Super: One

We open on Mia and Kevin practicing their weaponry against a dummy Mooger!

Happy with their work, Mia and Kevin congratulate each other on their skills

Meanwhile, Mike and Emily are out having a great time.
Mike on his skateboard and Emily on her roller blades!

 Comically, Mike wasn’t looking where he was going and did a tango with a banister!

In true leader fashion, Jayden is practicing his Spin Sword technique

Suddenly his Samuraizer buzzes, it’s the other Rangers they need him ASAP

The Rangers meet at a large bubbling pool of Sanzu River water that has somehow leaked into Earth

Jayden reminds them all of how volatile the water can be as he places a stick into the water.
The stick catches fire.

This much water  can be dangerous, Jayden reminds them while Kevin remembers that with these pools the Nighloks can re-hydrate without having to return to the river itself.

Mia calls them over to yet another puddle.
Kevin  remembers that mentor had previously mentioned the Nighlok may be growing stronger when such pools appear.

It gets worse, Mia points out as a large footprint leads away from the pool.

Deep in the woods the mutated Arachnitor looks for trouble.

Meanwhile aboard the Nighlok’s ship, Master Xandred’s medicine is no longer helping his headache. Especially now that Dayu’s music is gone.

He won’t feel better until the Earth is flooded.
But, Octoroo reminds him that luckily Arachnitor is still on Earth.

Xandred remembers his treachery and does not take this as good news.
Octoroo reminds him of Arachnitor’s mutation and how much misery he could cause.

Jayden begins ordering the holes be plugged up while Mike reveals the footprints are definitely Nighlok.
Mia muses that the gap sensors didn’t go off this time.

This Nighlok has been here a while, Jayden reveals and he’s been using the pools to re-hydrate!

In the background, Bulk and Spike reveal a new way to become Samurai.
Bulk’s new camera will document the Rangers’ moves which they can copy!

On the docks, Antonio is busy fishing but is interrupted by Mentor.
It’s time to finish the Black Box

With apprehension, Antonio sets to work on the Black Box; programming it with his Morpher

But it again fails.

Arachnitor heads out of the forest and onto a small town where he sets his sights of destruction!

Hot on his trail, Mike follows Arachnitor’s dwindling footprints being able to do so on his home turf, the Forest.

The footprints lead out of the trees and towards the same small town where the Rangers hear screams.

Arachnitor attacks the citizens and the  Rangers morph to take him on!

Meanwhile, Bulk is documenting the whole fight

The Rangers take on Arachnitor the best they can but are soon taken down by his insane mutation!

Apparently finished with their fight, Arachnitor floats away from the scene

Mike reminds them all that Arachnitor had mutated and Mia remembers the worst part, he won’t dry out.
The Rangers head for base.

Bulk, excited about the footage he had obtained forgot an important part; the memory card.

Back at headquarters, Jayden reveals all of the Sanzu River leaks on the map.

Jayden reveals a plan of ambush, the Nighlok will need to re-hydrate so they need to cut him off at the source!

Antonio tries again to program the box but fails again.

Kevin and Jayden arrive at the source where a large pool of Sanzu water is flowing.

They wait for the surprise attack

In the shadows Octoroo waits with an ambush of his own, he places special scrolls against the walls.
When the Rangers walk past them their Ranger Morphing powers will be shut off!

Jayden realizes that they may be at the wrong pool, the map only gives this general area and it could be another pool close by.

 Jayden and Kevin run for the next nearest pool and as they do pass one of Octoroo’s scrolls!

They were right, soon they find Arachnitor rehydrating in a small alcove!
Kevin calls the others.

Unfortunately their position is given up and Arachnitor attacks with the help of a few Moogers.

The others arrive and shout Go-Go Samurai!
But, nothing.

Across they way Kevin notices the evil barrier stopping them from morphing!

Kevin and Jayden handle the barriers and Jayden advises the others to be careful, there is a lot of Sanzu water here.

Still at it, Antonio programs the box further and with closed eyes he sends all his power.
It works! The Box is finally programmed!

Antonio runs to show Mentor who advises him to hurry to the other Rangers, they will need its power!

Meanwhile the Rangers do their best to take on the Moogers without their powers.

Mia gets trapped by a few Moogers over a pool of Sanzu water and her hair begins to catch fire!

Jayden finally reaches the barrier and slices it to pieces!

The Rangers’ powers return just in time!

They take on Arachnitor together but again succumb to his mutinous powers!

They seem defeated by Jayden reminds them all to be strong!

Just in the nick of time, Antonio arrives with his golden present!
The finished Black Box!

Antonio hands it over to Jayden and he enters Super Samurai Mode!

With all the Power Disks combined they can now morph into Super Samurai Mode!

Jayden attached the Black Box to his Spin Sword and readies for battle.

The Black Box gives the Red Ranger the Super power he needs to defeat all of the Moogers.

Now he sets his sights on Arachnitor

They begin their epic battle, Super Red stronger than ever!

After a failed attack from Arachnitor, Jayden uses his Lion Disk inside the Black Box to power up his own attack!

Jayden uses his Super Blazing Strike!

Arachnitor’s first form is defeated, but Jayden knows soon he will become a Mega Monster!

Octoroo realizes it’s a good time to call in the cavalry and calls upon Giant Moogers and Spitfires to help against Super Red!

Jayden readies himself for Super Mega Mode!

Jayden arrives in the cockpit of the Lion Folding Zord feeling the power of Super Mega Mode armor!

Zords Combine!
Samurai Megazord is United!

Arachnitor and his small army are ready for the Rangers

Antonio calls upon the Claw Battlezord East to assist!

 Antonio reveals that the Zords can now combine thanks to the power of the Black Box!
Jayden uses the new Power Disk to combine!

The Samurai Megazord and the Claw Battlezord combine their power!

Super Samurai Combination!

Claw Armor Megazord is united!

All 6 Rangers are now in the same cockpit and ready for battle!

Together they use the Double Katana Strike and destroy the Giant Moogers!

Feeling a few blasts from the Spitfires, the Rangers need another combination!
They call upon Octozord, Swordfish, Tiger and Beetle Zords!

The Zords combine and create a Super Cannon!

 The Cannon takes a lot of Symbol Power and can only use One Shot!
The Rangers aim their cannon hoping it will work!

The Cannon Fires!

Unleash the Zords!

The one shot was perfect and thanks to the Black Box, Victory was theirs!

Bulk thinks perhaps its not a good idea to follow the Rangers to film them.

 Emily uses her Rock symbol power to seal the leak of Sanzu water

The Rangers realize that the threat is growing, but so are they and thanks to Antonio they now a new Super Power.

Rangers Together, Samurai Forever!

thus bringing this Super chapter to a close.