Super: Seven

We open on a sleepy Mike serving himself some Orange Juice

Among the sounds of the other Rangers practicing a faint strum of a guitar can be heard

Mike inquires with Mentor as the playing grows louder

The Rangers follow Mike outside who finds the source of the music

The music is coming from a guitar player outside who introduces himself as Terry, Mia’s Brother

The Rangers welcome Terry into the Shiba House

Terry asks where Mia is and Emily explains she’s with Kevin buying groceries.
Terry laughs and hopes they aren’t going to let her cook!

Jayden asks what brings Terry to town, he reveals that over summer break he’s volunteering at the children’s hospital

His parents believe it will help him get into med school, but he’s also trying to put together a concert gig hoping Mia would sing with him!

Emily is excited that Mia can sing, Terry reveals she’s awesome!

When they were kids they were going to be the world’s greatest band, but the whole Power Ranger thing got in the way.

Suddenly, the gap sensor sounds and the Rangers have to head out

Terry insists not to worry about him and to go ahead, he’ll stay with Mentor who seems pretty cool!

The Rangers head to a school where many Moogers are attacking!

Missing Mia, the Rangers gather together and take on the Moogers sending school puns flying!

Jayden finishes off the rest of the Moogers with his Spin Sword sending flames flying!

As the fight closes Mia shows up apologizing for her absence

Jayden thanks Antonio for the back up, Antonio likes to be needed!

Emily reveals to Mia that her brother arrived at the Shiba house and he wants her to sing in his band!

Hearing that Mia’s brother has a band Antonio heads over right away and confirms that her brother indeed has a band!

He gets excited and tells her not to let him leave, he is going to get his guitar!

In all the excitement, Mia seems extremely unsure.

As the Rangers go about their chores, Terry returns to the Shiba house and reunites with his sister.

Mia introduces him to Kevin, who seems to be interested in his guitar as well!

Mia asks what brings Terry to town, he reveals he’s getting the band back together

He wonders if she’d come and sing

Mia begins to decline, but the Rangers encourage her wanting to see her perform.

Mia grabs Terry and wants to talk to him outside!

Mia scolds him that this summer was supposed to be about him getting into med school and not about playing gigs!

He defends himself and says its only one gig, not a world tour.
She’s beginning to sound like their Mom & Dad!

Mia says maybe they’re right and they just want to look out for him.
He says he can take care of himself, sorry that he has come and goes to get his things.

Terry accuses Mia of not wanting to help him and he storms out of the Shiba House

On his way out he meets up with Antonio who hopes to jam with him.
Terry asks if he can sing, they go off and jam together.

Meanwhile on the Sanzu River, Octoroo scolds Serrator for his continuous failures.
Serrator assures them its only a minor setback!

Octoroo reminds him that his chances are wearing thin, but Serrator assures them that his newest plan will get rid of the Rangers once and for all!

When we meet Bulk and Spike, Bulk is upset about how the Samurai path is hard to attain!
He suggests they close their eyes and focus on it!

He lands right into a pole which held a flier for the Rebel Rockers concert !

They are going to find the Samurai path through music and culture!

The duo try out numerous types of music: Country, Alternative, Rock!
Nothing seems to fit right!

Antonio and Terry practice their new song for the performance and it sounds great!

There’s a knock on the door, Terry gives Emily invites to the concert!

As he leaves, Emily notices that the band is featuring Antonio!

Meanwhile Bulk and Spike attempt to find protection for their gig, after all they are gonna be HUGE!
A few bikers suspiciously accept $5 for the job.

Mia sits alone wondering why Terry can only think of his band, she realizes she does sound like  her mom!

Thinking back, they did have some fun as kids!

She remembers singing a song with her brother playing guitar with her!
The world’s greatest band, she muses!

Bulk and Spike notice Mia in the distance, Spike is in love and Bulk tells him to invite her to the concert!

As they approach Mia’s Samuraizer goes off!
She apologizes she has to leave, but not before Spike gives her a flier for the show!

The other Rangers head into battle against Serrator!

Serrator sends a blast their way and knocks them into the nearby warehouse.

A Mooger battle ensues and the Rangers take them on like champs!

Jayden tells Serrator that he should go back to the Netherworld, Serrator sends another blast and knocks them all off their feet!

Serrator laughs that with the Rangers out-of-the-way he can finally put his plan into place!

But Mia shows up to stop his plan and bravely takes him on alone!

The fight begins! Serrator grants that she has spirit, but he hates spirit!

Jayden throws her the Black Box!

Super Pink Ranger powers were activated!

She wastes no time with a Super Air Way and slashes Serrator!

Feeling the impact, Serrator calls upon Papyrox once again!

Cheerleading Moogers! They’ve all gone  Mega!

Using the Samurai Combination Disk Mia pilots the Samurai Megazord, while Jayden pilots the Bull Zord!

The Samurai Megazord rides the Bull Zord and charges at the Moogers!

The Samurai Megazord atop the Bull Zord takes out the Moogers and sends them flying!

Antonio calls out the Claw Zord and transforms into East Mode!

Antonio thinks its time to show what the Bull Zord can really do, Jayden agrees and transforms into Megazord Mode!

Now that all three Megazords are together, its time to show them they mean business!

Papyrox is protected by Spitfangs who send fireballs towards the Zords, but they just send them right back!

Using a Claw Strike,  Samurai Strike and the Revolving Laser Blaster they destroy the giant problem!

Samurai Rangers, Victory is theirs!

Back at Headquarters, Mike is attempting to show Kevin how to dance.

The others ask Mia if she is going to the concert, but she decides to turn in early instead.
The others admit that after that battle, they need to blow off some steam and leave her.

As they leave, Mia remembers the flier in her pocket.

 It was a flier for Terry’s concert and soon she realizes it’s a concert for charity!

Spikey Spike and the Fresh Bulk go on to large applause!
But those bikers they hired rush them off strange, to “protect them”

Terry backstage worries no one is here to see them, but Antonio reassures him they will be there!

The Rebel Rockers go on stage!

<<< To see the performance click here >>>

The Rangers finally arrive to see the fantastic show!

Antonio performs the vocals of  “Everyday Fun” until a new voice suddenly joins in!

Mia appears and surprises them all and sings the chorus with Antonio!

The three of them join together!

As the show ends everyone cheers for the awesome performance!

Reunited at last, the siblings make up

The Rangers go backstage and congratulate Antonio, he admits it was fun but doesn’t beat fishing!

Mia apologizes for judging Terry, she wouldn’t trade being a Ranger for anything but she admits she was jealous of his performance!

Terry admits he wants to be a doctor, just a doctor that ROCKS!
They laugh and walk away together!

…and that brings this chapter to a close!