Super: Twenty

We open where we left off, Mia has destroyed Dayu’s Harmonium causing the evil energy to surge!

Master Xandred has returned!

Antonio tells Lauren it’s time for her to join the fight and finally use the Sealing Power!

Xandred thanks Dayu for creating her final sorrowful song that brought him back!

Her final song was for Deker and caused the Sanzu River to surge with power.

Xandred tells her she should have embraced her Nighlok side, instead she held onto her sorrow for all these years and her heart remained human.

Xandred holds Dayu close and tells her to go be with Deker, though she could still be of use to him.

The Master took Dayu’s human side into him causing his dried out portions to heal. He was even stronger than ever!

Master Xandred demands to see the Red Ranger who deceived him all this time and calls out “Red Ranger!” over and over.

Lauren appears and announces she is the Red Ranger and will be his downfall!

Xandred laughs at her threats and calls Lauren a little girl.
Before anything else can be said he throws a blast from his sword and throws Lauren and Antonio flying from the cliff!

The others come to her aid but she insists she is fine.
Lauren tells them all she is going to perform the Sealing Symbol but it takes a while to write, she needs them to distract Xandred.

Lauren gives Mike the Shark Disk and Kevin the Black Box

At all costs they must protect Lauren and the Rangers charge!

The Rangers use their teamwork but Xandred proves to be too strong for them and blasts them all away!

Xandred refuses to fight the other Rangers directly and instead heads for Lauren, but the Rangers are determined to stop him.

Lauren begins to write the Sealing Symbol

Meanwhile back at the Shiba House, Mentor thinks about his past with Jayden and that Jayden’s father’s plan has come to fruition.

All of Lauren’s life has led to this moment, she must succeed!
For her Father!

As Lauren draws the other Rangers charge at Xandred and attempt to hold him back! LZ comes in fights for Antonio but gets attacked as well!

Jayden, still fighting Moogers, sees his team in trouble and heads over to help!

The Rangers take a huge blast from Xandred as Lauren begins to finish the symbol!
Xandred attempts to send a fiery blast at Lauren!

Luckily, Lauren finishes the symbol and sends towards Xandred who feels the power of the symbol!

The power sends Xandred flying and a powerful explosion rocks the mountainside!

The Rangers celebrate! They’ve finally won!
OR have they??

Master Xandred powers through the flames laughing at the Rangers’ failure!

Antonio notices that Xandred now has revealed a strange white patch on his chest!

The Rangers are confused as Lauren states that no Nighlok can withstand the Sealing Power!

The white patch is Dayu’s human side which was able to save Xandred from the Sealing Power!

Now, he’s no longer full Nighlok and doesn’t need Sanzu River water to sustain him!
The Rangers worry about how to defeat him as Xandred sends another powerful blast!

Xandred saves a huge attack for Lauren blasting her from the cliff and sending her to the ground!

Lauren falls and looks hurt, Jayden runs to the Rangers’ side!

Jayden uses the “Teleport” symbol and the Rangers retreat.

Xandred grabs Dayu’s kimono and heads back to the Sanzu River

The Rangers all worry about how to defeat Xandred now that he has changed the game.

Emily worries about Lauren, her life’s work was all for nothing.

Meanwhile, outside Lauren is pensive as she looks up at the moon.

Brother and Sister sit together and admire the stars.
Lauren reminds him that the cloud of sorrow Dayu released will have the Sanzu River ready to burst.

Lauren hands over the leadership of the Rangers back to Jayden, the right thing is for him to lead for the final battle!

Octoroo compliments Master Xandred on his victory, but the battle is still to come! The Sanzu River is flooding!

Lauren calls a meeting and reveals that Jayden will resume his position as Red Ranger.

Since her Sealing Power failed, Jayden is now their best chance to defeat Xandred.

Jayden takes his position back and reveals he has a plan.

Although Xandred is stronger than ever, the time has come to take him out with brute force!

Although Dayu’s human side saved him from the Sealing Power, it did weaken him and left a weak spot to be exploited!

But they will need more power! Lauren reveals the Shiba Fire Disk.
She is too weak to battle with them, but she loaded her symbol power into the Disk.

As the sun rises, the Earth begins to quake and the crevices begin to flood with Sanzu River water!

The Gap Sensor is going nuts and the city’s map is blazing with red markers as the Sanzu River begins to flood!
It’s time to go and the Rangers head out for their final battle with the Nighlok!

The Sanzu River begins to blast its way through the city and flood the streets!

Xandred and Octoroo sail in on Sanzu River water and declare this world now belongs to the Nighlok!

The Rangers line up and see the devastation; hundreds of Moogers and a flooded city!

The time has come for the final battle with the Nighlok!

The Rangers morph and head into battle, never regretting that they are Power Rangers!

Master Xandred sails his ship to the Mooger battle and confronts the Rangers once more, their destruction is at hand!

Jayden loads the Shiba Fire disk and the others get into position to protect Jayden and save his chance to exploit Xandred’s weak spot!

The Rangers get Jayden as close and possible and with a fiery sword Jayden stabs Xandred through his weak spot!

But, the stab didn’t work as planned. Xandred still stands!

Sadly, the Shiba Fire Disk broke after its use!

Xandred damages the Light Zord and sends a blast of netherworld fire and wind at the Rangers which causes them to de-morph!

Xandred demands they beg him for their lives, Jayden refuses!
Xandred thinks they lack incentive!

Xandred decides he will go after Lauren and capture her in an attempt to force a surrender.
He departs and the Rangers collapse.

To be continued!