Super: Fifteen – Halloween

We open on Master Xandred aboard his Nighlok ship angry that it’s Halloween.
He rages that it is a mockery of monsters everywhere!

But this Halloween will belong to the Nighlok as Octoroo has found a Nighlok who can trap its victims in dreams!

Right now he’s working on the Rangers, invading their minds!

Tons of trick or treaters are being attacked by Moogers!

Safely inside his movie theater hideout, Trickster watches as the costumed people are being attacked awaiting the Rangers’ arrival!

Suddenly, the Rangers arrive with banners flying and costumes blazing!
Each of the Rangers’ are dressed as their Zord animals!

Jayden is upset the Moogers ruined their party and tells them that Kevin has won the prize for best costume and is feeling Super!

Kevin, since he is in charge, tells the others to attack and he’ll lead from behind!

The Rangers charge the Moogers and use their animal powers to provide more powerful attacks!

Antonio uses his tentacles to send Moogers flying!

The Rangers begin to fight over who has the best costume, before Emily finally begins to realize they have no idea how they got there in the first place.

Suddenly, Jayden realizes he doesn’t remember even dressing up for Halloween.

As Trickster  watches from his theater he laughs at the Rangers’ confusion!

The Rangers all listen together as they hear a strange ringing sound and realize they are in a strange place, Antonio realizes that his costume refuses to come off!

Realizing that the Rangers are catching on, Trickster decides to switch it up a bit!

He decides its time for a little song and dance to keep their heads spinning!

Suddenly the Rangers are on stage and dancing uncontrollably!

They all seem to go along with it and have a good time listening to Mia sing her heart out!

Then the Rangers begin to realize they are in a strange place once more and Trickster sends a Mooger to shoot a beam towards Jayden, but Kevin knocks him out-of-the-way just in time!

After a huge explosion the Rangers de-morph and awaken in the abandoned quarry surrounded by Moogers.

Trickster plans to keep them all inside their dreams while Xandred takes over the world!
The Rangers take on the Mooger army!

Trickster sends them another obstacle and begins to rewind and speed up their attacks like a bad VHS tape!

Emily hears that familiar noise once more and begins to get suspicious!

Trickster appears in the dream and confronts the Rangers, they gather together and morph!

The Rangers, ready to go, take on the Moogers that Trickster sends their way!

The Rangers make short work of the Moogers and Antonio uses his Barracuda Blade to blast them back to the Sanzu!

With the Moogers defeated, Trickster has more up his sleeve and sends an attack their way!

Jayden unleashes his Fire Smasher and blocks the attack from Trickster’s staff!

Next he uses his Dream Beam and fires upon the Rangers who all block with their Spin Swords!

With the power of the Claw Disk, the 6 Rangers use their Power Disks to charge up the Multi-Disk Octo Cannon!

But, is Trickster’s first form defeated?

Trickster grows Mega and the Rangers call upon their Folding Zords!

Together the Rangers form the Octo-Spear Megazord!

But Trickster has another treat up his sleeve and grows to an even more Mega size and towers over the Megazord!

Like a rag doll  Trickster kicks them like a ball and picks up the Megazord and tosses it upside down!

He tosses them aside like a toy!

It was then that the Rangers noticed the windmill making that familiar sounds from all the previous locations.

The Rangers use the Octo-Spear and destroy the windmill which causes Trickster to explode; sending the Rangers back down to the Earth.

While they have the chance, the Rangers decide to attack and use their Spin Swords to unleash their individual Attacks!

Antonio unleashes his Barracuda Bite!

Trickster goes down once more!

But Trickster cackled, he has tricked them again!
They’re all still trapped in his dream!

Jayden goes Super and calls upon the Claw Armor Megazord!

The two giants do battle attempting to end the dream!

Trickster starts to use his Dream Beam once more but the Rangers think creative and dream up a brush to write a power symbol!

The block works and sends the beam back towards Trickster and ties him up in his own attack!

Trickster back at his theater laughs that the Rangers still don’t realize they are trapped inside a dream within a dream!

The Rangers use the Double Katana attack and send their power through the dream into the theater and strike Trickster!

With that the dream and the real Trickster were defeated!

Samurai Rangers, Halloween is theirs!

Xandred grows angrier at the loss!

This brings this spooky chapter to a close!