Super: Five

We open on Mike and Emily feeding the new Samurai stray cat
Now that Antonio is ok with the Kitty, they figure she can stay!

As they walk inside the headquarters, something seems to be going on

Antonio and Mentor are hard at work attempting to figure another Samurai Mystery’s answer.

To the others its strange  that Mentor and Antonio are so buddy buddy.
Mike wonders what the Light Zord has to do with it.

Mentor whispers that maybe Antonio’s technology can harness the power of a Zord….Hmmm?

As they work, Antonio fiddles with an old reel with yellow fishing line.

Mike sees an opportunity for a prank and replaces Antonio’s trail mix with cat food!

Antonio is not paying attention and Mike begins to giggle.
Just in time Mentor catches his hand, apparently its time to go fishing.

 Mentor catches Mike as he tries to get away and offers him some.

Mentor watches as Mike eats just a tiny bite about ready to throw up!
Mike walks away defeated as Mia and Emily laugh.

As Jayden trains Antonio reveals they are going fishing, but Mentor stops him and admits they need privacy to continue to work on their secret mission!

Meanwhile on the Sanzu River, Octoroo is busy missing Dayu and musing on distrust of Serrator!

Suddenly, Octoroo holds his nose and takes a look at the putrid bubbles rising up from a puddle.

It could only mean one thing!
Eyescar is rising up from the deep!

Back on Xandred’s ship, Octoroo brings Eyescar aboard, he claims they have finally come up with a plan to destroy the Rangers.

Serrator laughs wanting to hear more, inviting them to enlighten them

Eyescar is going to set a trap that will manipulate them based on their feelings for each other.

Serrator laughs again at this idea and scoffs that employing ruffians is not the way to go. It’s very Octoroo of him!

Serrator admits he has plans as well, but for now will keep them to himself.

As Serrator leaves Octoroo admits he can’t stand that guy, or his fancy pants!

Meanwhile back with Mentor and Antonio, Antonio is hard at work attempting to unlock enormous power!

As Mentor looks on he is suddenly heard struggling!

Antonio murmurs that he has completed the task when he hears the approaching Moogers.

But it was too late, the Mooger released a noxious gas and knocked Antonio out!

Back at Headquarters, Jayden is still hard at work when suddenly the Gap Sensor goes off!

The 5 Samurai Rangers gather and head out!

Bulk and Spike are attempting to figure out their Samurai Symbols.
Bulk decides to do Spikes and discover what symbol embodies him the most.

Bulk reveals, the Majestic Twig!
Spike is not very happy.

Its Spike’s turn to make Bulk’s Samurai Symbol!

The Rangers find the abandoned things of Antonio including the Light Zord. They must have been ambushed!

At first Mike blames himself and Kevin agrees, before Jayden stops them both.
A moment later, Kevin finds Antonio’s reel and line left behind as well.

They Rangers discover that the reel line leads some where and take off to find the path!

They find that it leads down into a dark tunnel, Mia seems afraid.

The Rangers Morph and head into the tunnel.

At first it’s too  dark to see inside, until Mike uses the Light Zord.
Jayden finds the line and continues to follow it!

We finally meet with Eyescar who has Antonio and Mentor tied to a post.

Antonio demands to know what the Nighlok wants, but Eyescar claims they are the bait for a trap for their color-coded friends!

When the Rangers come to save their friends, they will come from the only entrance, a nearby cliff.
And when they do, a Mooger army will be waiting to ambush them!

Mentor reminds him that they must have faith in the Rangers.

Antonio reveals they might not need faith, he forgot his spool. Perhaps someone named Jayden will find it !

The Samurai Rangers continue to follow the line inside of the creepy tunnel.

When it comes to an end the Rangers ready themselves as a large group of Moogers appears ready for battle!

As the Rangers fight off the Moogers, Jayden notices the Light Zord is flying off on its own!

While they are captured Mentor reveals that when Antonio first returned he thought he was trouble.
But, he had to tell him that he was wrong.

They laugh that he is truly worth his weight in gold!
Antonio thanks Mentor for putting up with his antics and for believing him!

Back in the tunnel the Moogers keep on coming, but Mike has an idea on how the Light Zord can help.
Mia gets his back!

 Mike finds out the Light Zord is holding something, Jayden tells him to let it out!
He hits it in the butt!

Suddenly the Shark Disk springs from the Light Zord and attached to Jayden’s Spin Sword!

Jayden calls out “Shark Attack Mode” and sends out a powerful slash with his sword!

Donning a new crimson robe and a vicious new Shark Sword, Jayden decimates the Mooger army!

Back with Bulk and Spike, Spike is busy at work on Bulk’s symbol.
Bulk Imagines a fierce  Samurai Warrior or a Tank!

 When Spike is finally done he reveals it to a less than happy Bulk.

Looks like he might be snapped just like a twig!

Antonio’s spool lead them to a secret exit that Eyescar had not planned on.
They stumble on the Mooger ambush!

The Rangers know that even if they surprise attack the Moogers will outnumber them 100 to 1!

But Jayden has other plans!

As more Moogers gather, Antonio is threatened by Eyescar that the Rangers will soon meet their end!

But Antonio keeps the faith, and feels even more confident when he hears an old friend flying above!

Jayden flies the Samurai Battlewing over the army and begins to destroy most of their forces!

The blasts destroy many of the Moogers and send Eyescar flying!

Suddenly the other Rangers appear and begin to fight off the Moogers.
Mia frees Antonio and Mentor!

 Emily tosses Antonio his Morpher and he comes Golden!

Eyescar confused on how the Rangers foiled his plans begins to run away, but he’s stopped by the Red Samurai Ranger in Shark Mode!

Jayden mocks Eyescar’s plans until he shoots a poisonous sludge at him!
But the Shark Sword makes short work of it!

The Rangers all begin their assault on the Moogers, even Mentor shows off his skills!

 Antonio takes down a gaggle of Moogers, with the help of the Light Zord.
Then when Eyescar attacks he uses the Battle Disk Scatter Shot!

Jayden takes a slice at him with the Shark Sword and shows the sword’s true powers!

Slicing to and fro he sends a finishing blow to Eyescar!

With its whip like powers the Shark Sword ends Eyescar’s first form!

Eyescar goes Mega and the Rangers combine in the Samurai Megazord!
Antonio calls Claw Battlezord East!

Jayden enters the cockpit in his hew duds!

Both Megazords attempt to take him on as Antonio tries different combinations!

Eyescar grabs the Claw Battlezord West and holds it captive!

Jayden uses his Mega Blade and loads the Shark Disk!

The Shark Sword comes out as its own Zord and bites Eyescar’s butt!

Jayden calls the Shark Zord back to combine with the Samurai Megazord!

With the Samurai Shark Megazord, the Rangers gain a new cockpit and while using the Shark Sword as the Megazord’s Sword!

With a flurry of color, the Rangers are victorious!

Back at Headquarters Mike feeds the cat once more and thinks its time to try his prank one more time!

Mentor congratulates them all as Antonio continues to munch!
They also thank him for his work on the Shark Disk and its awesome power!

Its Mike’s opportunity! He pours a little cat food into the bowl, after Antonio finished it, and offers him some more snacks!

But. Mentor foils him again and the Rangers all laugh at the foiled joke.
Antonio is clueless!

This brings another chapter to a close!