Super: Eleven

We open on Mike and Kevin preparing to spar while Mike chows down on some apples.

Suddenly Mike challenges Kevin and promises to beat him with only one arm!

Kevin accepts and the two go at it, at first Mike looks like he has the upper hand but Kevin knocks the Spin Sword from his hand and holds the sword to his neck, appearing to have won!

To distract him Mike stabs the apple he was holding onto the tip of Kevin’s Spin Sword. Kevin gets very confused.

With the distraction, Mike sees an opening and strikes at just the right moment!

Kevin gets annoyed and says it doesn’t count, but Mike reveals that he can’t compete with his swordsmanship so he has to defeat him with wit!

Jayden appears and tells them that if they spent more time working together than competing they’d be twice as strong.
Just then, the Gap Sensor sounds and the Rangers head out!

Buildings are exploding all around the city and a new Nighlok is responsible!

Epoxor sends a blast and destroys more buildings before another blast stops him in his tracks!

The Samurai Rangers appear  to take on Epoxor

Epoxor sends a powerful blast at them before they can retaliate but Jayden blocks it with his Fire Smasher!

Mike and Kevin decide to team up and take on Epoxor themselves, but he gets the best of them!

Epoxor shoots his strangely powerful glue and Green and Blue and suddenly they are stuck together!

For a moment the duo freaks out at their new predicament!

Epoxor laughs at their sticky situation while the others attempt to stop him from firing more glue!

Epoxor sends a blast at them to knock them out-of-the-way to finish his work!

But Epoxor sends another glue shot at Blue and Green and sticks their other hands together as well!

Epoxor laughs and tells them to struggle all they want but as long as he’s around they will be stuck like that forever!

Epoxor threatens that the other Rangers are next, but before he can blast them Antonio shows up and attacks!
With LZ’s scatter shot, Epoxor retreated into a gap!

Mike and Kevin de-morph and struggle with each other!

Kevin and Mike freak out that they could be stuck together forever!

Epoxor and Octoroo argue over Epoxor’s retreat when he had the Rangers where he wanted them!

Epoxor tells him to get off his back, but Master Xandred grows angry at their squabbling and threatens Epoxor with his steel!

But Serrator asks for Xandred to spare Epoxor, after all he did put two Rangers out of commission!

Octoroo comes up with a plan that if Epoxor attacks humans with his glue then he can trick the other Rangers into another glue trap!

Epoxor heads back to the surface and begins attacking humans!
His first target:

 Bulk and Spike are in the park when a glob of glue ends up on Spike’s shoulder. Bulk begins to wipe it off but then gets stuck to him!

Back at headquarters Jayden attempts to strike at the glue with his Spin Sword

Kevin seems a bit worried as Jayden steadies his sword and strikes!

Sadly, the strike sends Jayden flying and the glue still holds their hands together

Kevin apologizes for letting the Nighlok get to them, while Emily reminds him it wasn’t their fault.

Mia reminds them this can be fixed as soon as the Nighlok comes back, but Mike is afraid of what can happen if he never comes back!

Jayden assures them, they always come back!

But Mentor knows they won’t be in any condition to fight the Nighlok when he returns, the other Rangers step up to fight alone.
Kevin says he won’t let the team down again and vows to work with Mike the way they are!

 First they start with a basic technique but as Mia comes at them they both pull in different directions!

Jayden advises they need to get in sync but neither of them want to listen and struggle to the ground.

Jayden tells them that they aren’t fighting the glue, they are fighting each other.

Next, the duo decide to work on their calligraphy….

They attempt to work together as  the other pulls one way and the other the alternate way!

They end up with this masterpiece and begin to fight with each other more and more fighting for control!

The girls try to stop their bickering but Kevin is set on finding something to do to be useful!

Next they attempt to take out the trash, but can’t agree on which direction is the best!

But, they can’t decide and go different directions causing the bag to split!
Mentor sees the mess and grows angry with them!

He tells them if they can’t fight the Nighlok then they need to make themselves useful and orders them to go get groceries!

Mike worries that they can’t be Rangers if they can’t even take out the trash!

Meanwhile, Epoxor is spreading his glue around town attempting to lure out the Samurai Rangers!

Mike and Kevin feel weird on their way to the grocery store, so Mike attempts to show the passersby that it’s a school project and waltzes with Kevin, much to his annoyance.

Meanwhile, Spike thinks he can get the glue off with a stick which then gets stuck. As he attempts to get the stick out their hands get stuck in weird places!

But the glue only causes more problems!

Attempting to get the groceries proves to be hard as well and the two fall to the ground again!

Mike realizes they have more problems, like how they are going to get the groceries back. Suddenly, he has an idea.

Kevin compliments Mike’s creativity with his new idea! Push him in the cart!

But, soon Kevin remembers he had a lot of juice today and the two reluctantly head to the bathroom!

Epoxor is hard at work spreading his glue!

His trap for the Rangers is set, all that is left is for the Rangers to arrive!

Elsewhere as the Gap Sensor sounds and the Rangers head out, they cross paths with Mike and Kevin!

As Epoxor runs around scaring humans, the Rangers confront him with unfinished business!

Epoxor dares them to catch him if they can and the Rangers run after them only to be tripped up and brought to their knees!

His glue caught their feet and now the Rangers are trapped!

Epoxor laughs and mocks the stupidity of the Rangers and readies for his finisher!

He shoots more glue and traps the Rangers inside!

Mike and Kevin realize they are the only ones who can defeat Epoxor but Mike is unsure about the idea of working together!

Mike remembers Jayden’s words and asks Kevin to lower his technique in order to be in sync with each other.

Kevin agrees that Mike’s creativity is best in the lead and the two vow to work together and in sync!

Mike and Kevin confront Epoxor!

Together they Morph!

They work together and avoid Epoxor’s attacks with Mike in the lead!

A perfected balancing act the two of them create a dance of attacks toward Epoxor!

Next they try windmill attack!

Together they use their Spin Swords and create a powerful attack that sends Epoxor flying!

Mike summons the Forest Spear and together they slam it into Epoxor!

Reeling from that attack they pull out the Hydro Bow and send another powerful attack!

The combination of the two attacks destroys Epoxor’s first form!

The destruction of Epoxor dissolves the glue binding Green and Blue!

Bulk and Spike are freed as well, but Spike ends up stepping in gum!

Mike and Kevin celebrate being free, Kevin admits he was getting used to those dance moves!

Epoxor grows Mega and threatens to destroy the Rangers!

Just in time the Zords come to the rescue and blast Epoxor!

Jayden thanks them for un-gluing him and congratulates them on their good work!

Antonio says to leave it up to them and calls for the OctoZord!

He combines with the Claw BattleZord and creates North Mode!

Antonio also calls for the Light Zord

Jayden pilots the Bull Megazord!

The Bull Megazord pulls through all of Epoxor’s attacks!

Epoxor attacks the Bull Megazord with his glue, but the shoulder blasters make short work if it.
Antonio uses the OctoSpear and charges Epoxor with it!

The Light Zord performs a spin attack and Jayden powers up the Bull Megazord with the Bull Disk!

Next Jayden calls upon the power of the ancestors and goes into Shogun Mode!

Jayden uses the Revolving Laser Blaster!

With that, Epoxor is no more!

Victory is theirs!

All of the Megazords, and the Rangers within them, celebrate the victory!

A roaring fire is built and Deker muses to Dayu that waiting for Serrator is growing tiresome!

Suddenly, Serrator appears and apologizes to Deker for not keeping in touch over the last 200 years!

Deker doesn’t recognize Serrator who asks him if he’s enjoyed being a half Nighlok and if he has had his fill of evil.

Deker reveals he has unfinished business, yet Serrator compliments them both on being mortals yet handling the state of Nighlok as well.

Deker asks if he can fix Uramasa or not, Serrator reveals he was the one who created it and gave it to him.

He reveals that he can mend Uramasa and Dayu’s Shamisen, but first they must do something for him.
He hands Dayu a dagger that has special magic.

Serrator teases that helping him will allow them to have a hand in mankind’s destruction!
Together they cannot fail!

Back at Headquarters, the other Rangers are amazed at Kevin and Mike’s new-found synchronicity as they toss groceries together very in sync!

Then Mike throws eggs and whoops!

Time to clean, Together!

…and that brings this chapter to a close!