Super: Thirteen

We open on Jayden and the other Rangers sparring in the courtyard.

But Jayden can’t get his mind off his last battle with Deker, were his words correct?

Feeling weak as Deker suggested, Jayden goes harder than normal on the others.

He goes a little far and almost strikes Mike, who takes it personally.

Jayden holds his stance and tells the others to come at him!

He roughly knocks them out as if he were really battling them!

Mentor looks on and doesn’t approve!

Mike and the others grow a little angry at Jayden’s force, Jayden announces that practice is over!

Antonio arrives and asks if he is late but is only met with frustrated glances from the other Rangers.

Mia decides its time for the others to go inside as they attempt to figure out Jayden’s actions.

Jayden becomes upset wondering what could be wrong with him, Mentor suggests they go for a ride.

Meanwhile, aboard the Sanzu, Master Xandred grows wearier and wearier by the furry warts and their squawking! They don’t compare to Dayu’s music!

Master Xandred takes his medicine but his headaches grow strong. What he needs, Octoroo realizes, is Dayu’s music once more!

Dayu wanders the forest and listens to her furry wart that reports that Master X’s medicine isn’t working!

But Dayu laughs at his misery. After all, she mutters, it serves him right for destroying her Harmonium.

Mentor and Jayden arrive at the shore, Mentor asks him if he had something to prove.

Could it be Deker? Jayden admits he’s become weaker, but Mentor tells him the team has only made him stronger. Jayden admits he feels different, as if he’s lost his edge.

Jayden thinks he has relied too much on the team, but Mentor reveals he has brought honor to all the Red Rangers who have come before him through working as team leader!

As Master Xandred takes more medicine, Octoroo suggests that Serrator knows more about Dayu’s harmonium!

Serrator snickers that he may know something.
Octoroo demands he tell them where it is, Master Xandred wants it!

Serrator admits that he has hidden it far away from here, but he will go get it.
But Octoroo doesn’t trust him and invites himself along!

Dayu tells Deker that this is the longest she’s been without her music, it’s time for Serrator to pay up! He’s taken much to long to repair their treasures!

Deker admits he is willing to wait a little longer, as long as Serrator delivers.
He leaves Dayu with few words spoken.

As Serrator and Octoroo arrive at the spot, Serrator realizes that since Dayu’s music has been gone Master Xandred’s headaches are growing worse.

Octoroo reveals that was the reason Dayu was on board in the first place, as a Nighlok he is drawn to Dayu’s human misery crying out from her music.

Master Xandred thrives on her misery, just like Serrator. Take away the headache and they are not that different. Octoroo laughs that Serrator is nothing like the Master.

Serrator tells Octoroo that the Harmonium is hidden with this crevice and begins to perform a spell upon it.

Mentor and Jayden stop off at the store having realized that since they were away Mia most likely was cooking something, the need snacks!

But, Jayden can only sit with his thoughts that Deker was right.

Meanwhile, Spike wonders why Bulk doesn’t have any bags for the 1/2 price donut sale!
So, Bulk tries to fight a few bags away from him!

Mentor runs into them and they recognize him from “Mia’s Dojo”
Mentor tells them that his drill sergeant is waiting for them to give them a real work out!

They attempt to run away, hilarity ensues.

Jayden awaits Mentor and the two drive away

Serrator, hard at work with the spell, tells Octoroo it may take a while longer, but notices he has gone on his own.

Octoroo looks out on the water and remembers what Master Xandred was like before Dayu arrived.

The Master had a stormy personality, and his anger was relentless!

But then one day the Master heard Dayu’s sad music and it soothed the savage beast inside him. Her music was filled with hundreds of years of misery.

Listening to her music soothed his pain like no medicine ever could!
The Master was determined to find the source of the music and capture it!

The Master approached her and demanded she become his minion and share her music only with him! Also sparing her life, she accepted his offer!

Octoroo demands the harmonium again, but Serrator reveals that story only shows that Octoroo serves a weakling!

The two clash weapons for a moment and Octoroo calls Serrator a traitor!

Serrator reveals he will never give up the Harmonium as it is key to his plans!

Serrator sends a blast towards Octoroo, who jumps onto a high cliff!

Serrator had hoped to wait til the last moment when Octoroo would not be able to stop him, but his deception of Master Xandred has come to an end!
Octoroo escapes through a gap after screaming that when Xandred hears of this Serrator is dog food!

Meanwhile back at headquarters, the Gap Sensor sounds and alerts the Rangers to a disturbance at the coast!

When Jayden arrives the others attempt to take it alone, but Jayden apologizes for earlier. He had a lot on his mind and he admits he was wrong for acting how he did.

Jayden tells them he is honored to fight alongside them and the others tell him it’s okay.

After a tender moment, Antonio reminds them all that they should be heading to the coast!

Dayu can sense her Harmonium and leaves Deker to find it, she can feel its presence.

Serrator uses a new tool to find the steps to the spot to complete his plans.
He finds the spot and commands the Harmonium to play its song of misery to create a crevice!

The Rangers arrive on the scene and stop Serrator in his tracks!
They morph into Samurai Rangers!

Serrator sends Moogers to stop them, but the Rangers make short work of them!

Serrator sends more Moogers in order to get the Harmonium to play its song, but Dayu appears and attacks!

Serrator bounces out of her way, but she demands to know what his game is!
He admits he used her for the Harmonium and to get to Deker!

Dayu tries to attack again but Serrator uses her Harmonium as a shield.
Emily realizes that there is mutiny among the Nighloks!

Serrator demands a cease to her futile attacks and sends a powerful blast to obliterate her!

As Serrator laughs over his victory over Dayu, the Master begins to become more angry as lightning and thunder surround the area!

Master Xandred has found out the truth about Serrator and is ready to head to Earth to destroy him! But Octoroo tries to stop him as once he steps foot outside of the Netherworld he will begin to rapidly dry out!

Suddenly, like an eclipse the sun extinguishes and large rocks begin to gather and Master Xandred’s voice roars with anger!

Dayu and Serrator cannot believe their eyes as a doorway from the Netherworld opens up!

Master Xandred appears striking fear into the Rangers’ hearts as he chants “Red Ranger!”

His night spell soon begins to wear off and his dry-out begins as well, but he vows to destroy them all and sends a powerful blast towards the Rangers!

The Rangers take a massive blow!

Xandred sets his sights on Serrator next and attempts to bind him, but Serrator struggles!
However, the Harmonium is knocked from his hands!

Serrator bounces away and Jayden sees this as an opening to use Blazing Strike!
However, Xandred is ready for him and stops his Spin Sword!

“Ah yes, Red Ranger; Pathetic head of the Shiba clan!”
Xandred uses his sword, slices the Spin Sword in half and sends Jayden flying from the blast!

The other Rangers tend to Jayden and decide to team up!

The Rangers use a Quintuple Slash!

But it’s not enough as Xandred slashes their attack and sends another twice as powerful back at them almost destroying them!

Jayden goes into Super Samurai mode and loads the Super Bullzooka and aims it at Xandred!

Xandred reveals he owes the Shiba family some payback and the Red Ranger will be the one to pay it!

Jayden fires and the two fly through the air and blast at each other until Xandred fires a binding spell and blasts Jayden with his sword!

While Jayden is down, Xandred strikes again and sends an even more powerful blast knocking Jayden off his feet!

Jayden de-morphs and lays defeated struggling to hold on!

The other Rangers run to Jayden, but he has passed out. He is badly injured!

Master Xandred finds the Harmonium and against Octoroo’s wishes walks towards Dayu.
He offers that he will mend the Harmonium if she returns to the ship and pledges loyalty to only him.

She agrees and Xandred mends it with a piece of his skin, she promises never to defy him again.

Octoroo rushes Xandred through a gap before he dries out and sends out a force of Giant Moogers with a giant cannon!

Now in command, Kevin tells Emily to stay with Jayden while he uses the Black Box and morphs into Super Mode

They form the Claw Armor Megazord and immediately begin taking blasts from the Moogers’ cannon!

Emily watches from below as the Claw Armor Megazord takes blast after blast!

Antonio takes it upon himself to call upon the Bull Megazord and fires its shoulder blasters!

Next, the Rangers call upon the Samurai Battle Cannon and arms it for battle!

Antonio uses the revolving laser blaster!

Meanwhile, Kevin calls upon the power of the ancestors and uses Shogun Mode!

In Shogun Mode, Kevin fires the cannon to join force with the Bull Zord’s blaster!

In a showdown of cannons the Rangers prove victorious!

Jayden, in pain, is taken back to Samurai Headquarters while the other Rangers worry about his safety.

Octoroo watches as Master Xandred sinks into the Sanzu, there will be no telling how long he will have to soak in the river!

Serrator laughs and appears before Octoroo and reveals that with Xandred in limbo there’s no stopping his plans!

Soon, both the Netherworld and Earth will be his!

…bringing this chapter to a terrifying close!