Super: Nineteen

We open on the other Rangers finding out that Jayden is off fighting Deker.
Mike suggests they go to stop him, but Mentor tells them all there is no stopping either of them.

Antonio tries to brave through his injuries to find Jayden, but is unable to get very far.

Mike, Emily and Mia decide to head out in Antonio’s place, but as they leave Mike notices that Kevin hasn’t moved.
He has decided to stay with Lauren.

Kevin explains its best to divide and conquer, he will stay with Lauren as she practices the Sealing Power or if there’s another Nighlok attack and they will find Jayden.

Mike vows to bring Jayden home and the three head out.

On horseback, we rejoin Deker and Jayden in their final battle!

The battle escalates as Jayden morphs into the Red Ranger and Deker transforms into his Nighlok form.

The two charge at each other and cross swords with sparks flying!

Back at the Shiba House, Kevin is pensive and stares at the ancient Samurai armor.

Lauren suggests that if he has to go and be with the others, she would understand.
They are all more than Samurai, they’re friends.

Kevin explains it’s his duty to protect the entire city and not just his friends.
Lauren commends him, she has never had a good friend.

Kevin assures her that she does now.

After their moment Kevin goes out side to practice.

While Lauren does the same thing she did the episode before….

Jayden and Deker continue to battle, Deker commands that he won’t ever stop until the duel is finished!

The two titans fly through the sky amid fiery flames and clash once more!

A surge of power courses through the Nighlok ship and Dayu feels it, but its a more unsettling feeling…

Deker laughs that the way of the sword is the only way to live!

But Jayden responds,
“The only good that comes from fighting is the defeat of evil.”

Deker reminds Jayden that the last time they fought he broke Uramasa, but this time the only thing that would break would be his curse & Jayden!

Deker gets a few strikes in and gets the best of Jayden.
Deker yearns for he and Uramasa to be free, but Jayden trudges on and vows to defeat him!

As Deker begins to strike, Jayden knows this must end now and knocks Uramasa from his hand.
A powerful blow sends Deker to a blasting finish!

The other Rangers arrive worried for Jayden’s safety.

Meanwhile, Lauren knows that Kevin is bothered by remaining at the house.
She advises him that she wants him to go with Mike and the others.

Lauren tells him he is a great Samurai, but she can take care of herself.
Jayden needs him now, far more than she does.

Kevin leaves but not before thanking Lauren.

In the aftermath of the explosion, Deker and Jayden lay inside a circle of flames with Uramasa stuck into the ground.

Jayden rises thinking it was finally over.

But a devious cackle rises from the ground, Deker is not yet defeated.
His curse will not stop!

The other Rangers shout at the circle of flames worried for Jayden trying to stop him!
They scream that neither of them have to do this!

Deker laughs that they don’t know what they are talking about, he’s always had to do this.
Ready to finish the battle, Deker attempts to raise Uramasa, but it’s stuck.

He sees that it is Dayu holding his hand back, she cries out that she cannot lose him again!

Deker demands for her to release him, but he is the only one that can see her.

She stares into his eyes and as he pleads with her, she releases him.

Jayden thinking the fight is over, turns his back on Deker and walks away.

Deker transforms once more and charges at Jayden’s turned back!

The others scream for Jayden to turn around and as he does a thunderous strike could be heard from behind Deker.

Kevin delivered a powerful blow to Deker, Deker transforms back and falls to the ground.

Since Kevin had created an exit from the circle with his water power, the others grab Jayden and escaped from the fire.

Deker lays satisfied with himself.

“At last…..I’m free.”

Jayden and the others watch as Deker’s curse was finally lifted, Deker was no more.

Aboard the ship, Dayu could feel that Deker was gone. She was there in spirit with him.

Octoroo comforts her that at least they still have Master Xandred even though it is taking far too long for him to rise from the Sanzu. Perhaps if she played the harmonium he would rise faster.

With her new-found misery, her music would be even stronger. Her happiness was over, now her Nighlok form has taken over.

The flames died down and everyone is exhausted.

Jayden rises and thanks them all and apologizes for not telling them his secret. Lauren and  the plan had to protected. It was time for him to go.

But the Rangers stop him telling him that they don’t care he kept his secret, he is still their leader.
Every battle was real and he couldn’t tell them otherwise.

As the team reunites, Uramasa fades away into the mist.

Ever the caring Samurai, Antonio attempts to take care of Mentor.

Even though he is a little overbearing.

Antonio, for some reason, was attempting to avoid Lauren when she invited him in with a question.
She was curious about Jayden as a kid.

Antonio remembers that Jayden was awesome even then, playing when they should be practicing.

Jayden treated him like an equal , gave him faith in the goodness of people and made him feel like he could do anything.
Lauren suddenly realizes why everyone follows him.

But Antonio reminds her that she is great too and just as good as Jayden.

Suddenly the Gap Sensor alarm sounds, it’s Giant Moogers at the Marina!

Antonio pledges his allegiance to Lauren and the two of them head out into battle.

Mentor uses his golden Samuraizer and informs Kevin and the others of the situation.

Lauren and Antonio combine the Claw Armor Megazord

The Rangers plead with Jayden to join them in the fight, he agrees and promises to meet them there.

The Rangers morph!

Lauren and Antonio notice the Moogers on the ground as well, but decide not to attack because of the civilians.

On the ground the other Samurai Rangers take on the smaller Moogers that  don’t stand a chance when Jayden joins the fight!

While inside the Claw Armor Megazord Lauren and Antonio slash through the competition!

Meanwhile at the beach, Dayu stands and begins to play her music of misery.

Deker was gone and for centuries she had been kidding herself that they would ever be reunited. If she can’t be happy, no one can!

Mia notices Dayu and what she was doing and tries to figure out what she is up to!

The two strike their swords and fight until Mia lands a blow against Dayu and her Harmonium!

Her Harmonium falls and as it is destroyed, but Dayu cackles as it unleashes a tornado of misery on the world, slated to make Master Xandred rise once more!

Inside the cockpit Antonio and Lauren could hear a groaning wicked breath as if the air is filled with sadness.

A cloud of misery washed over and shakes both Panorama City and the Sanzu River.
Behind a veil of mist…..

Dayu’s debt repaid, Master Xandred has risen from the Sanzu!
Now the human world shall fall!

To be continued!