against them all!

Meanwhile on the Sanzu River, Master Xandred is all dressed up for the spooky night.
However, he’s angry that the Nighloks have defeated so many of his monsters and yet the Sanzu River hasn’t risen!

Back at the party,  Dreadhead walks around scaring the Nighloks with his spooky jack-o-lantern in the shape of the Red Ranger’s face!

He remembers his showdown with the Rangers.

When his story is done, Antberry claims that slime is the best way to defeat the Rangers!

Antberry remembers sliming Blue and Gold making their weapons super slippery!

Yamiror laughs at his slime, sure his way is the best to beat the Rangers.

Spreading his poison gas inside the Ranger’s helmets was his claim to fame!

Back on the ship, Xandred finds out about the Nighlok Halloween Party and is angered he wasn’t invited!

Desperaino cuts in with a really scary story!

His miserable rain spread sorrow and despair!

Rofer comes back in saying that story was weak and how he gets his hands dirty!

His mighty fists slammed into the Green Ranger!

Splitface and Negatron enjoy a treat of work cocktail!

Negtron remembers his sharp wit and crushing comments!

As the party continues, Moogers dressed in costume appear!
The best costume; A Mooger as the Samurai Megazord!

 Steeleto remembers the good times, but Desperaino remembers that everyone here is a loser, sent to the underworld bu the Samurai Rangers

Steeleto goes back in time to remember his battle with Red and Gold.

But his full body blades were no match for the Rangers, and he was destroyed.

Desperaino remembers his demise as well, when Mike used his Tree Symbol Strike!

Splitface upset that the Sanzu Water punch is gone remembers his demise as well….

The Rangers each used their weapons against him, then the giant slash from the Fire Smasher!
But it took the Battlewing Megazord & Claw Megazord to finish him forever!

Dreadhead  remembers the last time he saw the surface!

That ginormous cannon with all those power disks was a rainbow of pain!

Rhinosnorus remembers the Rangers doing backflips!

Kevin finishes him off with a powerful blast from the Hydro Bow!

Tooya remembers his auto entanglement with the Red Ranger and his finish against a wall!

Rofer remembers his arms being tangled as he met his end!

The Green Ranger uses his power disk to send a finishing strike!

Doubletone remembered the Pink and Blue Ranger’s pose after his demise!

Negatron remembers the rocks stuffed in his mouth and his cannon destruction!

Yamiror falls to the cannon as well!

Green, Blue, Yellow and Pink slash at once and end Madimot!

The Cannon powered by the Tiger Disk sends Robtish through a lot of concrete!

Vulpes met his end by a Barracuda Bite!

Antberry stuck in his own sludge take a Blue and Gold slash!

All five Rangers slashed into Scorpionic!

With all their stories told, the Party is over. With the rule that next year they won’t bring up the Rangers!

The Nighlok retreat for their holes, another Halloween Past.

Xandred is again angry that he didn’t get to perform a trick on them!

The End!