Super: Ten

We open on Samurai Headquarters where the sounds of grunts and kyahs can be heard!

Mike and Emily practice their sparring together and Mike doesn’t seem to be taking it easy on her!

Suddenly, it seems as if Emily got the best of Mike as he fell to his back.
She goes to check on him, but he uses this as his opportunity!

Mike gains a point and Kevin scolds Emily for being too nice!
He tells her she’s going to need to toughen up!

Mia walks in and reminds Emily about the big sale and the two of them run off together saving the workout for later.

Aboard the Sanzu River, Serrator prepares his new monster to make the humans suffer like never before.
Granitor reveals when his dirt is thrown at the humans  they will eat everything in sight!

Octoroo questions the dirt’s purpose and Serrator reveals that the toxic dirt’s attack will cause humans to eat and eat, and soon the Rangers will be victims as well!

The girls, busy with the sale, have a fantastic fashion show!

Emily tries out a tougher look attempting to be as  tough as the other Rangers.
Mia  admits to her that it’s an interesting look but it’s not that tough!

Mia reminds her that she’s tough, in her own way!
Emily just remembers Kevin’s scolding words!

Bulk and Spike are shopping as well and notice Mia and Emily shopping!
Bulk inspires Spike to go and talk to her, but he just can’t!

Spike notices that Mia lost her wallet on her walk out!

Before Spike can reach her, Mia gets a call on her Samuraizer and they head out!

The take a look at Mia’s drivers license and Spike notices how pretty her picture is.

Now that he has her address he can return the wallet to her and be her hero!

A strange snout appears out of the bushes and shoots dirt at nearby citizens!
They all grasp their heads in pain suddenly under massive hunger!

The Rangers arrive only to find that all of the citizens impacted by the dirt is suddenly massively devouring everything in sight!

The Rangers confront Granitor and he reveals just what his dirt does; causes people to eat and eat!

The 6 Samurai Rangers morph and take on Granitor!

The Rangers take on the Moogers, but Emily sees this as a chance to show how tough she is and goes after Granitor alone!

But, Granitor gets the best of her and when she is knocked down he throws his evil bombs so strong that she de-morphs!

As Emily lays defeat, Granitor is about to toss his dirt her way!

Just in time Kevin and Mia protect her and take the blast of Granitor’s dirt!
The dirt is so powerful it causes them to de-morph as well!

 Suddenly, Kevin realizes his immense hunger and Mia is overcome with massive thirst!

Emily calls for backup and Jayden orders the others to protect her, when Mike and Antonio attempt it they get hit with the dirt as well and de-morph!

Mike can’t contain his thirst and Antonio is in pain from his hunger!

Jayden runs to protect Emily and Granitor uses this opportunity to spread his dirt on the Red Ranger as well!
Jayden takes a blast!

All of a sudden Granitor says he has run out of dirt and he begins to dry out.
He escapes through a gap but vows to hydrate and return!

Emily reels knowing she has to fix this as Jayden joins the others with massive thirst!

When they get back to Samurai Headquarters, Mentor finds the Rangers are all stuffing their faces attempting to quench their thirsts and hunger!

Emily reveals that all of this is her fault, all she was trying to do was show the others that she was tough

Back on the Sanzu, Granitor apologizes for having to hydrate. But, Serrator is happy with the misery he has caused which will surely raise the Sanzu River!

The duo laughs as Granitor heads back to the human world!

Bulk convinces Spike that this is his moment to be Mia’s Hero, something every woman wants!

He imagines her opening her door and cooing over her hero!
He remembers that his heart belongs to the Pink Ranger, but Mia is nice!

They find their way to the Samurai Headquarters and Bulk wonders if Mia is rich as well as beautiful!

Meanwhile inside all of the Rangers are devouring everything in sight, while Mentor and Emily attempt to wrangle them up!

Bulk and Spike ring the doorbell and wait for someone to answer, at first it seems that Mia has come to the door and Spike coos over her!

Mentor answers the door and tells them he isn’t interested in buying anything today!

Bulk stops him from closing the door. They ask if Mia is home, while Mentor tells them she is not home yet.

Inside all of the Rangers are fighting each other over food!
Mentor asks Bulk and Spike to stay there and he would be right back!

 Bulk and Spike enter the Shiba House and discover the dojo within!

The two of them get so excited and wonder if Mia and others will train them!

Mentor gets into the kitchen as Kevin attempts to eat a bag of flour!
As he attempts to stop him the bag explodes!

Mentor heads out to change and finds Bulk and Spike in the dojo. When he asks them what they are doing there, the admit they saw the dojo and want to sign up for Samurai lessons!

Mentor leaves them alone once more and finds Emily to ask her to get rid of Bulk and Spike in the dojo!

Emily peers into the dojo and gets an idea!

Emily re-enters the dojo in a new disguise and orders the new recruits to atten-hut!

She begins to whip them into shape and orders 500 push-ups!

She leaves them to finish their push-ups and finds herself happy that she can indeed to be tough! She heads back into the kitchen to help with the other Rangers.

Not being able to help much in the kitchen, Emily heads back to her trainees and orders them to practice their sword work!

She heads back into the kitchen while Mentor is attempting to make them eat healthy.
Emily gets another idea!

 She heads back in and orders her trainees to stand with watermelons until she orders them to stop!

As Mentor attempts to feed the Rangers healthier items, the Gap sensor alerts!

Jayden knows that he has to go and fight and heads out to fight the Nighlok, but grabs a cookie on the way out!

Jayden checks the map and heads out while Emily is ready to join him, but first she has to take care of the trainees!

She leaves them in a position where the cannot move otherwise eggs will break!

Granitor thinks he is unstoppable and has all the Rangers under his spell, but Jayden drops by and surprises him!

Emily shows up to assist Jayden and morphs!

As Granitor attempts to blast Jayden, Emily steps in and stops it!
She takes him on, on her own!

 Thinking taking on the Yellow Ranger would be a piece of cake, Granitor attempts to blast her with his dirt!

Emily uses her symbol power to create a wall between her and Granitor!

Emily takes on Granitor by herself to prove that she is as tough as the others!

He tosses her aside and sends a massive blast at her!

Seemingly beaten, Jayden sees she hasn’t given up and thinks its time that the Yellow Ranger gets Super!

Emily morphs into Super Mode!

Emily uses her Super Primate Cyclone and strikes Granitor with a massive spinning attack!

Her Super powers make short work of Granitor!

Meanwhile in other places, the hunger and thirst seems to stop.
The Rangers, confused head out to assist Emily!

Bulk and Spike are unable to keep the melons up and break their eggs!

Granitor grows Mega as all the other Rangers join Emily and Jayden in their Zords!

They all combine into the GigaZord!

With a few spinning maneuvers at first the GigaZord avoids the bombs that Granitor throws! But eventually he hits several times!

Emily decides to disengage and head inside of her Ape Zord!

The Ape Zord disengages from the GigaZord and goes off on its own and attacks Granitor!

Rising into the air the Rangers use the Ultimate Samurai Slash!

Granitor is defeated and the Rangers are victorious!

All the others amaze at how awesome Emily is, but she heads out as she has something to finish with Mentor!

Emily returns to the dojo to find Bulk and Spike trying to escape!

Spike reveals that they were only there to deliver Mia’s lost wallet!

Emily tells them good job and advises them that tomorrow she won’t be so easy!

Mike looks in the fridge and finds nothing, wondering who ate everything!

Mia walks in and asks for her wallet, Emily has it for her but tells her not to ask how she got it!

Kevin walks in and wonders just what happened today

Mentor laughs that it was the toughest day ever, Emily agrees!

That brings this chapter to a close!