Super: Seventeen

We open on Jayden honing his Samurai Skills and Mia admiring from afar.

Then Mia sees a strange visitor handing over a letter to Mentor.

Mia recognized the Shiba Family crest and knew something was up.

Mentor hands it over to Jayden who seems to know instantly what the letter could mean.

As Jayden reads the letter Mentor reveals that they knew this day would come.
Jayden knows the Rangers will finally know his secret and hope they will forgive him.

Dayu returns to the Nighlok ship expecting a welcome from her Furry Wart friends and of course Octoroo!

With Master Xandred still at the bottom of the Sanzu, Octoroo reveals he had been lonely with no one to exchange insults with!

But at least he fixed her Harmonium before he dried out.
In return she pledged her loyalty to him.

They both think it would be a good idea to spread some misery and Octoroo knows just the Nighlok and Weapon to ambush the Red  Ranger!

Fierra arrives on the ship and starts taking digs at Dayu immediately, thinking they wouldn’t have let her back on the ship and teasing about not being able to make friends on Earth.

Dayu takes her blade to Fierra’s neck and advises her to save her words and instead help them take out the Red Ranger. Fierra agrees.

They head to the surface where Octoroo reveals the new weapons that are designed to take out the Head of the Shiba clan.

The Fire Flashers are filled with evil flames of the Sanzu which clash with the Symbol Power of the Red Ranger!

Suddenly the Gap Sensor alerts and Jayden leads the Rangers out to the Nighlok attack.

The Rangers arrive at the scene and Morph to take on the Moogers!

Fierra watches from afar and takes notice of the Red Ranger and readies for the blasts!

As the Rangers take on the Moogers, Fierra appears and targets Jayden who takes a powerful blast from her weapon!

Not only does it give a powerful blast, but the fire inside begins to burn and strike Jayden’s insides.

Jayden begin to feel the pain as he attempts to block more attacks from Fierra’s weapons.

Jayden loses track of Fierra and she suddenly reappears very close to him and blasts him once more!

The others realize that Fierra is singling out Jayden and Kevin runs to protect him and takes a blast as well. Although, it barely affects him.

The Rangers all gather around Jayden as a shield, but it’s no use.
Fierra blasts them all and ends up blasting Jayden once more.

The Rangers question why only Jayden is burning up and Fierra reveals her weapon’s special power to burn up the Shiba Family fire!

The Rangers try to protect him once more taking hits for him, but Fierra bounces around appearing in different locations.
Jayden pleads with them not to protect him.

Jayden morphs into Super Samurai Mode wanting to take on Fierra alone.
He takes another blast and feels it even more!

Fierra prepares for her most powerful blast yet and appears behind Jayden and fires a shot she is sure will finish him!

Jayden takes a powerful shot but sends out a Bullzooka Blast before de-morphing and falling to the ground!

It takes Fierra out as she groans in confusion as to why the fire didn’t consume Jayden.
Octoroo suddenly realizes, if he was the head of the Shiba Family the fire would have consumed him. That could only mean one thing.

The Rangers run to Jayden’s side as he is very injured, he gives Kevin the Black Box and tells him he needs to fight.

Fierra grows Mega and the others leave Jayden to rest while they get into the Megazords.

The Claw Armor Megazord takes a lot of blows from Fierra who is quick as lightning!
The Zords take serious damage!

Jayden begins to lose consciousness and suddenly hears a calming voice…

“Jayden, don’t worry. I’ll handle this!”

The Zords fall apart and take blow after blow from Fierra suffering loads of damage.
Fierra laughs.

Suddenly the Lion Zord appears and attacks Fierra!
The Rangers, confused, look down to see that Jayden is still on the ground at rest!
So who is in the Zord?

After exchanging some scorching lines and a fiery attack, the mysterious Red Ranger attacks Fierra even more to the awe of the other Rangers!

She finishes Fierra with Pentagonal Fury!

“Samurai Rangers, Victory is ours!”

The Rangers leave their Zords and head back down to help Jayden back to the Shiba House.

Suddenly the mysterious Ranger appears before them all

The others are confused, how can there be two Red Rangers?

She de-morphs as the Rangers demand to know who she is.

Jayden reveals that she is his big sister, Lauren.

Lauren and Jayden reunite with great emotion.

The Rangers want to know why they never knew about her, where she was all this time and why she wasn’t with Jayden.

Mia suggests they stop throwing questions at her and instead welcomes her to the Samurai Rangers!

Lauren thanks them all, she has been waiting for this day for a very long time.

She confesses she cannot wait to get to know them all, but especially her little brother.

Mentor reveals that the Nighlok never knew Lauren existed.
It was part of the plan of Lauren and Jayden’s Father.

During the last invasion, the Nighlok got the best of the Samurai Rangers and their Father placed all his hopes into his two children.

Lauren was sent off and put into hiding so she could fully master the Sealing Symbol. But, while she was gone someone had to continue fighting off the Nighlok.

But Jayden was just a little boy then, so his Father knew that even an imperfect Sealing Symbol would send Master Xandred to the bottom of the Sanzu River long enough to allow his daughter to master the symbol.

Jayden had to do a very hard thing, keep this secret from his best friends.
However, this means that Lauren has mastered the symbol.

Meanwhile, Octoroo worries that the Red Ranger deceived them all this time!
That’s why he never used the Sealing Power, they both know Xandred will be furious.

As Jayden rests, Lauren tells him she was proud to see him fight; he’s grown into a true Samurai.

She had thought about him often for years, she imagined that like her he must have felt very alone.

He admitted he had felt that way, but over time he grew to trust his team-mates like brothers and sisters.

Lauren wishes she could become part of the family too.

Jayden reminds her that there is no way they can be a team now, however she had hoped there could have been a way.

He tells her she must take the place of the Red Ranger and lead the team and the only way for her to do that is for him to leave.

Lauren begins to cry, but Jayden reminds her the sealing power is the way to save the world, it must be protected and that means protecting her.

The other Rangers are too loyal to him, if he stays dangerous mistakes could be made.
Lauren asks if he is sure, he replies: “There can only be one Red Ranger.”

Lauren leaves Jayden and heads outside where the other Rangers have begun a BBQ celebration welcoming her to the team!

As Lauren is about to enjoy a burger she sets her Morpher down and Mike picks it up very curious at its design!

Lauren takes it back, the Morpher belonged to her father. He used it in his last battle.
Mike apologizes.

Jayden packs and prepares for his departure.

The Power Disks and Black Box now belong to Lauren.

Emily laughs with Lauren telling her that it’s great to have another girl on the team! They need a girls day out!

Jayden appears outside but Lauren knows what is coming and suddenly becomes very sad.
The others attempt to invite him to the party, but they know something is up.

Jayden hands Lauren the box of Disks and Black Box.

Jayden tells them all that they need to follow Lauren now, she is the new Red Ranger and the new Leader. He is going away.

He’s going away permanently, the Rangers respond with extreme emotion.

The others plead for him to stay, but he tells them that Lauren has the sealing power and the ability to do things he never could.
End this war, bring peace.

Mike and Antonio grow angry when Mentor and Lauren won’t try to stop Jayden from leaving. But Mentor knows he cannot be stopped.
Jayden thanks Mentor for being his rock.

Jayden says goodbye to the others and comforts Kevin as he attempts to go with him, but he wants him to fight at his sister’s side.

Jayden leaves and the Rangers are devastated.

Emily reflects that it was Jayden who brought them all together and somehow fighting next to him made her a stronger warrior.

Mike wants to know what should be done? Should they forget Jayden ever existed?
Lauren insists of course not. Kevin reminds them all that Jayden said it was their duty as Samurai.

Antonio reminds them Jayden is his best friend and technically, he isn’t a real Samurai.
So he heads out after Jayden.

Mike apologizes, he is sure Lauren is a great Samurai, but it’s just not the same as Jayden.
Lauren tries to stay strong.

For now, this chapter has come to a close!