Super: Eighteen

We open on Jayden alone at the pier.

Jayden reflects on his decision to leave being the only option and how he hopes the other Rangers can forgive him.

Antonio finally catches up with Jayden, but Jayden tells him he needs to be with Lauren, the Red Ranger needs him.

Antonio tells him that it doesn’t matter to him that he’s not the Red Ranger. He will always be his best friend.
But Jayden doesn’t know who he is and asks to be alone.

Antonio goes off to get them some food, but when he comes back he finds that Jayden has left.

Antonio calls upon Mentor and tells him he can’t find Jayden.
They never should have let him leave and Antonio continues to look for him.

Jayden walks the forest and reflects again on his decision to leave and how it was the hardest he had ever had to make.
What would his destiny be now?

Then he has his question is answered as Deker appears before him.

Finally alone, Deker taunts Jayden that he knew he was like him and that keeping his secret had twisted him.

Deker knew he was right to choose him as his opponent. They were both tormented by fates they didn’t choose.

Deker draws Uramasa.

Jayden knows that a world without Deker would be a better one and that perhaps this battle is his destiny!

The time has come to finish this, once and for all!

The Great Duel begins as Jayden and Deker run at each other and clash swords.

A duel to the end!

Deker changes forms and Jayden uses the opportunity to morph!

The duel resumes!

We rejoin Lauren at the Shiba house where she steadies her Spin Sword

The Light Zord is helping her practice by throwing Power Disks while she strikes them away!

The other Rangers are only sitting by and watching and not practicing, Mentor asks them why.
They want to go look for Jayden but Mentor reminds them that he wanted them all to assist Lauren.

Mentor goes off to look for Jayden but tells them all to focus, Mike thinks this would be a good time to challenge Lauren to a sparring match!

Lauren accepts the challenge, she always used to train alone.

Mike prepares for the match but has no idea what he has gotten himself into.

After a few strikes, Lauren bests Mike and it seems he can gain no strikes.

Lauren gets the best of Mike once more and slams him to the ground where he admits defeat.

Lauren asks, “Who’s next?” yet none of the other Rangers are takers.

Aboard the Sanzu River Octoroo is busy powering up a new Nighlok monster.

Octoroo plans to give Gigertox stronger powers to give the Rangers a run for their money!

Octoroo wants to give the Nighlok is energy so Master Xandred can regenerate from the misery.
But, Octoroo gave Gigertox half of his life force.

Mentor is still searching for Jayden then stumbles upon his bandage and sack.

Mentor could see them fighting on a nearby bridge, where Deker admits that Uramasa has thirsted for this battle, that Jayden will fall and his curse will be broken!

Emily compliments Lauren’s skills and admires how much she must have practiced. Mia prepares a meal as they chat.

Mike warns her that her training did not prepare her for what was about to come!

Mia serves them all their plates and Lauren anxiously takes a bite of the food as the others watch with bated breath.

Strangely, Lauren loves it and takes bite after bite.

Kevin asks her about her constant training; she trains, practices the sealing power, exercises and for fun she trains some more.

Mentor finally catches up to Deker and Jayden but as he watches he realizes Jayden is too hurt for this battle.

Mentor interjects and attempts to talk some sense into Jayden.
Deker commands he get out-of-the-way

Deker refuses to let him get in the way of their duel and runs to strike them, Jayden gets in front just in time and takes the blow for mentor as they all go flying.

As they fell from the cliff, Jayden shields Mentor and de-morphs.
The two of them make it out alive from the long fall.

The two of them laugh that they completed Jayden’s Father’s plan.
Jayden compliments Mentor on being a great mentor.

Meanwhile in the city, Gigertox is busy tormenting the citizens of Panorama City!

Antonio stumbles upon the Nighlok and morphs to defend the citizens!

As Lauren piles on more of Mia’s cooking, the Gap Sensor sounds!

Back at the Nighlok fight, Antonio seems to be having a hard time with Gigertox!

Gigertox laughs that the Rangers have only sent one puny Ranger to oppose him and wraps his tentacles around Antonio to toss him around and around!

After being slammed into a building and thrown, Antonio de-morphs and writhes in pain!

Suddenly; Lauren and the other Samurai arrive to the rescue!

Rangers Together, Samurai Forever!

Together, with Lauren as their leader, the Rangers take on Gigertox!

Mike checks on Antonio as he warns him that this Nighlok is stronger than normal.

Mentor and Jayden continue to remember the past, he was a good student but those days were always hard.

Mentor remembers helping Jayden get the stroke order just right for the Fire Symbol.

Or how resolute he was to master the Beetle Disk

Mentor had made a promise to Jayden’s Father, and he has fulfilled it.

They both remember his Father’s last words and the last time they both saw him.

Mentor compliments that Jayden was a great leader and although he doesn’t have the sealing power he is still the Red Ranger.

Jayden suggests that it might be time for Mentor to leave, but he pleads with Jayden not to fight Deker. Jayden knows he must fight as himself, as before he was fighting as someone else.

The Rangers still attempt to take out Gigertox and Lauren uses the Black Box to become Super!

To back her up the other Rangers use the Quadruple Slash!

Lauren loads the Bullzooka and fires of a powerful super blast!

Gigertox’s first form comes to an end.

The Rangers go Mega and form the Battlewing Megazord

As the two titans face off Gigertox drains more power from Octoroo and sends it shooting at the Megazord.

Lauren decides to use the Flying Slash!

Suddenly a third form emerges from the struck down Gigertox!
A strange and vicious dragon-like creature!

Octoroo feels the pain from the drain as almost all of his life force is gone.

The dragon slams into the Zords and causes lots of damage, Kevin suggests that there is one more option left.

They form the Gigazord!

Lauren orders everyone’s symbol power for one last blast!

The dragon sends out a large fireball but the blast from the Gigazord ends its third reign.
Victory is theirs!

When the Rangers arrive at the Shiba house they all notice that Antonio is hurt and attempt to help him.

However, it seems to hurt him even more.

But soon they notice that Mentor is injured too and abandon Antonio.

Mentor reveals to the others that Jayden is once again fighting Deker.

Deker catches up to Jayden, happy to see he hadn’t run away!

Jayden uses his symbol power to gain a horse

The two swords clash…

To Be Continued….