Super: Six

We open on a boy walking through the forest setting out for an unknown destination.

Meanwhile, Serrator and the Nighlok Crustor are watching him.
Serrator reveals that this boy’s family has watched over the BullZord for centuries, he has unique powers.

Serrator wants the BullZord but it is sealed away, he commands Crustor to follow the boy until the BullZord is revealed!

The Rangers return to Samurai Headquarters, Mentor is picking tomatoes from his garden.

Jayden notices that the front door is wide open, the head inside to investigate.

Inside is the boy who immediately gets up and shakes Jayden’s hand.

He tells them he’s brought them this disk and he needs them to free the BullZord!

Mentor comes in and reveals the boy is named Cody, and that his family are guardians of the very first Zord to enter our world, the BullZord.

Mentor reveals that the BullZord entered our world through symbol power, but went out of control and ravaged the countryside. So, the Grand Shogun sealed it away in a secret location known only to Cody’s family.

Cody pleads with them all that the BullZord isn’t bad, it just wants to be free!
He wants to break the seal.

Kevin questions his logic that Cody wants to free a Zord that once rampaged!
Cody tells them he wouldn’t do that now with the Disk to control him.

Cody had snuck out of his family’s compound and the Rangers decided to take him back for more information on the Zord.

When the Rangers arrive they find Cody’s Father chopping wood, he is already expecting them and knows his son had went to see them.

His Father is disappointed he left without tell him, but Cody pleads that he was worried about the BullZord. He doesn’t want to be sealed up like that!

Cody thinks with Jayden’s help they could control the Zord, but his father tells him no one can control the BullZord not even the Red Ranger.

His Father scolds him for putting himself and the Rangers at risks and tells him he has chores to do.

The Rangers go indoors and find a statue of the Grand Shogun.
Jayden discusses with Cody’s Father that Cody must really care about the BullZord.

He reveals that Cody has been talking to the BullZord and he thinks it understands him.
Jayden asks if it really does.

 Cody’s Father says maybe, but it can’t be trusted.
He grabs a scroll and reveals what the Grand Shogun wanted.

The Grand Shogun ordered the Zord remain sealed, for all eternity.

Mia suddenly pops in to tell them all that Cody is missing!

Cody sets out for the mountain that holds the BullZord with the Disk intent on freeing him!

Meanwhile, Crustor comes into our world from a gap and follows Cody into the mountain!

Cody enters and finds the BullZord’s cockpit. He talks to the BullZord and tells it that it must obey him and not rampage!

Cody uses symbol power and writes Release and sends it into the podium!

It works and Cody frees the BullZord!
Suddenly, the mountain begins to quake!

With the seal broken the BullZord begins to escape from the mountain!

With Cody knocked around the in the cockpit, the BullZord escapes!

Cody places the Disk inside the podium that will restore all of BullZord’s power.
As he places it he reveals he just needs to write the Power Symbol, but the BullZord begins to stir!

Cody tells the BullZord not to worry that the Symbol Power will calm him.
With that, he writes the symbol but it fails to absorb into the disk!

The BullZord begins to rampage and takes out a railroad bridge!

No one can stop the rampaging but the Samurai Rangers know they have to try to Morph!

The rampage continues and Cody attempts to use his mind to communicate with the BullZord, but it doesn’t want to listen!

Crustor sends out Giant Moogers to capture the BullZord, but it crashes into them and uses its shoulder blasters and knock them away!

The Rangers go into Mega Mode and call forth the Samurai Megazord and Claw Battlezord!

Working together the two Megazords follow after the BullZord!

But, the Moogers take their attention to the Megazords and block their attempts to stop the BullZord.

The Giant Moogers wrap large chains around the BullZord to control it, but it’s Shoulder Blasters take them out!

The BullZord gets angrier at the Rangers and begins its rampage towards them.
Inside the cockpit, Cody pleads with it not to hurt his friends!

 Holding onto its horns the Megazord tries to subdue the BullZord, Mia uses the Turtle arm and slaps some sense into the BullZord!

The Samurai Megazord jumps on top of the BullZord to grab control of the reins!

But the Samurai Megazord can’t take much more damage as the BullZord continues to rampage!
The Rangers retreat, with Cody still trapped inside the BullZord.

Back with Cody’s Father, Mia tries to comfort him that they will find him somehow.
Jayden suggests they let the other Zords go look for the BullZord in the morning.

Xandred likes that the BullZord is spreading fear, but Octoroo is annoyed that Crustor lost the Zord.
He tells the Master he will find it!

That evening,  Cody’s Father calls out to his son.

The Zords return and the Rangers are ready to head out to find Cody’s location!

But before they can leave, Cody’s Father hands them the original Power Disk his ancestors used to create the BullZord 300 years ago. It’s the only possible way to tame it!

Suddenly, Crustor and the Moogers arrive at the same point.
The Rangers take on the Moogers!

Inside the cockpit, Cody pleads once more for the  BullZord to calm itself!

Crustor confronts Cody, with Jayden close behind!

Jayden finds Crustor and attacks him, but the BullZord goes on a rampage once more!

The BullZord beings to head for a cliff!

Jayden hands Cody the new Disk who places it on the podium and uses his Symbol Power in an attempt to tame the BullZord!

It doesn’t work, but Jayden tells Cody to keep trying!
He tries a few more times and the seal keeps breaking!

He tries one more time and it finally succeeds just as Jayden knocks Crustor out and destroys his first form!

Cody and Jayden celebrate, then Cody hands the new  Bull Disk to Jayden

Jayden adds the Disk to his Black Box and spins the Spin Sword, when a projection arises of the Grand Shogun!

He tells them that they have summoned the power of the ancestors and now the power is theirs!

Crustor’s second form goes Mega angry that the Nighloks didn’t obtain the BullZord!

Cody thanks Jayden for believing in him and the BullZord as Jayden writes the symbol for Home and sends Cody on his way!

Jayden takes control of the cockpit and commands the BullZord into Megazord Mode!

As the others watch from below, the Bull Megazord takes on Crustor!
Crustor blows large flames and sets the nearby forest on fire!

Pushing through the flames, the Bull Megazord attacks Crustor!

The Bull Megazord uses it’s shoulder blasters, but Crustor refuses to go down!
Jayden knows its time for more power!

Jayden uses his Shogun Buckle to harness the power of the ancestors!

The Red Shogun Ranger has arrived!

He powers up the Bull Disk and uses his huge blaster, Revolving Laser Blaster final strike!

With that Crustor was no more!

With the Power of Shogun Mode there’s no stopping the Rangers now!

Cody and his Father make up and he tells Cody their ancestors would be proud of him!

The Rangers return to thank them for all their help and for the new addition to their arsenal. Mia suggests its time for Cody to go back to his normal life!

Cody laughs and says, As if! He has so many more ideas!
Mia tries to calm him down a little, he’s seen enough action for a while!

Jayden laughs and says maybe they’ll call on him soon.
They could always use a friend.

…and that brings this chapter to a close!