Super: Fourteen

We open on our Samurai Rangers practicing their techniques. Again, Kevin seems to outdo Mike who comically fails to land a few attacks.

Reflecting on their previous battle Kevin begins to wonder why Master Xandred attacked Serrator. He realizes he must have gone rogue!

Kevin begins to realize that Serrator has made a series of attacks on the Rangers. If he is fighting both the Rangers and Master Xandred, he must be up to something big!

Kevin runs inside to explain and places a marker on all the locations of the recent Nighlok attacks.

Mike and Emily don’t quite see the pattern, but Kevin knows that Serrator wouldn’t attack randomly!

Kevin places different markers where Serrator has appeared personally or sent a Nighlok himself. Suddenly, it creates a pattern.

Serrator is up to something big and the Rangers vow to stop him!

Meanwhile Master Xandred is still soaking in the Sanzu River to re-energize his powers!

With the Master immobilized its time for Serrator to act on his plan now!

Serrator calls upon Pestillox

Serrator needs only to create one more wedge in the Earth before his plan is complete and hands Pestillox a marker which will glow when he is near the correct spot!

Pestillox heads out to cause a buzz and Serrator laughs that soon he will rule both worlds!

Back in Panorama City, Antonio is busy fishing as usual and catches a big fish he calls “Fishzilla!”

Trying to take a picture on his Samurai Morpher doesn’t work, but Antonio notices a photo booth in the distance!

Antonio heads that way passing by Bulk and Spike who seem to be centering themselves.

Leave it to Antonio to pose comically with his fish!

During their “workout” Bulk steps on Spike, hilarity ensues.

As Serrator heads out to finish his plan, Octoroo stops him and reveals he has figured out his plan!

Serrator is placing wedges into the earth so that he can crack it in two and instantly flood the Earth!

Octoroo points out how risky it was, tearing an opening between worlds can destroy them both!

Then, Octoroo realizes Serrator does not have the power to split the Earth, he needs someone filled with Nighlok Rage and Human Sorrow!

He needs Deker to fulfill the final strike!

He set this up over 200 years ago, everyone has a price and he has something Deker wants!

Dayu grows impatient waiting for Serrator to show his face, he needs to pay for deceiving them.

As Dayu tries to head off, Deker stops her and demands she stay away from Serrator until his sword Uramasa is finished repairing.

Outside of a shrine, Serrator arrives musing how Deker has no idea how intricate he is to the plan.

Serrator places his hands over a small grave which unearths the ghostly Uramasa from its resting place!

Serrator shakes off the earth from the blade and laughs that the Earth will soon be his!

Back in the city, Pestillox has located the location for the wedge!

Pestillox watches over the city, the calm before the swarm!

The Gap Sensor alerts and the Rangers realize that Serrator’s attack is along the same pattern as the others!

Emily realizes that along those lines Serrator could split the Earth!
They all realize this must be Serrator’s plan!

Mentor calls Antonio who realizes he is right near the attacks site!

Antonio morphs in the photo booth and passes right by Bulk and Spike who notice nothing.

Pestillox attacks the citizens and infects them with a large insect that attacks their insides!

Its time for a break and Bulk and Spike grab some food, but then notice all the people on the ground grabbing their stomachs!

Pestillox attacks them but somehow they manage to elude his bugs and take refuge inside of the photo booth.

Sadly for them, they left their food outside. But Bulk comes up with a plan to get it back.

Taking accidental pictures along the way, Bulk picks up the photo booth and carries it over to the food.

Munching ensues.

Antonio arrives on the scene and demands to know what Pestillox has done to the people!

Pestillox reveals that the insect  inside the people’s stomachs has no cure!
It will take Antonio to defeat him, but not if he is sick too!

With his Barracuda Blade Antonio makes short work of the bugs!

While his back is turned, Pestillox attacks with a purple sludge but luckily the other Rangers were there to block his attack!

When the other Rangers appear, Antonio fills them in but Pestillox unleashes an army of Moogers to slow them down!

To destroy a swarm of insects, Mike uses his Leaf Storm and Jayden counters with his Fire Smasher in cannon mode! But, Serrator sends it back at them!

Jayden morphs into Super Samurai mode and confronts Serrator!

Serrator demands an end to their meddling when Jayden tells him they have an idea of what he is up to! But he boasts that soon the final wedge will be in place!

The Rangers are stunned by the idea that the wedges are powered by human misery and when placed at the right spots can tear the Earth in two!

Serrator orders Pestillox to spread more human misery and sends him on his way.

Serrator tells them how annoying they are and blasts them out of his way!

Antonio hops and grabs Serrator in time for the others to escape. Jayden takes Emily and Mia with him and leaves Mike and Kevin to face Serrator with Antonio!

Jayden, Mia and Emily follow Pestillox and find him terrorizing people, but Jayden takes him down with his Bullzooka!

As Serrator owns Mike, Antonio and Kevin suddenly Deker appears unexpectedly.

His plan begins to reach the climax, the glow of the humans is their misery reaching its pinnacle which is the final wedge in his plan!

All of his attacks were used to create a line of human misery! He used Xandred’s monsters to serve his objective!

Once the final wedge is in place all it needs is one final blow for our world to split and be flooded by the Sanzu River!

The Earth will be completely submerged in the red waters of evil!

Back with Jayden, Mia and Emily Pestillox takes a few blasts but does not go down! But, Jayden takes control with the Super Bullzooka!

Pestillox’s first form has been defeated!

Serrator seems unphased by the turn of events as his final wedge will soon sink into the earth!

Jayden calls upon the Zords as Pestillox goes Mega!

The Samurai Megazord is united and takes on Pestillox!

Pestillox grabs a hold of the Megazord with its tentacles but the Megazord releases itself with a powerful Furious Lion Howl!

The misery already has begun seeping into the earth.
The last wedge is finally in place!

Deker takes a sword to Serrator’s neck and demands he live up to his end of the bargain; his sword Uramasa!

But first, Serrator demands one more small favor.
Deker is the only one who feels the pain of both the human and Netherworld, but belongs to neither. He must deliver the blow.

The Rangers attempt to stop him, but Serrator has had it with their meddling!

Meanwhile in the Megazord, the fight was going well until Giant Moogers appeared from out of no where to hold the Megazord!

The girls take charge and borrow the Beetle and Swordfish Disks!

The Zords arrive and begin blasting Pestillox with their individual powers! Soon it seems better to combine them with the Megazord!

Mia calls upon the Beetle Blaster Megazord uses its cannons and takes care of some Giant Moogers!

Next, Emily calls on the Swordfish Fencer Megazord and uses its giant katana slash to destroy the rest!

When Pestillox unleashes another swarm, Jayden calls upon the Tiger Drill Megazord to make short work of the bugs and knock out Pestillox!

Pestillox calls upon SpitFangs for more help!

The Battlewing Megazord is formed and used to destroy the SpitFangs with a Flying Slash! It provides a harsh blow to Pestillox as well!

It’s time for some more power to finally put an end to Pestillox!
The Rangers call upon the Claw Armor Megazord and the Samurai Battle Cannon!

Jayden goes into Shogun Mode and all together they use the Samurai Cannon’s blast!

With that final blast, Pestillox is no more!

Serrator again is unaffected by the defeat and reminds Deker that all that is left is for his sword strike from Uramasa!

Serrator offers up Uramasa and asks Deker to take it, for with it he can shatter the world!

Deker refuses and reveals all he wants is his sword.
Serrator has planned for this, the only way for Deker to release himself from his pain is to strike the wedge to break his curse!

The earth begins to weaken beneath the Rangers and giant blast sends them all off their feet!

A giant surge from the wedge shoots to the sky as the Earth begins to weaken along the line! Dayu escapes and watches in awe.

The wedges all around begin to explode, all that is left is the blow from Deker’s sword at the weakest spot between both worlds!

Serrator laughs that his plan is finally at fruition and there’s nothing the Rangers can do to stop him!

Jayden and the others know a huge battle is upon them, but along with Deker  they too are injured!

This chapter comes to a close, to be continued….