Super: Four

We open on Antonio sitting alone fearfully remember the idea of cat almost eating him.

Just the idea of fish sends chill down his spine.

Suddenly, his Samuraizer rings. It’s Jayden needing his assistance for a Mooger attack. At first Antonio doesn’t respond, but apprehensively accepts.

Antonio ends his call with Jayden and reveals that he will go into battle, one last time.

We join the Rangers where Jayden finishes off many Moogers with his Blazing Strike!

The Rangers line up as more Moogers spawn, Kevin seems worried but Mike reminds him that they are just Moogers!

Antonio shows up at the end of the line and very weakly pronounces his Morphin’ call!

After he morphs he calls forth his Barracuda Blade, but he it touches his hands it suddenly turns into a fish!

As the Rangers notice that somethings wrong, Antonio says he just can’t do it!

He collapses unable to battle.

Without Antonio’s help the other Rangers take on the growing Moogers.

With the power of the Quintuple Slash, the Rangers take down all the Moogers.

The Rangers all gather around Antonio to figure out what’s wrong with him.
He apologizes.

Emily grabs his Barracuda Blade to make sure he doesn’t forget his weapon.
But he freaks out and knocks it from her hand!

He can’t touch his Barracuda Blade, it reminds him of fish!

Back at headquarters, Mentor tries to make sense of this new revelation.
How can Antonio, a Fisherman and Fisherman’s son, now suddenly be afraid of fish?!

Kevin and Mia remind Mentor that the previous Nighlok had turned Antonio into a fish and the idea of the cat eating him has turned him off fish forever!

Antonio states that the golden age of Antonio is over, yet Kevin just tells him to get over it.

MIke agrees and reminds him that he was the one who taught himself how to be a Samurai, he can surely get over this fear!

Even Emily chimes in and reminds him he programmed the Black Box!
Antonio snaps back, no one gets it! He was almost eaten!

He’s a fisherman who’s afraid of fish, he can’t use his Barracuda Blade.
He can’t be Gold Ranger.

 Meanwhile on the Sanzu River an abnormal amount of Moogers begin to spawn!

Octoroo wonders where they’re all coming from when suddenly a new foe arrives on deck.
Octoroo asks who he is when the new Nighlok reminds him that they should be expecting him, his servant paid them a visit recently.

He was the one who sent Switchbeast, he introduces himself as Serrator and vows to be Master Xandred’s servant.

He has spent a very long time at the bottom of the Sanzu River, but thanks to some recent power surges he’s regained a great deal of power.

Serrator sends a blast of energy towards the growing Moogers and extinguishes them all!

Serrator promises to help Master Xandred flood the Earth, with heightened powers.

Master X mocks his power and strikes at him with all his strength!

But Serrator does not fight back, revealing that he wants to pledge his loyalty to him. He asks permission to scare humans on his behalf on the surface.

Master Xandred allows him to go to the surface!

Back at Headquarters Emily tells Antonio they aren’t going to let him quit.
Its time to try some aversion therapy!

To show Antonio that one can overcome their fears, the Rangers reveal theirs.
Jayden has a fear of spiders and allowed one to crawl up his neck!

 Mike is afraid of enclosed spaces, so Kevin and Mentor lock him in the broom closet!

Frogs make Mia’s skin crawl, but she kisses one in the hopes it will become her prince charming.

She squirms wondering if this is getting through to Antonio…..

Meanwhile, Bulk and Spike are practicing their Samurai battle moves when they notice that same stray cat is sitting in a tree!

In a heroic attempt to rescue the cat they both climb to the top of the tree only to have the cat jump down and knock over their latters.
They’re trapped.

Kevin doesn’t seem to understand Antonio’s fear and offers to eat something scary that Mia has prepared.
If he touches a fish, he will eat the dish.

They both prepare to conquer their fears, on the count of three!
1, 2, 3!

But at the last second Antonio chickens out and lets Kevin eat the food by himself!

Then, the Gap Sensor sounds and everyone looks to the map to find where to go.
The Rangers must go to the edge of the city near the western woods.

Antonio apologizes once more, but he just can’t do it. He can’t join the other Rangers.

Mentor agrees for the moment and realizes there’s something he can do in the meantime.
He unearths the ancient Light Zord many have failed to unlock.

Since his symbol power is Light, he just may be the first.
Antonio agrees to try.

When the Rangers arrive they find twin SpitFangs firing on the city!

Go-Go Samurai! The Rangers Morph!

The Rangers mobilize and go after the SpitFangs, but as they approach a huge lightning storm strikes them all and completely destroys the SpitFangs!

Taking a moment to figure out what happened the Rangers realize something attacked them and even took out their own guys, when a villainous laughter begins to fill their ears!

Interested to meet the new Samurai Power Rangers, he introduces himself as Serrator the newest passenger on Master Xandred’s ship!

It has been so long since he stepped foot on the surface and is ready to test just how strong these Rangers are!

Antonio sets up at the edge of the water and vows to unlock the Light Zord

Test time!
Serrator attacks the Rangers with a fury they have never seen before!

Jayden attempts to take him on but Serrator slices into him with his razor claws!

The other Rangers attempt to take him on but he blocks all of their advances and strikes them all out of the way!

Jayden tries to surprise Serrator but ends up taking an even more powerful punch.
Serrator mocks them and asks if that’s all they’ve got.

The Rangers come to Jayden’s side as he lays there, Kevin suggest they attack all at once!

Pink, Green, Blue & Yellow pull out a Quadruple Slash!

Serrator knocks away their pitiful attack and sends shock waves towards all of them causing a huge explosion!

But Jayden comes out swinging with the Fire Smasher and takes swings at Serrator!

In a last-ditch effort Jayden uses the Tiger Cannon with only the two disk and fires upon Serrator who blocks the blast!

Serrator mocks them once more and uses his own power to grasp the blast from the cannon and use it against the Rangers!
Jayden is blow away and explosion after explosion Serrator laughs thinking they were stronger!

Meanwhile, Antonio is hard at work adding his Light symbol power to the Light Zord.

But as he’s working, Mentor calls and advises him the Rangers are in real trouble and need his help.
But he still is too afraid to be a Ranger.

Serrator decides its time to give the Rangers a bigger challenge to see if they will rise to the occasion!
With that he pulls out a sheet of paper and begins cutting out a pattern for a monster.

He throws the paper into the air and creates Pyrox, his loyal servant.

Pyrox blasts them from above and sends them all flying.
Jayden takes out the Black Box and morphs into Super Mode.

 He leaves the others to take on Serrator and decides to take on Pyrox on his own!
He calls forth the Battlewing Megazord!

Papyrox takes on Jayden in the Battlewing Megazord, while Serrator takes on the others.
Papyrox’s scissor moves are too strong and Serrator creates a ball to knock the Spin Swords out of their hands!

With an incredible burst of power pointed at the Battlewing Megazord, Jayden loses control and Tiger, Beetle and Swordfish fly out of combination!

Below the Rangers continue to take blasts from Serrator!

Jayden tries to take on Papyrox alone with the Samurai Megazord!

Papyrox gives him a run for his money and even knocks the helmet of the Samurai Megazord clean off!

While the Megazord is down, Papyrox stomps on him like a used can!

As Antonio nears completion of his programming, Mentor approaches from behind set on ending this fear once and for all!

Meanwhile the Rangers are near destruction, but just in time the Gold Ranger appears with a new toy!

Serrator couldn’t care less about the new Light Zord and sends the ball into Antonio’s court!

But Antonio knocks it away with the new weapon sends it behind him in an explosive dodge!

Antonio uses the Light Zord Battle Disk’s scatter shot and runs towards Serrator attacking him over and over!

Antonio uses his new weapon and slices into the same shoulder Master Xandred had struck!

Serrator muses this is the kind of beating he expected from Master Xandred

Serrator says they have passed the test and exits, while the  Rangers awe over Antonio’s new Zord!
Papyrox gets distracted and Jayden gets a slice in! But he’s in trouble!

Antonio sends his new buddy into battle with Mega Mode Power!

Enter the Light Megazord!
Then just as the Papyrox knocks the Katana out of the Megazord’s hand, the Light Megazord appears to help!

 The Light Megazord goes in fighting and takes on Papyrox

Papyrox attempts to shoot its powerful laser but Light Megazord uses its crunch power and a Blazing Strike!

It disappears and reappears again to use its spin attack!
Jayden offers to lend a hand!

The other Rangers awe at the new Zord, but it seems to be stuck as it tries to perform its final attack!

Antonio tells Jayden to give him a hit on the butt!

It works and this time the Light Zord loads its battle disks one more time and sends them flying at Papyrox!

The Disks scatter and destroys Papyrox for good!

Finally over his fear, Antonio and the others have a fish cookout.
But they are still curious, just how did he overcome his fear?

Mentor tells him to stop his nonsense and eat some sushi!
He’s cured!

Fish Time! Antonio is cured!

But what about Bulk and Spike?
Well, they’re still in that tree!

Thus bringing this chapter to a close!