Super: Twenty One


01We open where we left off with the Rangers de-morphed cowering as Xandred threatens to capture Lauren.

05Jayden asks the others if they can stand, Samurai Rangers never give up!
For generations their families have waited for this moment!

06What they do today will be remembered forever!

07The Rangers release their Spin Swords and head into battle against the many Moogers still remaining!

10Meanwhile back at the Shiba House, Lauren prepares another disk of her power to aid in the fight against the Nighlok.

13She sues the Shiba Fire Symbol and uses every last bit of her power.

16She creates another Shiba Fire disk ready for battle!

17Sadly, Lauren collapses having given all her power for her brother.

18But the power can only be used once.
Mentor heads out to help the Rangers.

20The Rangers continue to slaughter Moogers!

21Mentor arrives on his motorcycle in some awesome armor and fights off a few Moogers himself!

22Mentor asks if they are alright and Emily reveals that he has taught them well and they will defeat Master Xandred if it’s the last thing they do!

26After that, Mike wants a new lesson. To ride Mentor’s cycle!
Mentor laughs that the idea is scarier than any Nighlok!

30Mentor reveals he has something for Jayden and hands over the new Shiba Fire Disk.
He explains that Lauren gave it all she had, but it may only be used once.

33Mentor had one more surprise up his sleeve and hands over a Disk that once belonged to Jayden’s Father, a Disk he was asked to save for a moment just like this.

35Everything rides on this last battle, the Disk is able to double his power.

36Master Xandred invades the city going after innocents, but is soon confronted!

37The Samurai Rangers gather and command that Xandred will fall and this world will be protected!

40Rangers Together, Samurai Forever!

46Master Xandred laughs that Forever is shorter than they think!

48After a short Mooger battle, The Rangers morph and charge through the mist ready to end this war!

4950The Rangers put their plan into place as Antonio, Mia, Mike, Kevin and Emily use Power Symbols to capture Master Xandred and slow him down a bit.

51It holds him for just the right amount of time.

52Jayden loads his Father’s Disk to create a new power!

53It creates Fire Smasher Dual Mode!

57Jayden charges and strikes with both of the Fire Smashers dealing a great amount of damage to Xandred!

58Jayden gets knocked back but not before ordering another attack from the Rangers!
Antonio, Emily, Mike and Mia strike with their Spin Swords to stall once more!

59Kevin uses his Spin Sword with Jayden’s Fire Disk calling out “Shiba Fire!’ and uses for the first time, Blazing Strike!

60Xandred cowers feeling the pain from the attacks

62Jayden uses Lauren’s Fire Disk and unlocks another new power.

63Jayden is able to use Shogun Mode outside of the cockpit!

66The two great warriors clash as Jayden remembers he must keep exploiting Xandred’s weak spot!

67Jayden uses Shogun Strike and delivers a fatal blow to the Nighlok Master!
Xandred cannot believe it, it was impossible!

68The blow proves to be the end of Xandred as he explodes behind them!

69The Rangers celebrate, unable to believe that Xandred is really gone.

70But in true Nighlok form, he was not yet defeated.

71Xandred went Mega and began to cry out for his revenge!

72The Rangers call upon all their Zords and the Ultimate Samurai Combination!

76Xandred wastes no time and attacks the Gigazord, screaming that he hates the Rangers!

78The Rangers take a huge strike from Xandred’s sword, so bad that the Gigazord is blown into several buildings causing massive damage to the cockpit with Rangers flying as well!

80The Rangers wonder what to do and as Kevin is about to buy them some time, Jayden stops him.
He commands them not to use small amounts of symbol power.

81They need to de-morph and combine all the symbol power into one grand strike as a team!

82Mia is concerned about the attack missing, however Jayden wants them to get as close as possible and then strike!

86Antonio knows it’s dangerous and risky, but shouts “Let’s Do It!”

88No matter what happens they cannot retreat, even if they only have 1 Zord left.

89Jayden commands, “Charge!’

90The Gigazord begins to charge at Xandred who laughs and strikes again!

91In response, sadly, Octozord, Clawzord and the Bull Zord are lost in the strike!

97Xandred laughs that the Rangers don’t know when to quit and strikes once more at the Battlewing Megazord!

100The Rangers take the attack and in the process lose the Swordfish, Tiger and Beetle Zords.
It’s down to the Samurai Megazord!

102The Samurai Megazord continues to march towards Xandred and takes a huge attack losing it’s shield.

105Jayden knows this is the moment and tells the others that no Red Ranger has ever led a better team of Samurai.
He is honored to have led them and to be their friend.

114It’s Go-Time! Using all their symbol power, the Rangers power up their sword!

117Samurai Strike!

118With all their power, the Rangers deliver the final blow to Master Xandred!

119Before he goes, Xandred reminds them that the Nighlok quest to rule their world will never end and the Nighlok will rise again!

122Panorama City feels a huge blast as Xandred is destroyed!

123The Sanzu River floods back into the Netherworld!

124All that’s left is Octoroo….

125The Master’s ship sinks and we don’t know what happens to Octoroo

126Mentor fearing for the Rangers rushes to find them, when he does they are badly hurt but are Victorious!

142They’ve saved the world, the Nighlok are defeated!

143As they celebrate, Antonio notices one thing is missing.
Jayden has to say it one last time!

145Samurai Rangers,

146Victory is ours!

147Panorama City is once again at peace thanks to the Rangers, but that means that things must change.

148It’s time for Spike to leave his Uncle Bulk.

149They share a hug and remember their time together!

150Suddenly a Limo pulls up

152Bulk notices that his shoe is untied

153Just then, Spike’s father emerges and knocks him on his face.
Somehow this is familiar?

154Bulk rises and the two point realizing who they are!

156Bulk and Skull are once again reunited!

158Skull thanks Bulk for taking care of his son and welcomes him to come visit.
But where is that?

162Spike and Skull depart, but not before one last hilarity ensues.

163Bulk says goodbye this new friend and his old friend.

164Lauren hugs Jayden goodbye reminding him that even though she is going they are a family again. He will see her plenty.

165Lauren admits she is not good at goodbyes or… hellos for that matter so Jayden will say goodbye for her.

168Jayden says “See You Soon” and his sister smiles.
Lauren departs the Shiba House.

170The Rangers enter the room and begin to reveal their intended plans.
First, Antonio reveals a luxury cruise to catch fish no one has ever heard of!

172Mia reveals she is going to a culinary academy and the others rejoice!
When Antonio returns with his rare and exotic fish, she can make it into a cuisine.

173Kevin will train for Olympic Finals and return to the swimming world.
Emily is going home to take care of her sister, Serena.

174Mia smiles and asks Mike where he plans to go.

177He reveals he is going with Emily

178They hold each other’s hands and smile emphatically at  each other

179The others look surprised, but Mike laughs it’s just to help move her stuff.
Sure, Mike.

183The Rangers head out and ask Jayden and Ji what they plan to do.
Jayden, with his Samurai duties finished for the first time in his life, has no plans just yet.

185Mentor knows his place is always at the Shiba House even if another Nighlok attack never comes.

186Together for the last time the Rangers shout; Rangers Together, Samurai Forever!
The Rangers, leave. Hopefully to one day return.

188Mentor smiles that he has a gift for Jayden and reveals a red guitar!

189Jayden plays a familiar Mighty tune on his guitar and the two laugh together.

191Well, this chapter…no, Series has come to a close.

The End.