Super: Nine

We open aboard the Nighlok ship where Master Xandred has another massive headache fearing that Dayu might never return.
Octoroo reminds him that he did break her Harmonium

Suddenly Serrator shows up and introduces a new Nighlok, Duplicator who he brags will raise the Sanzu like no other Nighlok!

Seeming full of himself the Nighlok brags he is so cool the humans won’t know what hit them!

Meanwhile Bulk and Spike are busy training, well Spike is training!

Spike is lifting Bulk over and over; No Pain no Gain!

But when a letter is slipped underneath the door, Spike gets distracted and drops Bulk causing hilarity!

Demanding to know what the letter says, Spike reads the Rent Overdue letter to Bulk.

Night comes and Bulk becomes worried on how to pay the Rent.
Even his piggy bank is empty.

Pretending to be asleep, Spike overhears Bulk’s strain to find money.
Spike lays worried for his Uncle Bulk.

Bright and early,  Spike leaves Bulk a letter and heads out

Dayu and Deker hide in the forest , but Deker is displeased with how long Serrator is taking to repair their possessions.

Dayu knows he’s not to be trusted.
Deker reveals his  desire to use Uramasa is overwhelming and destroys a nearby boulder.

Dayu jumps out-of-the-way and decides to stay atop the trees in the meantime with her furry wart friend.

At Samurai Headquarters the morning is off to a good start as Mia returns from a morning jog.

Antonio enters with his catch of the day; Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!

Mia looks up from a book and suggests she cook breakfast for everyone!

Suddenly, everyone has to be somewhere else and heads out!

That just leaves only Mentor, who quickly replies he’s already eaten.
Mia just shrugs and goes back to reading.

Bulk creepily wakes up to Sammy staring back at him!
He finds the note from Spike.

 It reads, “Samurai work together, don’t worry about the rent.”

Spike begins his work career as a gardener for an elderly woman.

But it doesn’t go his way and he gets fired!

Next, he tries his hand at Valet service and takes a beautiful red car for a drive!

But seconds later, he crashed it and was fired once more!

At his next job a huge explosion causes yet another firing!

Spike sits and feels down on himself, how can he help Uncle Bulk now?

Nearby, Duplicator attacks the workers and mocks them with his coolness!

The Gap sensor goes off and Mentor shows the Rangers where the attack is!

The Rangers morph and head out

The Rangers arrive at the scene and assist the workers to escape.

Mia notices that Spike hadn’t heard her and is still moping in the corner.

The Rangers corner Duplicator and he introduces his cool self who reveals that he works for Serrator.

They all wonder what Serrator is up to this time, but Mike suggests he handle Duplicator himself!

Mike tackles him alone, Duplicator teases him that he’s way cooler than him!
Mike tells him to define cool!

 Using mirror images Duplicator confuses the Rangers and appears in multiple locations!

Kevin takes a chance and uses his Hydro Bow at the nearest Duplicator image.

At first it looks like it was a direct hit, but Duplicator just laughs and disappears in a cloud of dark mist.

Duplicator reveals that there’s more to him than meets the eye!

Creating more mirror images all of the Duplicators take on the Rangers!

Jayden uses his Fire Smasher to thin the numbers a bit.

Mia again notices that Spike is still sitting there.

As the Rangers thin out the numbers, the real Duplicator watches from above

He calls for the Rangers’ attention and sends large purple blasts at them!

As the Rangers lay on the ground, Duplicator goes in for the final blow

Unfortunately for him, he begins to dry out and instead retreats back to the Sanzu River

Mia tells the others to go on without her, she wants to check on Spike.

Mia finds Spike and asks what’s wrong, after all she is a good listener.
She sits down with him and he tells her he’s a loser; with losing all the jobs!

He reveals his fear that if he can’t keep a job how can he expect to be a Samurai.
Mia looks intrigued and Spike tells her about his training.

Mia tells him that being a Samurai is about never giving up on yourself  no matter how hard things are and to believe in himself.

Mia leaves him telling him the right job is out there for him.
Before she goes, he gets her name; Mia.

Back at Headquarters, the Ranger relax after taking a beating!

Mia returns and tells them what Spike had said to her about being a Samurai.
A true Samurai never gives up.

Mike takes that lesson to heart and joins with Antonio in believing there must be a way to defeat that Nighlok!

Bulk begins to worry that Spike isn’t home yet and heads out to look for him!

The Rangers sit down and think of ways to distinguish the real Duplicator.
Mike suggests differences in the faces.

Emily suggests that perhaps the images don’t cast reflections, like Vampires.

Jayden interrupts and suggests that the Light Zord’s high-powered beam may be able to  show through the Nighlok’s tricks!

The Rangers train as they await the Nighlok’s appearance and as darkness nears he finally reappears.

Duplicator wreaks havoc in the city!

Spike tries to contain his fear as a night security guard!

Bulk appears nearly s caring the bejeezus out of Spike and the two reunite!

Duplicator appears and gets ready for the Rangers to appear!

The Samurai Rangers appear and shine some light on the Nighlok!
With a shadowy introduction!

 Duplicator laughs at them as they prepare for battle, but Light Zord isn’t fully charged yet!

Duplicator uses his mirror images and the Rangers must fight him until LZ is fully charged!

The Rangers use Dragon Splash, Air Way, Forest Vortex and Seismic Swing!

But Duplicator surprises them from above and knocks them out once more!

Antonio has had enough and prepares the fully charged Light Zord!

The High Powered light beam strikes Duplicator!

The Light destroys all of Duplicator’s mirror images!

Antonio takes on Duplicator as he stands alone!

Antonio uses a Slashing Strike powered up by LZ!

Mia congratulates Antonio and Jayden decides to give her the Black Box!

Super Samurai Pink Ranger!
Mia uses her Super Air Way!

With her Super power Mia destroys Duplicator’s first form!

Duplicator grows Mega and the Rangers put together the Claw Armor Megazord!

Antonio calls upon the Light Zord to grow Mega as well!

LZ grows and joins forces with the other Megazord

Antonio sends out LZ to attack Duplicator first

The Claw Armor Megazord uses its Double Katana!

Pulling a double hitter, LZ attacks Duplicator as he goes flying!
Duplicator complains that this is no fair!

 He duplicates himself once more and confuses the Rangers once more!

Antonio orders the Light Zord to use its Scatter Shot to destroy the duplicates!

As he lays paralyzed for a moment, Jayden tells Mia its time to finish him off!

Mia calls the Samurai Battle Cannon!

Mai calls upon the power of the Ancestors and morphs into Shogun Mode!

She uses the Shogun Ranger fire and powers up the cannon!

The cannon fires and Duplicator is no more!

They all congratulate Mia!
Samurai Rangers, victory was theirs!

Later, Mia catches up with Bulk and Spike and asks if everything is better now.
They admit it’s not much better.

Mia sees Antonio in the distance and tells them to see if he needs help.
She bets he will pay for each fish caught!

Bulk and Spike prove to be extra good at catching fish, while Antonio seems to catch only a boot!

But luckily he was looking for it!

and that brings this chapter to a close!