Super: Eight

We open on the Sanzu River with a cranky Master Xandred annoyed by a loud racket

A new Nighlok has come aboard and as Octoroo confronts him he reveals that he was told to eat and that’s what he’s doing!

Octoroo asks just who this Nighlok is working for! Who would tell him to eat the ship!

Serrator appears and reveals that Skarf is working for him and that his ability to eat and eat will make misery for the human world!

Octoroo is apprehensive, but Serrator reveals that Skarf’s true power won’t be revealed until the Power Rangers defeat him!

Back at Samurai Headquarters, Jayden reveals that the new Bull Disk can allow them to combine all the Zords in the Samurai GigaZord!

But Mike thinks that would bring bad mojo, after all there was a reason that the Bull Zord was hidden away!

Jayden reveals it is risky and if not done correctly all of the Zords could be obliterated!

But, Jayden is sure that passing the disk onto Antonio is the best idea!

Antonio is apprehensive as well and admits that Kevin is the man to go to when it comes to Zord combinations.

As his name being mentioned, Emily asks just where Kevin is….

Kevin walks alone and finds a poster and sighs heavily

The Region Finals advertised on the poster makes Kevin wish he were competing in them!

As he is about to leave someone entering the building runs into Kevin, he hides his face but the man knows who he is.

The man runs inside where he finds a picture and remembers just who Kevin was, a swimming champion.

When he finds his friend Noah he immediately reveals he had seen Kevin, while he has never met him he recognized him from the picture.

When they run outside Kevin can’t be found, perhaps he came to cheer Noah on. Noah gets angry at the suggestion because Kevin was the reason they lost last time, he left them high and dry!

Kevin overhears and remembers

Bulk grabs the flier and thinks his past “experience” as a lifeguard could be a help.

Kevin walks on and wishes he could tell Noah the truth, but he must keep his Samurai identity a secret.

Kevin hears screams as Skarf’s arms munch on a park bench

Kevin confronts the Nighlok who attempts to eat a bike with a person on it!
Kevin stops him just in time!

But Kevin drops his Samuraizer and before he can pick it up, Skarf eats it!

Skarf complains about the bitter meal Kevin has served him and heads to attack!

Luckily, the other Rangers show up just in time to slice down Skarf!

Mike tells Kevin to Morph, but Kevin reveals that the Nighlok has eaten his Samuraizer!

Jayden tells Kevin to stand back and let them handle it!

The Rangers take on Skarf but his arms end up slamming into them and even Antonio’s strike with his Barracuda Blade couldn’t land a blow!

Laying defeated, Jayden attempts to take on Skarf by himself!

Jayden lands a massive blow and finally sends Skarf to the ground!

Skarf decides to eat somewhere else and heads out through a gap.

The Rangers de-morph and ponder on Kevin’s eaten Samuraizer.

Antonio thinks the Nighlok will return once it gets hungry and tells Kevin not to worry that they will get his Samuraizer back.

Kevin nods and yet can’t take his eyes off the poster.

Meanwhile on the beach we see Deker’s broke Uramasa!

Dayu finds the half and mourns the loss of Deker, she begins to throw the half of the sword into the water but is stopped by a voice.

Remembering creating the sword, Serrator advises her not to throw it away, it is one of a kind!

He chose the warrior to the give sword to very carefully, he asks if she really thinks he could be defeated that easily

He requests Dayu come work for him and offers to repair her Shamisen.

To sweeten the deal, he suggests he won’t have to work alone and it has something to do with the broke Uramasa!

Kevin decides to return to the pool one more time for one last look.

His former teammates emerge and Kevin hides, but all they can talk about is how their relay times were 5 seconds shorter when Kevin was on the team.
They all can’t believe he would ditch them and not even say goodbye!

Kevin hears this and can only feel remorse, but he can’t tell them the real reason.

Kevin returns to the Shiba House and the others ask where he’s been!
They’ve been working on ways to get his Samuraizer back.

Mia realizes it must be more than the Samuraizer that’s got Kevin down.
Mentor agrees and shows the others a poster he found.

 He reveals that Kevin’s old swim team is in town for the regional finals.
Jayden decides that without his Samuraizer, Kevin should figure things out.

 Dayu wanders around pondering on how Deker can be alive inside the forest Serrator led her to.

But unbelievably she stumbles upon him.
Didn’t the Red Ranger destroy him, she asks.

He reveals that his sword Uramasa and its power took the damage for him he still is in search for the ultimate battle.
And, that battle must end without Uramasa being broken!

Dayu realizes they both have strong attachments to their possessions, his sword and her Shamisen.

But she knows of a Nighlok who can repair them, for something in return.

Kevin returns to the pool to watch his old team practice

But, Kevin notices one of the swimmers gets a cramp and starts to drown!

None of the others swimmers notice and Kevin dives in to save his old friend!
It turns out to be Noah who can’t believe its Kevin.

Kevin gets out of the pool and offers his hand to Noah he tells Kevin to leave him alone.

Kevin meets the guy from earlier who makes sure to tell him he’s a legend around there.

As Kevin walks away Noah says that he was the best anyone around had ever seen and that he couldn’t understand how he walked away from all of it.

Kevin wishes he could explain, but he just wanted to wish them luck for tomorrow.

As Kevin dries his clothes out on the dock the memory of Noah’s words echo in his head, but he knows he has to get them out of his head.

Instead he sets to work on the logistics of the GigaZord combination

Skarf emerges from a gap and begins munching on support columns that don’t seem to quench his thirst!

The gap sensor sounds and the Rangers gather around the map, Skarf is attacking in the center of town.

Emily worries about Kevin, but Jayden knows he will be ok and join them when he’s ready!

Antonio and LZ get the call as well and head out to join the group

The Rangers arrive and confront Skarf!

Skarf salivates over the tasty color coated Rangers

The Rangers morph and take on Skarf hand to hand

The Rangers again have a hard time landing blows, but Jayden knows its important to find Kevin’s Samuraizer!

Mike has the perfect idea and calls Kevin’s Samuraizer with his own, inside Skarf it begins to ring!

Skarf’s right arm is ringing and the Rangers ready to attack it!

Suddenly, Deker leaps into the scene with gasps from all

Dayu tells Skarf to eat and eat and eat to his hearts desire!

Jayden confused at Deker being alive asked how it was done, Deker reveals that since his sword was broken his curse was not.

After besting Jayden, Deker reveals that until Uramasa is fixed he is just a sword for hire!

Jayden goes Super vowing to destroy Deker again.
Antonio thinks they seem to be stalling for time!

Meanwhile, Skarf is busy filling his stomach to the point it hurts!

Revealing Serrator’s plan, Dayu and Deker deliver a finishing blow to Skarf

The reveal that Skarf’s true power will be revealed when he is defeated!
Together, they exit.

Mia knows they still have to get Kevin’s Samuraizer back and Jayden knows just what to do!
He attacks Skarf’s arm and sends the Samuraizer flying!

 Jayden grabs the Samuraizer but not before noticing that Skarf has gone Mega and with his growth comes huge shield arms!

Jayden admits he’s never seen a monster like that before, but Skarf sends a massive blast at them and knocks them out!

Kevin appears and Jayden hands him his Samuraizer

Kevin Morphs into the Blue Ranger

The Rangers go into Mega Mode inside of the Claw Armor Megazord!

The Megazord attempts to take on Skarf’s new shield but it seems impossible!

Jayden attempts to use the Double Katana Strike, but the shield is still too powerful!

Kevin suggests using the Bull Disk for the Samurai GigaZord, but Mia and Mike are unsure! If they don’t use it properly it could be disastrous!

Jayden trusts Kevin and loads the Bull Disk in order to call all the Zords!
Kevin has the most faith!

All of the Rangers’ Zords arrive and begin the Ultimate Samurai combination!

 When all the Zords combine it creates the Samurai GigaZord successfully!

Jayden readies the GigaZord for an attack!

First he uses the Tiger Drills!

Antonio uses the pincer claws!

Next they use the Ultimate Samurai Slash!

Kevin tells them all tho use their Samurai symbol power for the finisher!
Each Ranger draws the symbol for the Zords they control!

The GigaZord uses all of its symbol power and charges itself up!

Jayden decides to add another something to the attack and goes into Shogun Mode!

 The GigaZord uses Symbol Power Mega Strike and destroys Skarf once and for all!

Victory was theres! Jayden congratulates Kevin, who reveals he is going to support his other team!

Apparently hired as the new lifeguard, Bulk scolds Spike as the swim meet takes place!

Suddenly Spike thinks he’s drowning and calls out for help, Bulk jumps in trying to save him but has a little mishap.

You get the idea.

Kevin watches his old team as they compete in the finals

But he notices that Noah is beginning to cramp up again!

Kevin decides the best way to help his friends is to take Noah’s place.

After all they are a team!

Kevin returns to the others and thanks them for putting up with him, Jayden never doubted him for a second!

..and that brings this chapter to a close!