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Episode 1
“Super Samurai” Aired: 02/18/12
(The Samurai Rangers discover pools of Sanzu River water surfacing in our world. They must search out its source and the strange footprints that lead them to an old enemy they must get Super to defeat!)

Episode 2
“Shell Game” Aired 02/25/12
(The Rangers must battle a formidable hard-shelled Nighlok without the help of Antonio; Antonio loses an item that is extremely important to him, and problems arise when it is found by the two aspiring Samurai Bulk and Spike.)

Episode 3
“Trading Places” Aired 03/03/12
(A Nighlok transfers people’s spirits onto objects, and four of the Rangers fall victim to him.)

Episode 4
“Something Fishy” Aired 03/10/12
(Antonio’s teammates try to help him conquer his new fear of fish. Meanwhile, Master Xandred gains an ally in his plan to flood the planet.)

Episode 5
“The Rescue” Aired 03/17/12
(Octoroo kidnaps Antonio and Mentor to use as bait in order to lead the other Rangers into a Mooger trap. A new and powerful ancient weapon is re-awakened and a new Mode is born!)

Episode 6
“The BullZord” Aired 03/24/12
(A boy unlocks an ancient seal, unleashing the very first Samurai Zord. But when the Zord goes on a rampage it’s up to the Samurai Rangers to tame it into submission.)

Episode 7
“He Ain’t Heavy Metal, He’s My Brother” Aired 03/31/12
(Mia’s brother visits and asks her to sing in his band. Meanwhile, Serrator invades the city again.)

Episode 8
“Kevin’s Choice” Aired 04/07/12
(Kevin longs for his past as a competitive swimmer, and he struggles to assist the team after a Nighlok devours his Samuraizer. Elsewhere, Dayu and Deker make a pact with Serrator.)

Episode 9
“Runaway Spike” Aired 04/14/12
(The Rangers battle a Nighlok that creates mirror images confusing them; Spike looks for a job to help Uncle Bulk.)

Episode 10
“The Strange Case of the Munchies” Aired 04/21/12
(Emily loses confidence; a Nighlok’s black sand causes desperate hunger and thirst in the Rangers.)

Episode 11
“A Sticky Situation” Aired 04/28/12
(Kevin and Mike must work as a team when a Nighlok glues their hands together.)

Episode 12
“Trust Me” Aired 05/05/12

(Serrator creates an evil flame that releases a toxic ash. The ash makes the inhabitants of a small island fear anything they see, the Rangers must face off against Deker and Dayu and call upon a new weapon to extinguish the flame!)

Episode 13
“The Master Returns” Aired 05/12/12
(Jayden is still bothered by Deker’s words & Serrator continues his plan to fool Master Xandred. When Octoroo finds out the truth Serrator attempts to take him out! When the Rangers find out they discover that Master Xandred’s power is something to be feared as he surfaces from the Netherworld for a fateful battle!)

Episode 14
“A Crack in the World” Aired 10/13/12
(The Rangers discover that Serrator’s recent attacks have an ulterior motive – to crack open the earth and let the Sanzu flood it and thereby become ruler of both worlds.)

Episode 15: Halloween Special
“Trickster Treat” Aired 10/27/12
(Master Xandred and Octoroo deploy a mind-bending Nighlok named Trickster, trapping the Power Rangers in a series of horror movies. The Rangers must figure out what is reality and what is illusion. Will the Rangers escape the nightmare?)

Episode 16
“Stroke of Fate” Airs Aired 11/03/12
(When Serrator asks Deker to fulfill the final piece of his destructive plans, Antonio begs Deker to reconsider his role in the battle between humans and the Nighlok.)

Episode 17
“Fight Fire With Fire”  Aired 11/10/12
(The Nighlok Fiera unleashes an overwhelming attack on the Red Ranger, but when he goes down another Red Ranger takes his place. Which one is the real Red Ranger? The answer will change the Samurai Rangers forever.)

Episode 18
“The Great Duel” Aired 11/17/12
(As the Rangers attempt to adjust to being led by a new Red Ranger, Jayden struggles to find new meaning in his life. )

Episode 19
“Evil  Reborn” Aired 11/24/12
(Jayden finishes his grand battle against Deker and the other Rangers try to convince him to rejoin their team before Master Xandred reawakens.)

Episode 20
“The Sealing Symbol” Aired 12/01/12
(With Master Xandred back on Earth, the Rangers finally attempt to use the Sealing Symbol to stop him – only to discover that he has a special new defense against it. Now, they must rise to the challenge and find a new way to defeat him and save the world.)

titleEpisode 21
“Samurai Forever” Aired: 12/08/12
(In a climactic battle, the Rangers face off against Master Xandred for the last time.)

Episode 22: Christmas Special:
“Stuck On Christmas” Aired: 12/15/12
(After battling a humbug of a Nighlok, GRED, the Samurai Rangers find themselves stranded inside a malfunctioning Megazord! Will the Christmas spirit, determination and, teamwork be enough to get the Rangers home in time to celebrate the holiday?)