Super: Sixteen

We open to the scene of the crime where Deker lays injured and the Rangers attempt to recover from the giant blast!

Antonio awakens and notices something interesting.

He sees that Deker is hurt and vulnerable off in the distance.

Antonio realizes this could be his only chance and ponders on the idea of destroying Deker while he lays defenseless.

While Deker is the key to Serrator’s plan, Antonio knows it wouldn’t be right to destroy him like this.

Antonio turns his back on Deker, but can’t decide if his decision was right.

Back at Samurai headquarters, the Rangers review what is coming from Serrator’s plan. A crack in the world.

The Rangers realize the only way to stop the crack is to stop Deker, Antonio weakens as he hears this.

Antonio admits to the others that he had the chance to destroy Deker, but couldn’t do it.

Jayden reminds Antonio that a Samurai never attacks a defenseless opponent.
He made the right decision and that conscience is what divides  them from the Nighlok.

But, Antonio is inconsolable and runs off.

Meanwhile, Deker attempts to recover.

He remembers Serrator’s words, a being who feels the pains of both the Human and Nighlok.

Deker wanders and somehow ends up at the ashen remains of his former home with Dayu.

Deker knows this place is familiar but cannot understand how, but he has flashbacks of the terrible fire.

Dayu appears behind him and wonders out loud if he feels something from being in their old home.

Deker leaves her alone but she wishes he could only remember.
Her thoughts float to Serrator’s power that turned her and Deker into Nighlok.

Mike appears and scares Kevin comically knocking him down, but the two notice something strange.

The two stumble upon a note from Antonio who apologizes for letting the team down and now realizes what he must do.

They realize that Antonio must have gone after Deker himself!
They run off to find him, but are stopped by the Gap Sensor!

The alarm indicates that it must be Serrator, Mike and Kevin are sent to find Antonio while the others set out to stop Serrator!

Bulk and Spike notice the geyser and Bulk sees this as an opportunity to become real Samurai.

The have to use their brains and figure out a way to plug up the hole!
Spike thinks but blows bubbles instead, then Bulk gets an idea!

Not being able to hear himself think over Spike’s chewing Bulk realizes they can use Spike’s gum to plug the hole!

Bulk and Spike head back to their home and they find that Spike likes to buy in bulk!

It’s Chewin’ Time!

Serrator arrives at the weakest point of the crack and muses that once Deker slashes the point the world will break in two!

Deker walks feeling the call of his sword, when Antonio blocks his path.

Antonio asks if he is headed to find Serrator and rip open the earth.
Deker asks why he didn’t stop him in the first place.

Antonio replies that it doesn’t matter, he is there to stop him now.

Serrator waits for Deker impatiently but is confronted by the Rangers who demand the sword, Uramasa.

Serrator again is tired of the Rangers’ meddling and sends a blast their way and sends Moogers to stop them!

Antonio draws his Barracuda Blade and Deker taunts him to attack, he is unarmed.

But Antonio just can’t do it, Deker seemed to know this and walks past him.
But Antonio begs him to forget about his sword and walk away.

But as he begs, Deker knew he wasn’t a real Samurai and has no guts to stop him. He attacks but Mike and Kevin stop him just in time!

Deker refuses to fight them as they are not worthy opponents but Mike clashes back and shouts that Antonio’s compassion and honor are not Antonio’s weaknesses and his heart is his greatest strength.

Antonio knew it was a bad idea to try to reason with Deker.
But the others remind him that they need a Samurai on their team and the three head off to fight Serrator once and for all!

Having been chewing for hours, Bulk and Spike roll a giant ball of gum hoping to plug up the hole!

The Rangers destroy the Moogers and Jayden goes into Super Samurai Mode.

Jayden attacks with the Bullzooka, but Serrator sends it right back at him and sends Jayden flying.

But before he can attack again, Serrator feels Deker’s presence.

Finally Deker and Uramasa are reunited

Serrator commands Deker to slice through the barrier, for when he does his curse will be broken!

Antonio, Mike and Kevin arrive on the scene and attempt to stop the slice as their friends had, but Serrator stops them with his long nails and whips them around to join their friends!

Jayden tries once more with his Super Bullzooka but Serrator only gains more anger and sends the blast back at them causing them all to de-morph!

Deker raises his sword and prepares to strike as the Rangers call out for him to stop!

But in a stroke of fate, Deker turns the tables and strikes at Serrator!

Serrator cries at his betrayal, but Deker reminds him that he had what he wanted, however he did not hate humanity. He only cares for his sword, Serrator made him that way.

Suddenly the purple geysers subsided and the cracks began to heal in the earth.

Bulk and Spike finish their huge ball of gum and roll int into the crack as the purple geyser subsides.

Serrator grows angry at 200 years of planning ruined and sends his wrath at the Rangers.

The Rangers morph and use the 5 Disk Octo Cannon and Super Bullzooka!
The blast is good and destroys Serrator, seemingly.

Serrator’s Mega form comes back with a vengeance and the Rangers pull out all the Megazords to help!

The Rangers board the Samurai Megazord, Bull Megazord, Claw Battlezord and the Light Megazord!

Serrator calls out twin Papyrox monsters!

Kevin and the others go after the Papyrox while Jayden decides to take the Bull Megazord and fight Serrator!

The Claw Battlezord and Samurai Megazord use their sword and claws to defeat the two Papyrox!

The Light Megazord tries to take on Serrator with its disks but is overpowered!

Serrator tries to go after the Bull Megazord but the others stop him just in time and the Samurai Megazord adds the Octozord to its arsenal!

The Rangers need something powerful to defeat Serrator, Antonio suggests the Samurai Gigazord!

Serrator pulls out his trusty ball and sends them bouncing towards the Gigazord, but the ultimate combo slices right through them!

Jayden goes into Shogun Mode and the Rangers prepare for the Shogun Strike with all their symbol power!

Even though the blast is powerful, Serrator is able to do something no Nighlok has ever done, he throws the blast back at the Rangers!

They need more power and Antonio reminds them all they still have one more Zord in their arsenal!

Jayden loads the Shark Zord and combines it with the Gigazord as the sword!

Jayden advises them all to channel the power of all the Zords!

The Rangers channel their power into the Shark Sword strike!

Ultimate Samurai Strike!

Serrator takes a lot of damage and cries out!

He was supposed to split open their world, not have it done to him!

With that, Serrator is finally defeated!

Victory is theirs!

Dayu finds Deker and tells him she saw what he had done and asks if he has turned on the Nighlok?
He tells her that he will find his own way to end his curse, he’s not like the Nighlok but their fates are intertwined somehow.

The Rangers celebrate, Mike is hungry and the others congratulate each other.
Mia notices Antonio is missing and goes to find out if he is ok.

Antonio laments on what Deker had done and is thankful that their friendship is strong enough to never betray each other like that.

Rangers Together, Samurai Forever!

But is there a looming secret? Someone in Red premieres next week!
For now, this chapter comes to a close!