Super: Three

We open on a group of Furry Warts singing an annoying rendition of Go-Go Power Rangers!

Xandred becomes angry, after all the music is no substitute for Dayu’s!
He gets on Octoroo’s case, Shouldn’t he be doing something?

 Suddenly a new Nighlok appears who is unfamiliar to Master Xandred!

He introduces himself as  Switchbeast, a Nighlok who works for a Master who wishes to remain anonymous!

He reveals that his master has instructed him to take care of Xandred’s Power Ranger problem.
With that, he heads to the surface world!

Meanwhile, Bulk and Spike are busy attempting to sell their junk at a swap-meet!
Spike doesn’t understand why, but Bulk wants new Karate uniforms!

Nearby, Mike & Emily are awaiting some Habanero Hollandaise Herring burgers!
It’s a nice day for a picnic!

Suddenly a man nearby takes a strange pose similar to a mailbox next to him!

Mike and Emily suddenly notice all around them people are falling to the ground in strange poses!

As Mike & Emily go to inspect, Antonio succumbs to the strangeness and flops to the ground!

Bulk also falls the ground strangely and as Spike notices he too falls under the spell!

Switchbeast reveals himself and cackles at his work!
He’s successfully switched the human’s spirits with inanimate objects!

..and the Power Rangers are next!

Mike and Emily morph and Emily checks on the people while Mike confronts the Nighlok!

Mike takes on Switchbeast and Emily comes to help but they are soon bested by the Nighlok!

As Mike is down Switchbeast tries to switch his spirit, but Kevin and Mia intercept his attack!

Surprise! Jayden shows up and attacks Switchbeast, but he gets the best of him for a moment

Switchbeast attacks Jayden with his tendril!

With his strange power, Switchbeast switches Jayden’s spirit with a nearby Gnome

Jayden goes into his own pose mimicking the gnome, the others run to his defense but it’s too late!

Switchbeast sets his sights on the gnome ready to destroy it, but Mike realizes his plan and stops him!

Switchbeast sends out a power Switch Blast and strikes Blue and Pink!
Quickly, he switches their spirits as well!

Suddenly, Switchbeast realizes that he is drying out and heads back to the Sanzu River

Back at Samurai Headquarters Emily taps on the Gnome wondering if Jayden is really in there.

The Rangers voices can be heard from inside their objects but their bodies are frozen.

Jayden calls out from his Gnome but no one hears!

Antonio is inside the body of a fish and calls out for help!

Who knew being a fan was so boring, Mia muses as she watches her body turn back and forth!

Kevin is trapped inside a ballerina music box and becomes sick as he spins and spins!

Mike remembers back to the Nighlok attempting to destroy the objects, if the object is destroyed the person must be too!

Now all those people are trapped as well, but how do they know what they’ve been turned into?

Mentor realizes that if the Nighlok is defeated then perhaps all the spirits will be set right!

Bulk is turned into a soda can and after asking if it could get worse he is taken into a game of kick the can by some kids.
Spike is revealed trapped inside of a newspaper!

 Back on the Sanzu River, Octoroo congratulates Switchbeast on a job well done!

Switchbeast laughs that he has turned the humans in junk, because other Humans don’t like junk and soon will be recycling or melting down all the junk left over.

and he was right, the other people around began to gather all the junk and placing them in a truck!
They will be killing all the victims and not even know it!

Meanwhile, Bulk gets placed in a bag of cans and Spike gets placed in the back pocket of the collector.

With a free moment to train, Mike practices his sword moves

Emily muses that she hasn’t seen him practice alone much, Mike remembers the last time he took on a Nighlok alone. The long armed, Rofer.

Mike only beats himself up remembering that without Jayden’s help he would have been history. But, Emily remembers it was him who knew how to defeat him!

Mike reveals he cannot let what happened to the others happen to Emily.
She assures him that nothings gonna happen, they will beat this Nighlok together!

Emily suddenly laughs and says she has seen what Mike has done to Kevin.
He’s not gonna be happy!

Kevin gets a tutu

Mentor walks into the room and smells something nasty, it looks like Antonio is about to spoil! Before he can get him into the fridge, the Gap Sensor sounds!

Mentor stops Mike and Emily before they leave and entrusts Mike with the Black Box

At first he doesn’t think he can handle it, but they convince him he can!
Luckily, Mike has a plan.

As all the junk arrives at the dump, Spike gets placed inside a bird-cage.
Hilarity ensues.

As Bulk watches from a nearby bag, he sees that all the cans are being stomped!
He’s next!

Looks like Antonio is in trouble to as a stray cat begins to sniff and the fish out of water!

Mike and Emily confront Switchbeast and Morph!

As they fight he gets the best of Mike and uses his Switch tendril to transfer his soul!

As he contemplates which object to use, Emily sneaks in and grabs his tendril!

She jams the tendril into his face and transfers his spirit in the Green Ranger!

His plan works perfectly! Mike demands the Nighlok tell them the easy way to transfer everyone back!

Emily threatens him if he doesn’ tell them but Switchbeast reveals he can injure Mike as well!

They have a little fun and transfer him into a ball and Emily plays with it!

They switch him back and he says he will switch everyone else back!
But it takes a massive strike to the Nighlok’s face!

Bulk is about to smashed!

But, just in time everyone returns to normal!

Antonio wakes up just in time!

Antonio runs to find the fish has been eaten and faints!
The others awake and Kevin notices his new outfit!

Everything seems back to normal and Mike knows its time for the Black Box!

He Morphs into Super Samurai Mode!

Mike attached the Black Box to his Spin Sword and readies for battle!

Mike uses some impressive sword work and even becomes a blur as he strikes at Switchbeast!

Mike uses his Super Forest Vortex!

With that fantastic finish, Switchbeast’s first form is defeated!

Emily congratulates Mike on a job well done, but its time for the Mega Monster!

Claw Armor Megazord is brought together with the power of the Union Disk!

Mike and Emily do well against Switchbeast’s switch blast and use their katanas to strike it down. They even use an attack of symbol power from the Yellow, Pink and Red Rangers’ Zords!

Big Finish! Mike attached the Black Box to his Mega Blade!

With their Double Katana power Switchbeast is taken down!

With victory theirs, Mike takes a rest.
They did it together, but promise never to do that again!

Meanwhile, Master Xandred is not as happy!
Not to mention the Furry Warts are annoying him even more, when one mentions Dayu he throws him out of a gap!

It floats down a river and soon Dayu finds it and fishes it out.
It too has been cast aside by Master Xandred

She reveals she misses playing her harmonium, but Master Xandred burned it.
She looks forward to returning the favor!

Back at Headquarters everyone congratulates Mike  on switching bodies with the Nighlok and how great it was that just the two of them save everyone!

Kevin thanks them both for saving him, but Mike laughs and asks if he’s mad about this and shows him the Samuraizer!
Kevin freaks and chases Mike around trying to get the picture back!
The others laugh!

That brings this chapter to a close!