Super: Twelve

We open on a remote island where Serrator is preparing a dark deed

Sitting at an altar Serrator prepares a spell

Placing a scroll into an evil flame he begins chanting about the wicked plan, while the flame burns fear will overtake the minds of the humans.

As he prays to his altar, an ash flutters into the air and begins to spread around the island!

As the inhabitants of the island go about their business the ash flutters down upon them

The ash begins to instill massive fear in all the people and they run from each other and go into hiding

Serrator laughs that the fear will spread like wildfire, and Deker and Dayu will help when the Rangers come running into their trap!

Back at Headquarters, Mentor reveals that the gap sensors reveal odd paranormal activity coming from this obscure island.

There has been no actual Nighlok attack and communication has been cut off. The Rangers decide to go check it out!

Serrator laughs that when the Rangers arrive, they will never leave.

The Rangers arrive on the island only to find that there is no one in sight.

Jayden suggests they all split into groups of two, but as they all go their separate ways Mia notices that the people of the island are all in hiding

It’s as if there all afraid of something.

As Emily and Kevin search a small forest area, a small boy hides behind some bushes and when he sees them runs away!

Kevin and Emily chase after him trying to make him believe they are here to help. He tells them they are the enemy!

After he calms down a bit, Emily asks why he thought they were the enemy. Kevin notices something on the boy’s face.

Mike and Antonio check out a few houses when Kevin calls to let them know about the strange ash falling from the sky.

He tells Jayden and Mia that the ash is coming from the mountain and they all agree to meet at the base!

Suddenly, Dayu shows up and laughs at their surprise. After all, she’s been expecting them.

Emily and Kevin prepare to battle

Back with Mike and Antonio they hear an evil laughter, Serrator has made an appearance in front of them.

Serrator laughs that a great fear must be creeping upon them that they’ve fallen into a trap!

While Mia hopes they meet the others soon, Jayden notices they have problems of their own!

Deker greets them and muses that he and the Red Ranger meet once again.

Soon his sword Uramasa will be repaired, but in the mean-time this sword will do!

Jayden and Mia morph and take on Deker.

Mike and Antonio morph and take on Serrator in a flurry of swords!

Serrator laughs that they have attacked him with swords, announcing that the era of the sword is over!

A new era has begun, he tells them to think of this as their own personal Apocalypse.

Mentor, busy with Samurai things hears a knock on the door and goes to investigate.

It’s Cody who holds in his hands a very important surprise.

Emily makes sure the boy gets to safety and helps Kevin take on Dayu!

After a short battle, Dayu knocks them both into the water thinking her mission is complete.

Deker and Jayden battle while Mia attempts to help, but Deker becomes annoyed with her knocks her down. Jayden protects her from a blow!

Deker mocks Jayden for relying on his team mates to help with his battles.

Deker tells him he has lost his edge and that the lone warrior is more powerful!

In a chance moment, Deker knocks Jayden out of morph and tells him he is not worthy of battle with him like this.

On the Sanzu River, armed Moogers are preparing for target practice to demonstrate the new era of the Laser Blaster.

The new Nighlok, Malden attempts to impress Master Xandred stating that the Spin Sword will become obsolete and that Samurai will be so last year!

Master Xandred tells Serrator and Octoroo that he would be happy with any plan of theirs that actually works!

Mia and Jayden hide inside of an old house while Mia attempts to get a signal to reach Mentor.

But Jayden can’t get his mind off what Deker said about his weaknesses.

Mia attempts to comfort him that it was just a minor set back.

Jayden reveals that Deker must be right and he has to find him.
Mia discourages him, he’s injured and needs to recover.

Jayden reels over the fact that Deker didn’t even have Uramasa this time.
Mia tries to convince him they have full faith in him.
“There are things about me you don’t know.” he whispers. 

 Mia chases after Jayden as he sprints towards the Nighloks and confronts them and the location of the ash.

Dayu offers up Jayden to Deker, but he refuses saying he’s not worth fighting anymore. Dayu decides to take him on herself.

Before he can morph, Dayu gets the best of him and knocks him to the ground. Mia comes to his rescue and fights Dayu off.

Jayden tells Mia to back off, it’s too dangerous.
She reminds him that they have put their lives in his hand, and they promise to protect his. The promise isn’t a weakness!

They are Rangers together, Samurai Forever!
Mia decides to  give Dayu some payback and morphs!

Jayden realizes the power of the team and gets Mia’s back!
He morphs into the Red Ranger!

Dayu takes on Mia who laughs at their attempts to take them on!
She reminds her that only the pathetic Red Ranger can help her now!

 The other Rangers appear having been freed by Kevin who recovered from his watery journey!

Serrator laughs that they have no power and there’s no need for a messy sword fight as the era of the sword is over!

Malden is summoned and calls upon his armed Moogers to blast the Rangers!

The Moogers blast the Rangers and send them flying!

Just in time Jayden uses the Black Box and Super Disk and Morphs into Super Mode! The power of the transformation shields the other  Rangers from the fire!

Jayden tells the other Rangers they must move faster than the blasters, to take on the Moogers!

The Rangers speed up their attacks and take on all of the Moogers before they can fire!

Antonio attempts to take on Malden and laughs at the era of the blaster, but all his gum flapping causes him to be shot directly!

While the others attempt to help Antonio, Kevin looks up and sees something real bad

There is a whole army of master blasters around them,  Malden laughs and says the blasters will drain them of their energy until nothing is left.

Mentor suddenly appears on his motorcycle taking out a few Moogers on the way and mocks their blasters!

Now, this is a blaster! Mentor hands over a new weapon to Jayden!

It’s a gift from Cody!

It’s called the Bullzooka and Mentor throws him a Power Disk to power it up!

Jayden powers up the Bullzooka and shoots the entire ridge of Moogers!

He takes a shot at Malden as well and sends them into flames!

The Rangers admire the weapon that Cody has created. Jayden takes this moment to charge Malden!

Malden and Jayden take each other on and Jayden slams a blast from the Bullzooka into him!

Jayden has had enough and loads the Bullzooka’s Disk into the Black Box; combining the Spin Sword, Black Box & Bullzooka into one!

The Super Bullzooka’s Blast takes out Malden’s first form!

Malden grows Mega, but Jayden needs to stop the fire.

The other Rangers take the BullZord while Antonio combines the Turtle, Ape, Bear & Dragon into the Light Zord!

Malden has his Mooger blasters carry a large cannon to threaten the Rangers.

Back on the ground Jayden is attempting to get the fire and blast through all the Moogers he can!

The Megazords take heavy damage from Malden’s cannon! But, the Rangers use the BullZord’s blasters to knock out the Moogers leaving Malden alone!

Antonio uses Light Zord’s Power Disk scatter shot!

The BullZord uses its Raging Force!

The Megazords celebrate as Malden is destroyed!

Meanwhile, Jayden is still taking out Moogers in order to extinguish the flame!

Deker confronts him on the way he fights now, with a Blaster.

Deker dares him to take a shot at him

Jayden powers up the Bullzooka in Super Mode and takes his aim, ready to fire!

But Jayden knows he has more important concerns and fires beside Deker and destroys the flame!

Around the island the ash disappeared and all the residents return to normal!

The unnamed boy is reunited with his mother.

Deker and Jayden now face each other and Deker commends him on regaining his Samurai spirit, but he tells him the Bullzooka is no match for a swift blade!

But, Serrator stops them calling it a battle of egos. Instead he sends out Papyrox and 2 Spitfangs!

The Rangers call upon their Zords and create the Claw Armor Megazord!

The Claw Armor Megazord takes on the Spitfangs first!

A double katana strike takes them both out!

Next, Jayden calls upon his Shogun Mode!

and, the new Bullzooka creates the Shogun Spear!

The Rangers call upon the Ultimate Samurai Combination; the Samurai GigaZord!

With the Shogun Strike, the Rangers take out Papyrox!

As the Rangers celebrate Mia walks up to Jayden and tells him that Deker was wrong about him. Jayden was made to be their leader.

He thanks her but replies, “If they only knew….”

Emily comments on how Mentor took out those Moogers, Mike says “Not bad for an old dude.”

Mentor looks at him as if he should reconsider his words, Mike tries to back pedal and calls him “retro cool”

The Rangers laugh together as Mike back peddles, so much that he slips on some fish and ends up with his legs over his head!

…and that brings this chapter to a close!